Wednesday, September 25, 2013

YHVH Vs. Hitler By: J.D. Cobbs

Note: The Blue Tunic Ministry of Christ in no way associates itself with the so-called "White Nationalist" movement.  However, there are those within the Christian Identity "movement" that hold Hitler up as some sort of demigod. This article is posted for archival purposes and to make our brothers and sisters stuck in this "rut" of idolatry to awaken to the error of their ways.

Yahweh VS. Adolf Hitler
For a long time now the Movement has seen it's share of fighting between those who say that Yahweh (God) is Our King and those who say that Adolf Hitler is Our King. For some there is no question about the matter and they are certain that the leader they follow is the rightful King and Savior of our Race. Others debate the idea in their minds or with friends in the movement but don't take it too seriously. And still others don't even care.We have reached a point where it is extremely important to decide which team we are going to be on. Do we follow Hitler and his National Socialist Agenda or do we follow Yahweh with His Form of Government? At this point 90% of the people in the movement would say National Socialism without a second thought. However we need to examine the qualifications of both Leaders and their style of Government before we can answer the question.Let us first start with some basic information about our two candidates...
Adolf Hitler
Hitler was a mortal man. He ended his life by his own hand. He made mistakes and was not perfect. He was a visionary. He knew who the real enemy was and wished to rid his people of them. He had good ideas. He loved Germany.
Yahweh is an everlasting God. He deems suicide as a sin. He makes No Mistakes and Is Perfect. He is the original visionary, with the power to make visions come to life. He knows the real enemy and promises to rid His people of them. He ingrains good ideas. He loves all His Children...not just those of German origin.

Now we have some basic background on our two Candidates for King. Now we should take a look at governmental style to see how our Leaders might rule...
National Socialism
System of government which places the needs of the nation as a priority in the individuals life. Is run, in essence, by one commander who takes power. Limits freedoms for the good of the nation. Has been implemented in the past. Worked well for Germany until it was ruined by War and the death of their Leader.
Yahweh's Eternal Government
System of government which places the needs of the entire race and the laws of Yahweh as the priority in the individuals life. Is run by a Commander with a network of elders and teachers who ensure the system is running smoothly. Freedoms are limited to those things which are not harmful to the racial family, the body, mind, or spirit. Has been implemented in the past and destroyed by jewish deception and the implementation of "man's law." Worked well for the White Race until men thought that their own minds were sharper than Gods and took to making their own government.

So far we have two forms of government and two leaders. How can we choose between the two? Adolf Hitler was a great man...he did so much for Germany...he hated the jews! Yahweh is a great God...He created our race...He hates jews!
How can we decide on these is dead and the other is alive yet does not dwell among us.
For some it must be a difficult decision to make. There are photographs of Hitler..we can all see that he existed, that he was a leader, that he was alive. There are no photographs of Yahweh and the proof of His existence has to rely on more effort than it does with Hitler.Yahweh and His laws can be discovered through the Scriptures and Hitler and his thoughts can be discovered in Mein Kampf.It should be a fair question to ask, of the two, who is stronger? Now this is common sense. Obviously Yahweh is stronger...He is a God. Hitler was a mortal man.
So we can choose to follow a God or a Dead man. We have that power of choice. Being that this is coming from an Identity Perspective it should be clear where my choice lies. I without hesitation choose Yahweh as my leader. I am not saying that I do not like Adolf Hitler or that he was a bad leader for his people. He was a good man with good qualities. Yahweh is a God, He is perfect in every way and is not vulnerable to mistakes as is a man. His laws are perfect and just and are designed for our well-being and prosperity. They were not designed out of greed, desire of power, or emotion. When man creates his own laws or governments he is destined to fail because the only form of government and law that will work for the white race is the original form of government and law we were given.Yahweh took great care is devising a system of government that would protect us from destruction. He laid down laws that deal with how we treat each of the elderly...the other races...crime and punishment...war and defense...etc. Every part of scriptural law is designed to maintain the prosperity and productivity of the racial family of Yahweh's Children. No other form of law or government is this specific and perfect. Only Yahweh knows what is best for us and His government is a special gift for us.Non-Christians or those who claim to be Christian and are not as strong in their faith as they need to be will dismiss the laws of Yahweh as "old-fashioned' and not suitable in this day and age. Yahweh's laws are does not matter if they were in practice 2,000 years ago or 20 years from now. The effectiveness does not change! They are Eternal.Yahweh is my choice for Leader...He is the LEADER! We can not waste time trying to figure out who we shall follow. Hitler is dead and gone. Study his Mein Kampf...salute a Swastika..It won't change the fact that he is not coming back and he will never return. Nobody no matter how hard they may try will ever be Hitler again. The movement today has plenty of men who are trying to do just that...become Hitler.Imagine how great we might be if we had men knocking themselves out trying to emulate Phinehas or who took action righteously in the name of Yahweh. Men who fought for their race and held up the law of our Father.If you want to follow Adolf Hitler...follow him. But pick a team now. Yahweh does not want the fence-sitters or the lukewarm. He wants men of strength and honor who are willing to stand up for Him and His Truths. He does not have patience for those who can not decide who they will follow and serve.Will you serve a dead man or will you serve your Father?The choice is yours!

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