Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brief History of the Fiery Cross

Down through the history of the white race the lighted cross has always been used as a symbol of resistance to alien tyranny. In times past, our race was organized according to the family or tribal system of Clans, Kith, Kin, and Septs. The Celtic, Nordic, and Teutonic Clans maintained large stacks of wood and/or a large wooden cross upon the highest promontory in each tribal domain. At the first sign of alien invasion or strife, the cross was lighted as an alarm signal to the entire Clan. Thus alerted, the people armed for war and hurriedly gathered at the cross, often accompanied by the skirl of the great Warpipes (Bagpipes). The lighted cross also acted as a signal to distant allied chieftains to light their own crosses and to bring their clansmen quickly. They knew then, far better than we, that a peril to one was a peril to all. In this manner the alarm was sent speeding over the land. Likewise, down through the centuries, the lighted cross became a symbol of the determination of free men to guard their own birthrights.Now, as so often in the past. we face an alien invasion of our lands. Under the sponsorship and with the aid of the Feds in Washington, our country is being inundated with a tidal wave of colored immigrants who are devouring our sustenance and displacing our own people off the land. Our race is being destroyed through miscegenation, no-win foreign wars (soon to be with us again), black crime, and anti-white tax policies which force the white man to suppon and subsidize these colored hordes. Because of the economic burden imposed upon him, the white man's birth rate is the lowest in the world. We are compelled against our will by the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) in Washington to feed, house, and arm these who are sworn to destroy us. We are forced to support an army of tax collectors and bureaucrats who wax fat off our sustenance and daily trod upon the laws which were intended to guarantee our common law rights (the Constitution).We are shackled with a judicial system and judges whose only purpose is to avoid justice at all costs. No white man in this land need be reminded of the sneering contempt and judicial tyranny which they daily heap upon us. The murderer, the thief, the rapist are extended unlimited consideration while the farmer, the worker, widows and the aged are turned out of their homes and off their land at the behest of the money boys.Thus, we raise the standard of the fiery cross and proclaim a message unto our own people. We summon the Clans of our race to gather at the Standard to hear the Word and Law of God. Yes, we are militantly Christian and white ... for the two are inseparable. God's law is the organic life-law of the White Race and that law demands total separation of the races!

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