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Shooters, Hookers, and Rippers By: Matt Furey

Professional wrestling" - as we refer to it today, has no relationship to real wrestling. When I speak of real wrestling, however, I don't mean "amateur wrestling." I mean real professional wrestling.At one time in the long distant past, when a wrestler was referred to as a "pro" - it meant that he stood head and shoulders above the amateurs. Olympic and national champion wrestlers who thought that there wasn't any real difference between amateur and pro, often found out the hard way."Nebraska Tigerman" John Pesek, one of the old-time rippers of pro wrestling's early days, demonstrated this all too well. Two notable occasions are with former Olympians Nat Pendleton and Robin Reed. Pendleton was an Olympic freestyle silver medalist at 174 pounds in 1920. Upon his return he bravely challenged a professional boxer by the name of Jack Dempsey, who was the world heavyweight boxing champion at the time. But a fellow wrestler named Pesek was not going to let Pendleton off the hook by fighting a boxer. The two met in a match and Pesek man-handled him, not only taking him down, but submitting him twice with a toe hold.Robin Reed was an Olympic champion in 1924 and greatly feared across the nation by wrestlers small and large. He never tasted defeat. Reed regularly dusted everyone in the practice room from lightweight through heavyweight. He had a mean streak as long as the Mississippi River and whenever possible, liked to hurt his opponents.One summer day, Reed visited John Pesek's greyhound farm in Ravenna, Nebraska, and the two agreed to a work out. Reed went at Pesek with the same ferocity he attacked all opponents with, but Pesek was not an amateur and didn't mind. At first Pesek thought he would take it easy on Reed as he was a smaller guy, but he changed his tune after the first note. In the barn where they had their workout, there was a hole in the roof, and as it had been raining, water had leaked onto the mat, forming a small puddle. Reed, wily as can be, maneuvered Pesek to the wet spot, then attacked him. Pesek slipped and Reed went behind for the takedown. Pesek instantly turned Reed's aggression into pain. Five minutes later, Reed was so badly beaten that he gave up. He was not prepared to wrestle the way the real "pros" wrestled. Pesek's method was not the way of the amateur and Reed reportedly said afterward, "After I took him down, I never saw so many elbows and knees in my life."Over the years there have been some entertainers who have promoted themselves as if they were real professional wrestlers, but if you read between the lines, and if you are fortunate enough to be learning the real pro style, as I am with Karl Gotch, you will quickly separate the corn from the cob. Real pro wrestling is NOT the learning of as much amateur wrestling as you possibly can, then spicing it up with flying dropkicks and other nonsense. Real pro wrestling has a foundation of takedowns, throws, rides, reversals, pins and the like - but, as in any pro sport, the amateur technique pales in comparison. The set-ups are much more refined in the pro style, as are the techniques. And when you add the "hooks" (submissions) as well as the art of "ripping" - you begin improving by leaps and bounds. Rules of a Real Pro Match A real professional catch wrestling bout, was not like an amateur bout. It wasn't just money that made the bout "professional" either - it was skill level. In an old-time shoot, each side put up money to back the athlete and oftentimes the winner of the bout won it all, which created incentive. Side-bets were common and there were no promoters; the wrestler promoted himself. In addition to the money, the following characteristics were part of a shoot match:1. One-hour time limit.2. Best out of three falls.3. Can earn a fall by three-second pin or by submission.4. Strangle hold barred.5. No biting, gouging, fish hooking or grabbing of the genitals.6. No points are kept.7. If the mandatory number of falls is not met, the bout is ruled a draw. Shooting and Shooters In amateur wrestling, "shooting" is what you do when you attempt a single or double-leg takedown. You literally "shoot in" on your opponent's legs. The old-timers, however, didn't refer to leg attacks this way. Singles and doubles were referred to as "leg dives.""Shooting," on the other hand, meant you had a match that was on the level, with rules like those shown above. As professional wrestling devolved, however, it became necessary to distinguish between the real pros or "shooters," and the pretend wrestlers, known as "workers."In order to be known as a "shooter" - you had to be schooled in the professional style, replete with submissions. Even if you were an amateur champion, you were not considered a "shooter" until you knew the professional game. Most importantly, you had to be someone who went to the post.In the United States, after the late 1920's, there were no more shoots, but there were professional wrestlers who were trained in the real pro method. These men may have never had a professional shoot, but they were known as "shooters" because they could and would go to the post at any time, if someone wanted to try them. Additionally, these men were known to train for real during the day, so there skills were always razor sharp. Hooks, Hookers and Hooking When referring to the submission holds of professional catch wrestling, the common term they used was "hook." The world's foremost catch wrestling authority, Karl Gotch, also known as "The God of Pro Wrestling" in Japan, describes the term thusly:"Think of fishing. When you have a fish on the end of a hook, he wiggles and squirms and can't get free. You've hooked him. That's where the term comes from. You hook a guy when you have a submission hold on him and he can't do anything to wiggle free. But, like in fishing, once you have the guy hooked, you still have to reel him in. We always said, 'take up the slack.' Once you take up the slack, you position the fulcrum and apply the leverage. And the big thing about it is, bulls get killed on the floor. Submission is not something you do standing up."To be known as a "hooker" in professional wrestling, you had to be highly skilled in the art of submissions. But, a "hooker" and a "shooter" were one in the same. And it had to be this way."A shooter who didn't know hooking wasn't a shooter," said Gotch. "It would be like going into a professional boxing match without knowing a jab, a right cross, a hook and an uppercut. Hooking was basic to professional catch wrestling. All shooters knew how to hook. And when you could hook faster than the others, you became known as a hooker, but you were still a shooter." Rippers and Ripping In boxing you have the knockout artist. He knows the same punches as the others, but he's rougher and tougher than the rest and does whatever it takes to put his foe out for the count. Professional wrestling's equivalent of boxing's knockout artist is called the "ripper." It is the highest form of praise that a shooter can receive from his peers. A "ripper" doesn't simply work for a pin fall or a submission. His mission is to physically maul you. If you leave the ring bloodied, battered and injured, the ripper considers it a job well done.From the moment Karl Gotch entered the famous Billy Riley gym in Wigan, England, in 1950, he was trained to be a ripper. Nothing less.Gotch was a 14-time national champion in his native Belgium (seven titles in both freestyle and Greco-Roman) and a member of the 1948 Olympics, where he competed in both styles. But it wasn't until he went to Wigan that he learned wrestling the way he had seen it as a ten-year old child, when his father took him to watch some old pros train."The pros had a way that was far superior to that of the amateur, but you wouldn't know it by what we see today. Back in those days the wrestlers were truly great and the best wrestlers in the world lived right here in the U.S. By the time I went to Wigan, catch wrestling was almost dead. There weren't any more shoots, but I was fanatical about learning the real pro method, and I trained in it everyday, even though there was no one who would do a shoot with me. I took it seriously. My grandfather always told me, 'Everything you keep in between your ears, you don't have to carry in a suitcase and no one can ever take away from you."After spending eight years at the Wigan gym, Karl emigrated to the U.S. by way of Canada. In the 1960's he went to Japan and after the Japanese saw his skill level, they quickly recruited him to train their wrestlers. Today, nearly every pro wrestling organization in Japan, including Pancrase, is run by someone who once trained with Karl Gotch. Rippers in the U.S. The only ripper still living in England is the legendary Billy Joyce, whom Karl Gotch trained with at the Billy Riley gym. In the U.S., Gotch, 76, is the only one left.The era that has passed, however, had a number of "rippers" that were in a class of their own: Martin "Farmer" Burns was a "ripper" who wrestled in the late 1800's and early 1900's. "The Grandmaster of American Wrestling," Burns taught thousands how to wrestle. He set up schools around the country, sold a mailorder course on wrestling and physical culture and trained professionals like Frank Gotch and Earl Caddock to become world champions. Burns also coached the first Iowa high school state championship team.Frank Gotch (no relation to Karl), was the first American to win a world heavyweight title, when he defeated "the Russian Lion" George Hackenschmidt in 1908; he successfully defended the title against Hackenschmidt in 1911 as well. "Farmer" Burns taught Gotch his famous toe holds which he used to defeat opponents with ease. Many still consider Frank Gotch to be the greatest pro wrestler ever. He had an array of holds that he applied with lightning speed and technical brilliance."Nebraska Tigerman" John Pesek was a ripper whom some, like Nat Pendleton and Robin Reed, made the mistake of taking lightly.Benny Sherman was a lightweight who would fight the devil himself if given the chance. He traveled the world and was ready for a match, anytime, anywhere.There were other rippers from the early era and there were a lot of great pros who were excellent hookers. At the same time, however, only a few possessed the mean streak that separated the men from the giants.The old-time "rippers" were the best of the best. They had what boxers call the "killer's instinct."

Naturalization Act of 1790

Signed by president George Washington,this law let only whites become citizens. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the founding Fathers created America for white people only! Passed by the United States Congress,“An act to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” (March 26, 1790).TEXT SOURCE: 1 Stat. 103-104. edited version: De Pauw, Linda Grant, et al., eds. Documentary History of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, March 4, 1789 – March 3, 1791. 14 vols. to date. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1972-1995. 6:1516-1522.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

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Localism, The Only Way By: Blue Tunic Ministry of Christ

A guide to the serious Patriot
of the
Cause of White Christendom

Author's note
This tract may be freely distributed to any true Patriot

The following is the product of over 150 years of chasing rabbit holes. 
As a collective whole we have failed.  Not only ourselves but the very God and Race we have sworn to serve. We continuously yoke ourselves within the "White Nationalist" movement which has done nothing whatsoever for our people. If anything it has further endangered us and tied the noose the enemy has around our necks.
If we are to ever truly fight for the cause we can never do it on a national level. 
We musnt be overly optimistic nor should we be the pessemist we have become in our seemingly hopeless situation. It is with this in mind the writer through the will of our Father in Heaven the one true God of Israel wishes to present the patriot a practical means of activism that will bring about change in his community for his posterity.

Localism describes a range of political philosophies which prioritize the local. Generally, localism supports local production and consumption of goods, local control of government, and promotion of local history, local culture and local identity. Localism can be contrasted with regionalismand centralized government, with its opposite being found in the unitary state.
In a nutshell localism is the belief that those within the community can govern themselves based upon the bible and the regional social and historic traditions.
This type of thought was more infamously seen in the American South during the "civil rights" era. The people of the Southron states wished for policy based upon the traditions of their region. This is not to say that Localism is the belief in state's rights. Quite the contrary. While the Localist or Tribalist sympathizes with the intentions of these folks he sees even their mentality of rulership being "too big for their britches" so to speak. 
The Localist sees the culture and diverse customs of his community to be far broader and diverse than just his "state".
He understands that a state is even too big to define his culture and heritage. He understands that his culture can only be defined by his community customs and heritage and thus he sees no need in some state creating policy or proclaiming to hold some sort of merit of leadership over him. He wishes for a small "g" government within his local region under the Laws of God. With a community of elders, priests, and judges of Christian moral character. An Anarcho-Theocracy if you will.
This type of government is scriptual and has worked in the past. It is the only form of government that will work and be blessed.
The problem is instating such a government within your community.
How can it be done in today's society and the current stranglehold of tyranny we live under? 
The following is a guide to implement such a structure under the radar and to make it thrive.

Stay Invisible

In the reconstruction era the Empire was a force to be reckoned with. Not because it had superior ammunition or overpowered the enemy with its numbers but that it was Invisible. If you live in a town or area that is not necassarily "awake" you need to stay as covert as possible.  Now in the case you're known as the town's crazy nutball racist this might seem difficult.  Hardly, the vast majority are not watching your actions they're too focused on "you're the racist" most would never expect you to do any actual action.

Start a small cell of TRUSTED men to help you with your activities.  Start a bible study/in-house church group. Make up flyers to pass around town during the night. Anything you can to get the message out but still stay under the radar. 
You'll find the majority of people will sympathize with what you have to say. Even if behind closed doors. These people usually do not come right out and admit these things out of fear of their standing within the community.  

Recruiting-The effects of propoganda

When recruiting for your cell or even your in-home bible study group you must always separate the tares from the wheat so to speak. Most within your bible study group will also be members of the cell. Thus, you must recruit both in the same manner until your cell is firmly established and "out of harm's way". You are not always going to have Identity Christians join your bible study. You may not even have Christians join. Perhaps they're unsure and wanting to have Christ come into their life. Either case is irrelevant to the point but needs to be stated. These people MUST be people you trust and can keep their mouths shut. Let's face facts. JOG is always looking for a gathering place of CI adherents to take down and frame the membership. As stated above "be Invisible"!
You must also take into consideration the character of the individual. What are his hangups? What's his strongsuits? What type of personality does he have? Who does he associate with? All of these things must be taken into account.  Remember and engrave the mantra in your brain "quality over quantity".
The effects of your propoganda within your ecclesia and the community at large will be subtle yet apparent. The bible student will more than likely have an open mind and begin to understand the truths of scripture and Christian government. 
The public will at first will fight against it. Expect to see numerous reports in the local paper about your weekend flyer-drops.
However, they will eventually begin to become comfortable with your literature.  They will start researching and examining the evidence you present and eventually their eyes will be open and will begin to change their actions. 

The End Goal

The goal is to awaken the spirit of racial Christian awareness and freedom within your community. It will bring about a revolution of the collective mind of the region.  They will begin to think of things through a Christian Racial perspective and acknowledge that noone should rule over them other than their King in Heaven.
Thus, will develop the "just say no" mentality.  They will no longer bow to the "king's court of unrighteousness" and his Luciferian decrees. He will want and crave the government which our God has ordained we have. 
His new found hunger and thirst for righteousness will then bring about action. He WILL do what he can to instate this organic form of government. Whether he does it with you or even knows of you is irrelevant. 
You have planted the seed our God tended it and made it grow.
He will spread this message and like a dominoe effect the majority will come to this spiritual awakening. There will be few who still scoff at such notions of Christian government and morality and racial separatism. But, by then it will be too late.
The Mob Rules

Saxon Creed

The Saxon Creed is a statement of the beliefs of the nations comprising Anglo-Saxon Christendom. These nations are the true descendants of the Biblical Houses of Israel and Judah. We believe that Jesus Christ, Yahshua, was the Incarnate Embodiment of Yahweh God and the Man who fulfilled all the Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. We believe that Anglo-Saxon Christianity is the only religion that faithfully expresses both the Old and New Testament teachings of our God, Yahweh. We believe that the Anglo-Saxons are the true descendants of ancient Israel, the Israel of the Old and New Testaments, with whom Yahweh had His Covenants. We are the only people that fulfill all of the Old Testament prophecies regarding the Seed of the Promise. We believe that the Anglo-Saxons, not the Jews, are the Heirs of the Promise. We believe that our God, Yahweh, has commanded us and expects us to use his name, YAHWEH, when we pray to Him or do anything in His name. We believe that Yahweh has commanded us to be a separate people, so that we can practice our religion, Christianity, without interference from unbelievers. We believe that our Forefather is Jacob, through Isaac and Rebecca, and NOT Esau, who is the forefather of the Jews. We are, therefore, pure-blooded Shemites. The Sephardic Jews [also known as Spanish Jews], as mixed-race descendants of Esau/Edom are Edomites, not Shemites; and the Ashkenazi Jews, as converts to the religion of Judaism during the 8th Century, A.D., are, in fact, a non-Shemitic tribe. We believe in the prophecies of the Old and New Testaments and that most of them have been fulfilled. However, the prophecies regarding the end times, or the "Last Days," are now in the process of being fulfilled. We believe that Anglo-Saxon Christendom is the true "Chosen People" who have been chosen to serve humanity by setting the example of obedience to Yahweh/Yahshua (Jesus the Christ) for all mankind. We believe that we, Anglo-Saxon Israel -- not the Jews -- are the people in whom all nations were to be and have been blessed.Biblical Proof/References1.) "Bethlehem Ephratah, out of thee shall come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from old, from everlasting." - Micah 5:2. "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." - Isa. 7:14. "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be." - Gen. 49:102.) The inheritance is for those who keep God's Laws. (Leviticus, Chap. 26) "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city. For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie." -- Rev. 22:14-15. The Jews keep their own traditions that are not the same as the Mosaic Law of the Bible. Their traditions are known as the Babylonian Talmud because that is where the rabbinical teachings originated. Yahshua the Christ condemned the Scribes and Pharisees for keeping their own, anti-Mosaic traditions, the "traditions of the elders." (Matt. Chap. 15.) It is those traditions, which were most vehemently condemned by Yahshua (Matt., Chaps. 15-28; 16:6) and which are today known as Judaism.3.) James addresses his message to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. (James 1:1). By the time of Christ, the Twelve Tribes had already been established in the Caucasus, Europe and Asia Minor. The Jews of Judæa were not expelled from Judæa until around 70 A.D., well after these verses were composed. This is proof that James was not addressing Jews but rather Israelites. Yahhsua said: "I come not but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." - Matt. 15:24; and "Go only to the house of Israel." - Matt. 10:6.4.) "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." - Gen. 21:12. The Saxons are Isaac's Sons. Also, the House of Israel would be blinded to her identity until the end times as punishment for her transgressions against Yahweh God. Isa.., Chap. 29; Hosea, 14:6. 65:15. "And thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name."-Isa. 62:2. Romans, 11:25 tells us: "For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in." Israel was to be known, not as Israel, but by a "New Name". "And ye shall leave your name [for a curse] unto my chosen: for the Lord GOD shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name:" -- Isa. "And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." -- Acts 11:26. So we were not only to be known as Isaac's Sons, "Saxons,"but were also to be named and called Christians?i.e., Anglo-Saxon Christendom, the Christian Nations of the Earth. However, the Jews were never blind to their identity. The rabbis have always claimed, falsely, that they are Israelites. Nor are they Judahites. They are Edomites who happened to live in Judæa. It is from the word 'Judæa' that the word 'Jew' was derived, even though it never appeared in Scripture until the 16th Century AD. Thus they pretend to be Judahites. "Behold, I will make of them the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews [Judahites] and are not, but do lie." -Rev. 3:9.5.) "So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel." -- Ez. 39:7, plus scores of other references prove that we are true Israel and His Holy Name was and is in the midst of the Christian Nations/Countries of Europe and wherever the Twelve Tribes have settled throughout the world. Only Anglo-Saxon Israel has proclaimed His Name throughout the world. The Jews teach their own anti-Biblical tradition which holds that God's name should be neither spoken nor written. There is no Biblical justification for this denial of the name of Yahweh.6.) They were also to "separate themselves unto the Lord." -- Lev. 6:22 ."Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord." -- 2 Chron. 6:17. "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth." -- Deu. 7:6. "For thou art an holy people unto Yahweh thy God; Yahweh, the LORD thy God, hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are on the face of the earth." -- Deu. 14:2. "And to make thee high above all nations which he hath made, in praise, and in name, and in honour; and that thou mayest be an holy people unto the LORD thy God, as he hath spoken."-Deu. 26:19. "The LORD shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the LORD thy God, and walk in his ways." -- Deu. 28:9. "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people," -- 1 Peter 2:9.7.) The Anglo-Saxons are the direct, genetic descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Assyrians had deported Beth-Omri (the House of King Omri, king of the 10 northern tribes) to the plains of Media, just south of the Caucasus Mountains. These deportations occurred between 745-715 B.C. These people became known as Scythians and Saccae before and during their migrations north through the Caucasus. Hence: Beth-Omri = Beth-Sak (House of Isaac) = the Caucasians = the Anglo-Saxons. "In Isaac shall thy seed be called." -- Gen. 21:12. Note that the Jews are not now, nor were they ever, known by the name of Isaac. Before these deportations, around 1500 B.C., large contingents of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin had already migrated from Egypt to Britain and Ireland before the Exodus. These two tribes of the House of Judah were merged back into the House of Isaac by the Saxon King, William the Conqueror. Completely separate and distinct are the Jews, who are composed of two distinct groups: the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim. The Sephardim are the older branch who are descended from the mixed marriages of Judahites and Edomites from about 150 B.C to 70 A.D. These people were not dispersed until Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman army under General Titus. It is to these people that Jesus said, "Ye are not of my sheep." -- John 10:26. The Sephardim are a mixed stock, including black African and many other racial admixtures, as the Jews themselves admit. As is evidenced in John 8:31-44, as well as in Matt. 23:35, where Yahshua accused them of the bloodshed of Abel: "That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel." This can only mean that they are the descendants of Cain, who slew Abel. The Sephardim, therefore, have no claim to the Davidic inheritance because they are the children of the forbidden mixed marriages. They are not pure Israelites. We trace their origins back to Cain, whose father was the Serpent in the Garden. Their families and tribes, such as the Canaanites, Edomites, Hittites, and Amelekites, have historically been the enemies of true Israel, as they are today. The Khazar Jews (the Ashkenazim) are of primarily Turko/Mongolian descent. The Khazar tribes never claimed to be Shemites. Rather, they claimed descent from Japheth, Shem's brother. The twelve tribes were all Shemites because their father, Jacob/Israel was a Shemite. The Ashkenazi people, who comprise 90-95% of the Jewish people today, never were and are not now Shemites at all. They are Japhethites, Turks and Mongols. They converted to the religion of Judaism around 800 A.D. and did not have one drop of Shemitic blood in their veins! These facts make it very clear that the Modern Jew has absolutely no biblical claim to the land of Palestine. Both groups are impostors who wish to steal the inheritance of True Israel.8.) All of the prophecies regarding the First Advent were fulfilled by Yahshua, Jesus Christ. The Second Advent is prophesied in the Bible to occur 1.) after the gospel has been preached throughout the world (Matt. 24:14) and after the Great Apostasy of Christendom (II Thess. 2:3) is under way. Both of these conditions are now a reality, because not only has the Christian Religion been preached throughout all the world, but orthodox Christianity has indeed fallen away from the true doctrine, and rebelled against the Law of God, substituting a host of false ideas (the rapture theory, the "Jews are the chosen people," "The Romans killed Christ," etc.) for true doctrine. In America, the Ten Commandments are now being suppressed, and it is forbidden to proclaim the em. In the world at large, Christianity has been replaced by liberalism and secular humanism, both of which are atheistic in their world-views. Christians have been deceived by the Anti-Christs into believing that the Law of God is of no effect?and has been done away with. The Lord's Prayer contradicts this belief: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."9.) "...and they shall be my people and I will be their God" sayeth Yahweh. (Eze. 11:20.) The Jews, on the other hand???? , reject the Messiah: "Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son." - I John, 2:22. Can the Anti-Christ be also the "Chosen People"? Can someone who is Anti-Christ be a Christian as well? Just look at how the Zionists treat the Palestinians. Is this how Yahweh, the God of Love, Peace, and Truth, would want his people to behave? Who do you believe, the Bible or Rabbi Jerry Falwell, or some other "Man" for that matter? "Let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings."-Romans 3:4.10.) "And in thy seed shall all the nations of the world be blessed." - Gen. 22:18. The Anglo-Saxons have given the world the Bible & Christianity, medicine, science & technology, high art, classical music, philosophy & metaphysics, the Magna Carta, and the Constitution of the United States, not to mention the feeding of the world through our agriculture. The Jews have given the world massive debt through usury, ethnic strife (especially with their false and violent claims on Palestine), special-interest politics (B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League, World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Defense League, Zionism, etc.), and decadence (pornography, organized crime, anti-Christian activism). In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, the Jews were expelled from every nation in Europe because of their practice of usury and foreclosure and for practicing their sick and perverse Talmudic religion of deception. We issue this challenge to any and all concerned: Name one country in the history of the world that has been blessed by the presence of the Jews. Even their own country seethes with constant turmoil. Its own economy cannot survive without continuous aid from the U.S. It would collapse from its own corruption. This, in spite of the fact that the world is filled with millionaire and billionaire Zionists. What is their money being used for? It is the Jews who pretend to be Israel so that they might reclaim the inheritance which their forefather, Esau, so foolishly sold to his brother, Jacob/Israel for a bowl of porridge. "Come, let us kill him and seize his inheritance." - Matt. 21:38, Mark 12:7; Luke 20:14. Yahweh, through His prophet, Daniel, told us that in the Last Days, all things will be revealed. "Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free." Awake, Oh, Israel. The time of the harvest draweth nigh. Do not be counted among the tares at the Judgment Day. You must choose between your God and their god. Their god is the serpent, the liar. (John 8:42-44.) Contact your local Saxon or affiliated Church for further information. Inform yourself and prepare for the Judgment Day. Read your Bible and come out of Babylon.

Simple Refutation of the Rapture By: Eli James

Unfortunately, the Protestant world (and some Catholics too) has become enamored of a very sinister deception.  It is called the “Rapture Theory.”  The Rapture Theory promotes the idea that “faithful Christians” will be spared the tribulations of the Judgment Day.  Somehow, whether it is through the medium of space ships taking them to outer space or angels whisking them from this corporeal reality into the astral plane, these Christians believe that they are not required to defend the Faith against the enemies of Jesus Christ. Rather, they believe that all they have to do is wait around for the day that they will be rescued from all of this.

Friends, there is hardly a more pernicious idea pervading Christendom than this one, because it has had the effect of neutralizing all those Christians who should be working for the Kingdom.  Instead, they have become uninvolved in their own salvation.

Let’s look at the Scriptures whence this doctrine arises:

Matthew, Chapter 24:

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came and took them all away; so shall also be the coming of the Son of man.  Then shall two be in the field: the one shall be taken, and the other left.  Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.  Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord cometh.”  -- Verses 37-42

This description is assumed by the rapturists to say the following:  The good Christians (the rapturists) will be taken and the bad Christians and/or non-Christians will be “left behind” to endure the tribulation.  The rapturists will be taken away to some nether world where they will be sustained until it is all over.  Perhaps they will even be able to observe the Great Tribulation unfolding on some screen like some exciting docudrama.  Then they will be returned to earth to pick up the pieces and to presumably rebuild and rule.  This is the essence of the Rapture Theory.  I haven’t seen the movie, Left Behind, but I’m sure it paints the same scenario.

What are these people missing?

In the verses quoted above, it is clear that Jesus is comparing the future tribulation with the days of Noah just before the Flood “took them all away.” So, let’s look at those verses and see what they say:

“And Yahweh said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for in thee have I seen righteousness before me in this generation.”  - Verse 1

“And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man and cattle, and the creeping things, and the fowl of heaven; and they were destroyed from the earth: and only Noah remained alive, and they that were with him in the ark. – Verse 23.

Now, note very carefully the use of the word “remained.”   Unless I do not understand the English language, “remained” and “left behind” are synonymous.  Noah and his family were the ones who remained and the others were taken away by the Flood.  Is there any doubt as to who was taken versus who was left behind on the earth?  It is crystal clear that it is the evil ones who were taken away by the Flood and the righteous ones who were left behind on the earth.

Now, let’s go back to Matthew.

Verse 37 tells us, “As in the days of Noah...”  Jesus is making a direct comparison between the coming tribulation and the bygone days of Noah.  The evil ones were doing absolutely nothing to prepare for the day of trouble. It was “party hearty” time.  Only the good people were making preparations.

The rapturists cannot be compared to the good people because they are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for the day.  They may not be actively sinning, but they are certainly not promoting God’s Kingdom.  They have, in fact, become fat, lazy Christians.  The only “preparation” they are making is assuming their righteousness.  In fact, they are merely engaged in business as usual, like Noah’s contemporaries “eating and drinking, marrying, giving in marriage,”  etc.  The revelers of Noah’s time were blissfully going about their daily activities, disobeying God’s commandment to establish His Kingdom here on earth.

Verses 40 and  41 tell us, “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.  Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”

 Now, given the context that Jesus clearly ascribes back to the days of Noah, who is “taken” and who is “left behind?”  It is clear that the people who were left behind here on earth were the good people of Noah’s family.  The ones who were “taken away” were the evil ones of the surrounding country.  They were taken away by death.  There is no other possible interpretation.

The rapturists, in order to purvey their doctrine, must REVERSE the clear meaning of  Genesis 7 in order to interpret Matthew 40 and 41 to mean what they claim.

Jesus is telling us that the ones who will be taken, AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, will be like the evil ones who were swept away by the Flood.  Contrariwise, the righteous ones, AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, were “left behind” here on earth, although they had to endure a seven month ride in the ark.

THE RAPTURISTS HAVE GOT IT BACKWARDS; and they had better start preparing for the worst, because, if you keep on reading Matthew, Chapter 24, Jesus makes it very clear who will inherit the Kingdom:

“Watch, therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.  But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come  [the rapturists don’t care when the thief will come because they assume they will be spared!], he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.  [The rapturists are standing by, idly, while the house is being broken up.] Therefore, be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.  Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord has made ruler over his household, to give them meat [instruction in the Law] in due season? Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.  Verily I say unto you that he shall make him ruler over all his goods.  But if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My Lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to smite his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunken [as in the days of Noah]; the lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, and shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be a weeping and a gnashing of teeth.”

-- Verses 44-51.

The Rapturists belong to that very same school of non-activist, uncontentious, “don’t rock the boat” Christians (unlike those activists who founded Christianity in the face of both Roman imperialism and rabbinical persecution) who have stood by and watched the household being torn asunder by the antinomians and the “Judeo-Christians.”  How can you inherit that which you have failed to protect?  If you are not actively “contending for the faith,” i.e., working for the Kingdom here on earth as in heaven (recall the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer), then you are an evil, lazy servant.  Indeed, you are no servant at all.

Jude, Verse 3, has this to say:

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation[for true Israel], it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints[not to the antinomians and dispensationalists!].”

Notice the definite article ‘the’ in front of the word ‘faith.’  Does this mean any old faith that one might happen to entertain, or is this a reference to THEFAITH OF OUR FATHERS, ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB?  Unlike our modern antinomians, whose faith is in Jesus rather than the faith of Jesus, the saints of old had faith in God’s Law.  In essence, modern Christianity puts more stock in the personality of Jesus, as a roving one-man cavalry, riding in to save us from ourselves.  The Biblical Jesus, however, is one who exhorts us to obey His Law and to follow His example.  Is modern Christianity following His example?  Didn’t He overturn the tables of the moneychangers?  Hasn’t modern Christianity let the moneychangers back into the temple?

“If ye love me, obey my commandments.”  --  John 14:15.

Biblical Christians know that if they put their trust inYah’s Law, the nation will prosper.(See II Chronicles 7:14.)  The problem is that modern Christianity has become heretical and Pharisaic, teaching the doctrines of men instead of the Law of God.

Elaborating on this subject, in the very next Chapter, right after the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, Jesus gives us the parable of the unprofitable servant.  In this parable, the master of the household gives three different servants five, two and one talents respectively.  (It seems to me that the double meaning of the word ‘talent’ is really beautiful here.)  The housemaster praises the two servants who doubled their talents but he rebukes the holder of the one talent because he simply buried the coin and did nothing with it.

In verses 29 and 30, Jesus tells us:

“For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.  And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

I can hear the wailing and the grinding of teeth when the rapturists find out how wrong they have been.

“That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”  -- I Peter 1: 7.

Those who are doing absolutely nothing but waiting around for the Rapture, contrary to the clear admonition of our Lord to maintain His household and obey His commandments, are the very people who will be counted among the hypocrites when the Bridegroom comes to claim his Bride [Israel restored], for they assume that their faith will excuse them from the firestorm when Scripture clearly tells us that our faith is to be tried by fire.

 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”  -- II Thess. 2: 11,12.

What greater delusion could there be than believing that mere faith, as opposed to practicing the righteousness of Yahweh’s Law, is all that is required for salvation!  Did any of the prophets say that it would that easy?????????????  The dispensationalists and antinomians who say that the Old Testament is a “Jewish book” that has no relevance to the modern “Christian” church should read the book of Job to find out what real faith is. Job lost all of his earthly possessions, including his children.  After enduring all of these things, Job declared:  “Behold, happy is the man whom god correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty.”  (Job 5:10)   Also:  “When He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” (23:10.)  The author of the book of Job tells us:  “In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly.”  (1:22.)   Of these modern, fair weather Christians, I would ask: How does your “faith” compare with Job’s?  Are you absolutely, one hundred per cent positive that the Old Testament is irrelevant?

Can the rapturists, who are sitting around wasting their talents, be considered “profitable servants”?  Is their “do nothing” attitude in these times of crisis acceptable to Jesus?  I don’t think so!  The rapturists’ delusion is one of grandiose self-flattery:  “Our faith is so strong that we will be spared the fire,” they proclaim!  How self-serving and convenient!  On the contrary, they have substituted a delusion for the Faith, and I guarantee that they will be second in line, right after the false priests of  “Judeo-Christianity,” to be cast into the fire for their failure to heed Scriptural warnings about the true nature of the tribulation and the Judgment Day.  They will be “taken away” all right, but in the same manner as the evil ones of Noah’s day.  They will be taken away by death.

Finally, Matthew 10:22 puts it this way:  “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

Does it say “he that is raptured before the end shall be saved”?  And, incidentally, nobody hates the rapturists because they are the least controversial of all Christians!   Since they have effectively removed themselves from the scene and from contention, nobody pays them enough attention to warrant hatred – certainly not the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ!  How can you hate an “enemy” whose only plan is to leave the battlefield?  Can you hear the enemy saying “Good riddance!” and “Have a nice trip”?  “See you after the battle!”  “Don’t bother to come back!”

In summary, I would like to say that the rapturists are Scripturally wrong on four major points:1.)    They have reversed the meaning of Jesus Christ’s prophecy regarding who will be taken and who will be left behind.2.)    They have unwittingly obviated the need for the Tribulation because they have replaced God’s Law with antinomian “faith,” thus removing the Scriptural basis (righteousness versus unrighteousness) for the Judgment Day and the very tribulation from which they falsely expect to be spared.3.)    They have fallen into a delusion of self-flattery, claiming that their vague, emotion-laden concept of  “faith,” even though it denies the validity of the Law, is sufficient for salvation.4.)    They have opted for the easy way out, contrary to the clear pronunciations of Scripture which tell us that we must be “tried by fire” and that we must “endure to the end.”

In short, they have become Christian couch potatoes whose heads are so far up in the clouds that they are no earthly good.  Amen.

There will indeed be a rapture of the saints; but the “rapture” will be the joy they experience after they have endured to the end.  Frankly, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  I want to savor the victory.  Being “chastened,” “tried,” and “made pure as gold” should be considered an honor, not something to be avoided.  Gird your loins and buckle your seatbelts, the rollercoaster leaves in five minutes!  Maybe sooner!

 (Please share this message with any rapturists you might know.  They need to hear it more than anyone else!)____________________________________________________________________

For the record, here is the 1830 vision of the Scotswoman Margaret MacDonald, in her own words, which is the reputed source of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture theory.   Pay special attention to the following sentence:'Tis Christ in us that will lift us up - he is the light - 'tis only those that are alive in him that will be caught up to meet him in the air.  It seems that this phrase, “caught up…in the air,” has been interpretedquite literally by many to mean a pre-Tribulation Rapture “up in the sky,” but is that what she intended? I think not, for the very simple reason that it is clear that Miss MacDonald believes in a Judgment Day and trial by fire, and the vast majority of rapturists are antinomians and dispensationalists, both of which groups believe that Christians are saved by “faith only,” not by the Law (righteousness).  Rather, Miss MacDonald talks about “spiritual discernment.”  In what sense does the “faith only” doctrine require spiritual discernment?

The Book of Revelation clearly tells us that we will be judged “according to our works.”  (Rev. 20:13.)  In fact, the meaningfulness of our Faith depends upon the way in which our Faith is demonstrated in our actions.  “Faith without works is dead.” – James 2:14.   What good is your faith if it does not bear fruit for the Kingdom?  Read her insightful vision for yourself and see if Miss MacDonald belongs in the “faith only,” pre-Trib camp.

When Paul and the Apostles tell us that good works are not enough to save us, what they mean is that our attempts to undo all of the evil we have done as individuals and as a people could not possibly pay off the full debt that we owe to God.  Instead, by His grace (mercy), He cancels a large part of that debt on our behalf when He knows that our hearts have been converted through true repentance.  But those whose hearts have not been converted will most definitely pay the price at the Judgment Day and they will be judged according to their works._____________________________________________________________________Margaret Macdonald's revelation as published in The Restoration of Apostles and Prophets In the Catholic Apostolic Church (1861):

"It was first the awful state of the land that was pressed upon me. I saw the blindness and infatuation of the people to be very great. I felt the cry of Liberty just to be the hiss of the serpent, to drown them in perdition. It was just 'no God.' I repeated the words, Now there is distress of nations, with perplexity, the seas and the waves roaring, men's hearts failing them for fear. Now look out for the sign of the Son of Man. Here I was made to stop and cry out, O it is not known what the sign of the Son of Man is; the people of God think they are waiting, but they know not what it is. I felt this needed to be revealed, and that there was great darkness and error about it; but suddenly what it was burst upon me with a glorious light. I saw it was just the Lord himself descending from Heaven with a shout, just the glorified man, even Jesus; but that all must, as Stephen was, be filled with the Holy Ghost, that they might look up, and see the brightness of the Father's glory. I saw the error to be, that men think that it will be something seen by the natural eye; but 'tis spiritual discernment that is needed, the eye of God in his people. Many passages were revealed, in a light in which I had not before seen them. I repeated, 'Now is the kingdom of Heaven like unto ten virgins, who went forth to meet the Bridegroom, five wise and five foolish; they that were foolish took their lamps, but took no oil with them; but they that were wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.' 'But be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is; and be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit.' This was the oil the wise virgins took in their vessels - this is the light to be kept burning - the light of God - that we may discern that which cometh not with observation to the natural eye. Only those who have the light of God within them will see the sign of his appearance. No need to follow them who say, see here, or see there, for his day shall be as the lightning to those in whom the living Christ is. 'Tis Christ in us that will lift us up - he is the light - 'tis only those that are alive in him that will be caught up to meet him in the air. I saw that we must be in the Spirit, that we might see spiritual things. John was in the Spirit, when he saw a throne set in Heaven. But I saw that the glory of the ministration of the Spirit had not been known. I repeated frequently, but the spiritual temple must and shall be reared, and the fullness of Christ be poured into his body, and then shall we be caught up to meet him. Oh none will be counted worthy of this calling but his body, which is the church, and which must be a candlestick all of gold. I often said, Oh the glorious inbreaking of God which is now about to burst on this earth; Oh the glorious temple which is now about to be reared, the bride adorned for her husband; and Oh what a holy, holy bride she must be, to be prepared for such a glorious bridegroom. I said, Now shall the people of God have to do with realities - now shall the glorious mystery of God in our nature be known - now shall it be known what it is for man to be glorified. I felt that the revelation of Jesus Christ had yet to be opened up - it is not knowledge about God that it contains, but it is an entering into God - I saw that there was a glorious breaking in of God to be. I felt as Elijah, surrounded with chariots of fire. I saw as it were, the spiritual temple reared, and the Head Stone brought forth with shoutings of grace, grace, unto it. It was a glorious light above the brightness of the sun that shone round about me. I felt that those who were filled with the Spirit could see spiritual things, and feel walking in the midst of them, while those who had not the Spirit could see nothing - so that two shall be in one bed, the one taken and the other left, because the one has the light of God within while the other cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven. I saw the people of God in an awfully dangerous situation, surrounded by nets and entanglements, about to be tried, and many about to be deceived and fall. Now will THE WICKED be revealed, with all power and signs and lying wonders, so that if it were possible the very elect will be deceived - This is the fiery trial which is to try us. - It will be for the purging and purifying of the real members of the body of Jesus; but Oh it will be a fiery trial. Every soul will be shaken to the very centre. The enemy will try to shake everything we have believed - but the trial of real faith will be found to honour and praise and glory. Nothing but what is of God will stand. The stony-ground hearers will be made manifest - the love of many will wax cold.

I frequently said that night, and often since, now shall the awful sight of a false Christ be seen on this earth, and nothing but the living Christ in us can detect this awful attempt of the enemy to deceive - for it is with all deceivableness of unrighteousness he will work - he will have a counterpart for every part of God's truth, and an imitation for every work of the Spirit. The Spirit must and will be poured out on the church, that she may be purified and filled with God - and just in proportion as the Spirit of God works, so will he - when our Lord anoints men with power, so will he. This is particularly the nature of the trial, through which those are to pass who will be counted worthy to stand before the Son of man.[my emphasis – EJ.] There will be outward trial too, but 'tis principally temptation. It is brought on by the outpouring of the Spirit, and will just increase in proportion as the Spirit is poured out. The trial of the Church is from Antichrist. It is by being filled with the Spirit that we shall be kept. I frequently said, Oh be filled with the Spirit - have the light of God in you, that you may detect Satan - be full of eyes within - be clay in the hands of the potter -submit to be filled, filled with God. This will build the temple. It is not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord. This will fit us to enter into the marriage supper of the Lamb. I saw it to be the will of God that all should be filled. But what hindered the real life of God from being received by his people, was their turning from Jesus, who is the way to the Father. They were not entering in by the door. For he is faithful who hath said, by me if any man enters in he shall find pasture. They were bypassing the cross, through which every drop of the Spirit of God flows to us. All power that comes not through the blood of Christ is not of God.

When I say, they are looking from the cross, I feel that there is much in it - they turn from the blood of the Lamb, by which we overcome, and in which our robes are washed and made white. There are low views of God's holiness, and a ceasing to condemn sin in the flesh, and a looking from him who humbled himself, and made himself of no reputation. Oh! It is needed, much needed at present, a leading back to the cross. I saw that night, and often since, that there will be an outpouring of the Spirit on the body, such as has not been, a baptism of fire, that all the dross may be put away. Oh there must and will be such an indwelling of the living God as has not been - the servants of God sealed in their foreheads - great conformity to Jesus - his holy, holy image seen in his people - just the bride made comely by his comeliness put upon her. This is what we are at present made to pray much for, that speedily we may all be made ready to meet our Lord in the air - and it will be. Jesus wants his bride. His desire is toward us. He that shall come, will come, and will not tarry. Amen and Amen.  Even so come Lord Jesus.''

The Blue Tunic Army of Christ By: Wesley Swift

Tonight we shall talk to you about the Blue Tunic Army. Although there is nothing said about the Blue Tunic Army in the Scriptures, nevertheless, it is rich in tradition, tradition that is shown in the records which the pastor Mark had, as he pastored the Christian church in Alexandria, Egypt.  The Essene company also had records that describe the activities of the Blue Tunic Army, and the history of Joseph of Arimathea contains much concerning this army.         If we turn back the pages of history to the time of Jesus, we learn that there had been a tremendous operation of intrigue going on in Palestine and particularly inside the city of Jerusalem and inside the Temple of that city.  About 500 years before the birth of Christ, when a few thousand Israelites of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple, after 70 years of captivity in Babylonia, a mixed multitude of alien Asiatic pagans came along with them, which was most unfortunate.  It so happened that these aliens brought from Babylon a new and radically different kind of religion, religion that was not based on the commandments of God, but, instead, was based on the traditions of men; and this religion over the centuries has been called the tradition of the elders, or Talmudism, and today is called Judaism.        When the Temple was rebuilt about 515 B.C., a government under God was then reestablished in the city of Jerusalem.  This government, called a theocracy, was then once more administered by the Levites as God had commanded, and the sons of Aaron again served as the priests in the Temple worship.  But soon thereafter, the pagan aliens from Babylon began their intrigue of subversion and conquest of the government and religious worship.  These Babylonian pagans were related to the Canaanites, Amalekites, Hittites and other  people that God had told the Israelites to avoid, who also living at that time in the land of  Judea and particularly in the city of Jerusalem.        Most of the returning people of Judah and Levi settled in Judea, but the people of Benjamin established their homes considerably to the north in the province of Galilee.  This was a significant fact, because the people of Jerusalem and Judea were integrated with these other races and in time became almost totally mongrelized with them, while the people of Galilee were segregated and so were saved from the ravages of race-mixing.  God had warned His people Israel that one of the results of race-mixing would be that their offspring would worship other gods, and so it was in Jerusalem and Judea.        The tradition of men or tradition of the elders was actually the worship of the devil Lucifer, which sought to destroy the worship of Yahweh God and nullify all His commandments, statutes and judgments. But interestingly enough, these racially mixed people held onto the ordinances of God which pertained to animal sacrifices, because it suited their evil purposes to do so. They advocated, for instance that as long as the rituals were performed in the approved manner and at the proper times, it was permissible to commit any kind of evil a person could imagine.  It was to such people that Jesus was speaking when HE said to them, "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.  Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity." (Matthew 23:27-28).        Jesus asked these people, "Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?" (Matthew 15:3.) Then He told them, "Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition" (Matthew 23:6).  InMatthew 15:8-9, Jesus says, "This people draweth nigh unto Me with their mouth, and honoreth Me with their lips; but their heart is far from Me.  But in vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."        The author of the Book of Mark (in Mark 7:3) says that all the Jews held the tradition of the elders.  In Mark 7:7. Jesus accused them of '' . . .  teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."  And in Mark 7:9 Jesus told them, "Full well ye reject the commandments of God, that ye may keep your own tradition."  Jews were like that in the time of Christ and they are exactly the same today.        Imagine the ignorance of some preachers who say that Christianity evolved out of Judaism.  Judaism in the time of Christ, was called the tradition of men and Christ plainly stated, again and again, that their traditions and doctrines were in total opposition to the commandments of God.  Now, just who would advocate doctrines that would be in total opposition to the commandments of God?  Lucifer who is called Satan and the Devil, and his many offspring, are the ones who would try to promote traditions and doctrines that would make the commandments of God of no effect.  To say that Christianity evolved out of Judaism is the same as saying that righteousness evolved out of evil.Jews tell a lot of lies because it is their nature to do so, but, unfortunately, a majority of Christians believe their lies because most Christians have accepted and believe an even greater lie, the tremendous lie that the Jews are God's chosen people, which is possibly the biggest lie ever told since Lucifer told Eve in the garden of Eden, "Ye shall not Surely die" (Genesis 3: 4).        How did the people of Judah and Levi then living in Judea, lose control of their government and religion? They very foolishly forgot or ignored one of the most important laws of the Most High God, a law that is stated in Deuteronomy 23:2 which reads, “A mongrel shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord."  Yes, I know, in the King James Version it says, “a bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord..”  But I want you to know that in the original scripture (as you may learn from any good concordance), the Hebrew word was "mamzer" and mamzer meant a mongrel, a person born of racially different parents:  a child born of an Israelite father and a non-Israelite mother, or vice versa.  Such a child would be spurious, false, not genuine, and therefore illegitimate, but would not necessarily be born out of wedlock. A mongrel or so-called bastard could only be produced by the mixing of races, and marriage had nothing to do with it.        Since Judea and Jerusalem in those days contained an integrated society, most of the people living there soon became mongrelized and therefore had no capacity to understand or accept the laws of God as given to Moses (although falsely professing to do so) or to believe the words of God as recorded by the prophets - because they did not possess the holy spirit.  Nevertheless, by the sheer power of their overwhelming numbers, these mongrels who were false Israelites, these illegitimate mamzers, gradually gained control of the Temple in Jerusalem and therefore control of the local government and religious worship in the temples (which they re-named synagogues).        At the time when Christ was born, the entire administration of the city of Jerusalem and the land of Judea was a Jewish administration operating out of the Temple and was not in the hands of the people of God.  We want you to clearly understand that in the Temple, the high priests and those that controlled it, were Sadducees.  Sadducees were reincarnationists.  They were a strange, pagan cult.  Actually, they were worshipers of Lucifer, they were Talmudic Jews.  They had proclaimed they were true Pharisees, they claimed they had been converted to Phariseeism. They had gained control of the Temple by packing the ballots and the increase in the number that were permitted in the Sanhedrin, until they had gained some control.  Once they had control of the Temple, they put out of the Temple the true high priests and the true peoples of Israel.  The Levites, the sons of Aaron, were no longer in positions of authority and power.  Here and there, among the lesser temples and synagogues throughout the land, there were possibly one or two of the true priesthood left, but generally speaking, the control of the priesthood was  in the hands of a people that Christ was to say,  were of their father the devil, and the lusts of  their father they would do.  And He also said they had descended from murderers and they couldn't  understand the truth and had no spiritual capacity for it.  And so it was that these were the people who controlled the Temple of Jerusalem at that time.        But where were the true priests?  Where were the true peoples of Israel?  Well, they were outside the city, outside of Jerusalem out in the  caves in the hills, in the rocks. They were known as the Essene company. And the Essene company were also called Zealots because they were so zealous for the program of the kingdom. When Christ was born, remember that John the Baptist had been born three months previously, and at three years of age, for the fear of Herod the Jewish king, the parents of John the Baptist sent their child to live among the Essenes.  So the child John the Baptist was raised by the Essenes until he was ten years of age, so he would escape the vicious hostility of Herod, king of the Jews.  For it was Herod king of the Jews, and his murderous army that had put to death so many thousands of the children of Bethlehem and of the house of Israel, proving again that the Jews were not Israelites and had no love whatsoever for Israel, and they thought nothing of killing these babes, in order to make sure they had murdered the Messiah,        It was a strange thing that as a babe, John the Baptist talked. At three and four and five years of age, he was telling the Essene company of the things he had beheld in the heavens.  He declared that the Messiah had been born and would be revealed on the face of the earth - and that he, John, had been sent as His messenger.  When John the Baptist was just a baby, he said, "Behold, I am sent as a messenger of the King."  He told also, that the strange thing would be, that when the Messiah was revealed, His people would want to crown Him king, but he said, "The Messiah will not take the crown, but He will take the chalice."  And the Essenes pondered over his words.        In the meantime, we know that Mary and Joseph had gone down into Egypt with the Christ child, and they remained there until the death of Herod the king, after which they returned to Nazareth.  We understand that John the Baptist also returned to his home, about the same time, for John the Baptist had been raised by the Essene company.  The Essene company were the true high priests of Israel, the Levites.  They were the people who were very zealous and were always in strange places because the high priest of the Temple, whether Annas or Caiaphas or whosoever it may have been, constantly had a price on their heads.  So the Essenes lived throughout the length and breadth of Palestine in communities and towns, but in secrecy. Many of the people belonged to the Essene company but they dared not identify themselves, for the army of the Jews which moved out of the Temple of Jerusalem would put them to death or would stone them on sight.        When the Essene company heard the news that there was a possibility that the Messiah had been born, they were greatly thrilled. They had one among their company, Joseph of Arimathea, who was the uncle of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and he spoke concerning his great-nephew, and he said there had been strange prophecies attending the birth of this child, and perhaps this was the Messiah that John the Baptist was talking about.        It is a matter of historical record that Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy man who owned the tin mines of Cornwall, in Britain.  His ships plied the trade of the Mediterranean and on up to the British Isles.  He sat in the Sanhedrin because he was a Pharisee of great power and renown, but he was also a true Essene.  He well recognized that the company of Essenes, because of their  determination to declare the truth, were totally opposed to the Talmudic teachings of the Temple priests. The Essenes opposed the patterns of interpretation that came out of the Canaanites who had moved into positions of power,        The Temple priests watched Jesus.  They watched Him during His early boyhood and when He came to His young manhood.  When Christ was taken to Britain by Joseph of Arimathea, He spoke in the universities of Britain.  He built the wattle church in Glastonbury and He spoke to the young and the elderly and the Masters of Britain - and Joseph watched this lad.  Surely Joseph reported to the Essene company that all were amazed at the wisdom and knowledge of this young Man, and there were some who thought He might be the promised Messiah.        Then came the day when John the Baptist was baptizing in the river Jordan, those who were repentant, and Jesus came down and said to him, "I want you to baptize Me."        John the Baptist said, "No. I am not worthy to baptize you, I am not worthy to unlatch your shoes."  For he recognized, as the Spirit came upon Him, that this was the Messiah.        What of this John the Baptist?  This was the man about whom Jesus said, "Never was there a man born of woman, as great as John the Baptist. This was the one that was to come with the spirit of Elijah, to announce the way of the Lord."  During this period of time, the Essenes were very attentive, for now they realized that this might be the Messiah. They had heard of how He had changed the water into wine, how He had opened the eyes of the blind, how He had unstopped deaf ears, and they said, "Truly this Man must be the Messiah.''        The Essene company had to use every conceivable stratagem to stay alive.  In fact, as they went to their various lodgings which they had in the areas where they were copying the Scriptures and carrying forward the continuity of the scrolls, and working to preserve the true culture of Israel, when they left a path, they were very careful to wipe out all traces of their movements. They had a group of shepherds, and the shepherds had hundreds of sheep that were used to wipe out their trails, whenever they traveled to or from their caves in the hills.  When the Essenes left a trail, a shepherd would move his flock across that trail until all trace of the path was blotted out, and so the Jews were unable to follow.        It was an amazing thing, but as they saw the ministry of Christ beginning to develop, they were all of one accord and they said, "This is without question the Messiah."  And so they decided that He might need some protection, because they knew what the Jews were like.  In fact, everywhere they watched Jesus, they saw the animosity of the Jews.  They saw that the Jews hated Jesus.  They saw that the Jews designed to kill Him.  The whole country was aware that miracles were being performed, but never was there a miracle as great as when He went, a few days late, to the tomb of Lazarus, for His friend Lazarus was dead. And as Jesus came to the outside of the tomb, He said, "Roll away the stone."  But the people said, "No, he has been in there several days and probably his body is already decomposing; we can't do that."  But Jesus said, "Roll away the stone."  And when He said, "Lazarus, come forth," Lazarus came walking out of his grave.  Then the Essenes said, "This is the Messiah."  But the Jews gnashed their teeth and they plotted how they might put Lazarus to death again.The Essenes said, "We must provide guards, we must provide protection for the Messiah and for those that are His disciples."  In fact, five of the Essene company fought off a group of Jews that tried to stone Lazarus as he was going down to Jerusalem.  And so, knowing how much the Jews hated Jesus, the Essenes always managed to have some of their members in the groups around those who were following Christ. In fact, when He was talking to the five thousand, they mingled among the people, always watching the Jews who were standing by.  And always, the Jews standing by would speak out angrily against Christ.        One day Jesus said to His disciples, (in the sixth chapter of John) "Now I am going to tell you something: I have chosen you twelve, but did you know that one of you is a devil?  Judas Iscariot is the son of perdition, he is a devil. He is different than you are, he is a devil." And after this, it says, Jesus walked in Galilee because He could not walk among Jewry, because the Jews plotted to kill Him.  But the Essene company stayed close by His side.  They always wanted to be close to Christ, for fear of the great dangers that were confronting Him.  As a matter of fact, in certain instances such as related in the tenth chapter of John, we discover something of the tradition of the Essenes, for when He declared, "I and the Father are one," the Essenes again said that He must be the Messiah, and they remembered the prophecy: "Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulder; His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father.”  So they said, "Truly, this is the Father that is with us, without question this is the Messiah."  Then the Jews took up stones to stone Him, and instantly, Essene company men, who were charged with the guarding of Christ, stepped in the way and opposed these Pharisees,  and there was a great scuffle at that time.        We move through the Book of John to the eleventh chapter, and again we read the record of the Essenes.  The Temple priests sent out men to capture Jesus, and they were instructed by the high priest to bring Him secretly to a spot outside the city and have Him stoned.  When the men proceeded forth to carry out their part in the conspiracy, they saw the crowds around Jesus.  They saw the people hanging on His every word.  They saw that never a man had spoken as this Man spoke, and they came back to the high priest and they said, "We were afraid to put our hands on Christ. We didn't dare touch Him. The people were enthralled by His words.  Never a man spake like this Man spake."        Caiaphas then dismissed the men, and he said to the other high priests, “I want you to know that you don't know anything at all. This Man does miracles. This Man is carrying out a program that is capturing the people, and I am going to tell you something: If we don't kill this Man, He is going to gather the children of God that are scattered abroad even the Romans who are of the tribe of Gad are going to believe on Him, and we are going to lose control of this people. We have got to kill Him."        In the Book of John it says, "And from this day on, they took counsel together, how they could put Him to death."  So the Essenes pondered these things.  Joseph of Arimathea, who occasionally left his home to visit the Essene company, sat in the conference concerning this matter. They had a young Zealot in their company called Barabbas, a descendant of Jeroboam who had been a commander of the house of Israel many hundreds of years before, and they talked about the necessity of providing protection groups, because of the Jews and their animosity against the followers of Christ.  The Jews had caused some to be stoned, and many had been put to death; and all along the road to Joppa, the Jews had attacked and killed a number of Christians and disciples of Jesus, even at that time.  So the Essenes said, "We will form an army, we will form an underground army, to oppose this evil power of darkness."  And so they turned to Barabbas, the young Zealot, and asked him to head the army - and, incidentally, all the Essene company men were referred to as Zealots.        The Essenes had also secretly selected a proper high priest, for Jonathan was the High Priest that year, the true High Priest of Israel, and he stood before the Essenes with the breastplate of Israel, with shimmering jewels mounted in that breastplate, to denote his rank and title.  He was clothed in the robes that the high priests wore when they were in the Tabernacle and worshiping the Most High God.  The Essene company and all of the Levites said, "Yes, there is no question about it: we must form an army to protect Christ the Messiah."        But there were some who said, "Christ does not yet seek His kingdom, He has not given us a word."  But they were very much activated again, when Jesus one day said, "He that hath no sword, let him sell his coat and buy a sword." - It is a lot better, my friends, that you be cold, rather than be killed or attacked by organized Jewry. And so Jesus said, "He that hath no sword, let him sell his coat and buy a sword."        News of this warning and advice went out instantly to the Essene company, that Christ did not repudiate their plan of defense; on the contrary, He gave it His definite approval. Then as these things transpired, Jesus said, "The kingdom of God suffereth violence, and since the days of John the Baptist, the violent have taken it by storm."  And the Essenes said, “See, He opposes the violence, but He stands for the defense of Israel. Therefore we must form a company, otherwise the Jews will surely kill Him."  So it was that Barabbas, Barabbas the Zealot started to organize an army among the Essenes. They organized in every community and every town. They had many men who secretly said, "Yes, we will defend Christ, we will fight for those that follow Him, we will fight against the Jews."  And so Barabbas began the task of gathering men to form an army.        During this time, Joseph of Arimathea sent for Demetrius the silversmith, and Demetrius  prepared the chalice.  Remember that while Christ sat with His disciples in the dining room of Joseph, in the city of Jerusalem, that Demetrius carefully engraved a beautiful chalice, because the Essenes still had the words ringing in their ears, from the boy John the Baptist: "He will take the chalice instead of the crown." But at the same time, they carefully prepared the crown, and they took the jewels which the Wise Men had brought and placed them in the crown, for they knew that someday they would crown Christ king.  Everywhere now that Christ went, two or three of the Essene company would also go. They knew how to get in touch, instantly, with the underground army that now covered the length and breadth of Palestine. This was a guerilla army, but it was an army that was tried and true which realized that an apostate force of anti-Christ had taken over the Temple of Jerusalem, and these things were confirmed by the Messiah, by the mouth of the embodiment of God.        And so as they gathered and prepared for these things, Joseph of Arimathea said, "I think it is time that we should get ready, because the coronation will come very soon, as the people from the length and breadth of Palestine are ready to crown Him king."  He said, "I think we should have a uniform" - and this was agreed upon. Then the Essenes said, "Let us have a blue uniform with two beautiful, golden crossed fish upon it.”  For fish was already the sign of the followers of Christ, and with the secret of the crossed fish they would gather or meet or assemble or plan.  And so the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, as they went back and forth between Palestine and Britain, brought the bolts of beautiful cloth from Spain and the golden cloth that the Essenes cut and sewed on the tunics for the army of Barabbas.  And so it was that the Blue Tunic Army came into being, with the crossed golden fishes across their chests, dedicated to defend the Messiah and defend those that were His followers.  That was the army of Israel that was coming to life, a guerilla army, yes, but a good army.        You know, so many times, people are misled and get excited when they listen, as they do today, to the press, radio and television, which are in the hands of the enemy - and I think you have had ample illustration of this in the last few days.  Also, during the ministry of Christ, rumors and false information emanated from the enemy, and they would denounce Barabbas, but Barabbas was a patriot.  More than this, the army was well formed: it had several thousand men within it.  They came from various communities throughout the land, as well as from the host that met underground as the Essene company.  At times, they thought they had need of weapons, but weapons were not available, except for a few short swords which they had on hand.  So Barabbas and his men raided a caravan of Roman arms that was coming to the Governor, and they were able to get away successfully with these arms and short swords of Damascus.  The Romans were very much disturbed by this, and they instituted a search for the man Barabbas, but his existence was only a rumor, without confirmation or certainty, for no one would open his mouth, as it was an underground that refused to speak.        The Essene company were also aware of the necessity for the gathering of provisions and food for the large number of the men of Israel who were not permitted any longer to return to their homes, and were living in the underground, out in the caves.  And so Barabbas said, "Why do we not also attack the caravans of the high priests?" for the high priests were bringing in provisions and goods from all over the world.  They were expanding their program and were trading on the steps and in the courts of the Temple. They had turned the house of God into a house of merchandise, for profit and for gain - just as Christ said.        And so it was that the army of Barabbas, not yet in their uniforms but in groups, came out and attacked the caravan of the Jews, and they took the provisions thereof and fled away into the wilderness. Of course the Jews were exasperated. After five or six of these attacks upon their caravans, the high priest said, "We must secure this man. We hear a rumor that he is Barabbas. We must put a price upon his head, for this man we must have."        When the uniforms were finished and the swords were issued, the army was ready for any emergency, and the Essenes listened for the report of an attack or the attempt of an attack upon the body of Christ. The word had come back that Judas Iscariot had been identified by Christ as being a devil. They also pondered over this fact, for they realized that this would identify Christ to the peoples of the Temple, for Jesus had told them, "Ye are of your father the devil: I am of My Father and you are of your father."  No brotherhood here! No brotherhood between the house of God and the house of evil.  Had not Jesus also said, in Matthew, "You are guilty of the blood of all the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias, killed between the horns of the altar?”Everything now seemed to be ready, and the Essenes said, “YOU know, if we crown Him king before the Passover, then when the  Passover comes, people will have the Messiah as king and a new day will be born. Rome will be cast off, the powers of darkness will be driven from the Temple, and Israel will be born in a day!”  And so with this hope and expectation, they planned, if they could, to crown Christ king. They thought that He would come into Jerusalem a week or so prior to the Passover.  And so it was that we come to the pageant of the day of Palm Sunday when Jesus came toward Bethphage and told His disciples to go over the hill and they would find colt, the foal of an ass, tied to a tree, and He said, "Bring it to Me, and if anyone wants to know who wants it, say YAHSHUA hath need of this, and it will be given to you."        And it happened exactly as He had said.  Then they put their garments upon the animal, and Christ sat upon it and approached the city of Jerusalem.  As He came towards the wall of the city, people from every part of Palestine were there.  They came out shouting, "Hosanna in the highest, to the Son of David! Blessed is He that comes in the name of Yahshua!”  And so they cried and cut palm branches and shouted before Him. This was the great day they had been waiting for. The Blue Tunic Army had also gathered there, from all over Palestine. They were around Jerusalem and around the gate. They were down in the streets and they were ready.  And underneath their togas they wore their blue tunics, and they had their sharp short swords. As Christ entered the city of Jerusalem, the people shouted, "Crown Him king!"  Suddenly, resplendent in the brilliant sun, the togas were dropped and the blue uniforms appeared, with the golden crossed fish and the raised swords of the Blue Tunic Army.  The crowd of people shouted, “Hosanna in the highest! Crown Him king! Crown Him king!"  An army of almost three thousand men were there, ready to defend Christ, lead to battle in any emergency at that hour.        As Christ approached the steps of the Temple, the high priests of Israel, the Essene High Priest and those who were the true Levites, were also approaching. They had the beautiful crown they had prepared.  Joseph of Arimathea and others openly identified with Christ, and they wanted to crown Him king. They brought forth the crown to crown Him king, and the High Priest said, "I would crown Thee King of Israel today. Thou art our Messiah. Thou art our God.”  Then Jesus said, “I can not take the crown at this time; I must take the chalice instead.”  These were the words of John the Baptist.  This was the fulfillment of the prophecy which he had proclaimed to the Essene company when he was but a child.  And so it was that Jesus said, "If I were to take this crown, I would rule you in bondage and in sin.  You are My children and I am your Messiah, and I have been promised unto you from before the foundation of the world."  Then He said, "I shall take this chalice.  I shall drink every drop of this chalice.  I shall assume the transgressions of the world, and I shall set you free.  I shall come again, and at that time My servants will fight, and the kingdom will not be given to the Jews.  But at this hour I must take the chalice.”The flashing swords and the blue tunics with the brilliant crossed fish were identifying marks of the army that had suddenly risen to defend the embodiment of God who was Christ the Messiah.                               On the steps of the Temple, the Jews were gnashing their teeth.  The high priest said "O, if we could only crush this thing, but there are too many people, there are too many involved.”  Jesus turned and looked at the high priest and looked at the courts in the Temple and saw how they had made the Father's house a place of trade and mockery.  Then He whipped together a cat-o-nine-tails, moved in and overthrew the money changers' tables, and He said, "Ye have made My Father's house a den of thieves and murderers."  And then after this, it says that He turned and went, first to the house of John, and then to Bethany.  After He had taken the chalice and left the crown, He handed the chalice to John.  He then left and went to John's house, and the Blue Tunic Army disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.   The togas went over the blue tunics and the men disappeared in the crowd. Where was the Blue Tunic Army now?        Barabbas went to the house of James and John, the sons of Zebedee, and Judas Iscariot went to the Temple.  Judas Iscariot said to the Temple priests, "Would you like to catch the man who headed the army? Would you like to get this insurrectionist and stop this violence? He is at the house of John, the son of Zebedee."  And so the priests, not wanting to become victims of the vengeance of the people, called for the assistance of Rome and they said to the representatives of Rome, "The man that held up and attacked your caravan is at the house of John, the son of Zebedee."  And so the soldiers of Rome went down and surrounded the house and took Barabbas.  They took him and threw him in prison. They said,  "He is a robber, he is a thief."  But he was a  Zealot and a patriot. He was a nationalist and  he was loyal to Christ.        During these troubled times, many things transpired.  Remember, that in the trial of Christ we found, as Pilate stood before Jesus, in the King James Bible it says, "Art Thou the king of the Jews?" This is a mistranslation. He didn't say 'king of the Jews."  He really said, "Art Thou the king of Judea?"  And Jesus answered him and said, "Sayest thou this thing thyself, or did others tell thee?”  Pilate said, "How can I know? Hast not the chief priest of Thine own nation delivered Thee to me?"  And Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this hour.  If My kingdom were of this hour, My servants would fight, and the kingdom would not be delivered to the Jews." The servants of God were not Jews. The servants of God were Israelites, the followers of Christ.        Then Pilate went out before the Jews and said, "He is not guilty, He is absolutely not guilty "  He had already talked with Christ and had been amazed at the tremendous wisdom which Christ had displayed. Pilate himself had been trained in the great mystery schools. He was actually a Basque.  He had been born in Spain, educated in the Druid universities of London, and he belonged to the Masonic order.  Moreover, in his questioning of Jesus he asked Him, "What is truth?"  And Jesus gave him the right answer.  Then Pilate said, "You are not guilty, and You are a higher Master than I have yet met." (We find this in the writings of Nicodemus.)  Pilate said again, "He is not guilty, He is absolutely not guilty. I will never convict this man."   And I am going to tell you, there was absolutely nothing that would have ever made this Mason turn on the Grand Master of all masters.                       The Jews said, "His blood be upon us and our children."  After all, that is where the blood belongs.  That is where the blood of all the righteous slain, of all the prophets of truth from Abel to Zacharias, belonged, as Jesus had declared.  And so Pilate thought, "Well now, I know one thing they will not do.  Surely they will not ask for the death of this Man, about whom I have heard so many rumors and about whom my wife has told me so much, who has done so much good, who has raised the dead, who has healed the sick, who has proclaimed words of life, and who has not uttered a single word of insurrection. Surely, when I place this information before them, I know what they will do."  So he came before them and said, "There is a custom that at the Passover we release unto you a man. Now I happen to have a man named Barabbas. This man is a robber and a thief" (which he might have been to Pilate, but to Israel he was a patriot).  Pilate said, "I have this man in jail, and he has raided your caravans and he has taken your goods and stolen from you. Whom would you have me release, Barabbas or Christ?"  Of course the mob of Jews said, "Release Barabbas, release Barabbas."        Barabbas was an amazed patriot. Barabbas was the man who was released then, as Christ was led forth to crucifixion.  But Barabbas was heartbroken, to think that the Messiah was going to take his place. The strange situation was that Barabbas, upon being loosed, immediately went to the company, and the Essenes were worried lest the Jews would take after Barabbas again, the very moment that Christ was crucified. So Barabbas was hidden by the Essenes, out in the caves, and a man named Rufus was given command of the Blue Tunic Army of Christ.        After the resurrection, organized Jewry resumed their persecution of Christians.  They sent out armies all over Palestine to persecute them. And so the Blue Tunic armies would come out to defend the Christians, and they would fight with the armies of Jewry.  Here five, here ten; here secret groups gathered in the communities to defend Christians. Christ had ascended into the heavens, but the battle of Christ and anti-Christ went on. The children of Lucifer were now carrying their battle directly against the church.  Joseph of Arimathea also had now been identified with the Essene company and the followers of Christ, because of his defense of Jesus and because of the placing of Christ in his tomb.  More than this, as these situations developed, Joseph of Arimathea took Barabbas on one of his galleys which plied the course of the Mediterranean Sea and went back and forth between the land of Palestine and the areas of Britain.  And with Barabbas, there was always a band of Blue Tunic warriors guarding the ships of Joseph of Arimathea.        When Jesus, hanging on the cross, looked down at His mother, He said, "Mother, behold thy Son."  Then He turned to John His beloved disciple and said, "John, behold thy mother."  From that day on, we are told that the Disciple John took care of the mother of Christ until the Jews placed her in a small boat along with her uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, and several of the disciples, a boat that was without sail or oars which the Jews set adrift on the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course the occupants of the boat were expected to perish, but it drifted to shore at the city of Marseille.  That small band of early Christians then crossed over the land of Gaul, which was ancient France, and finally arrived at Glastonbury, in Britain, where Mary spent the remainder of her life.  After the Crucifixion, the Jews continued to harass and persecute all Christians, and especially the family of Christ.  But many of the Essenes, with Barabbas their leader, also escaped to Britain, and they continued to watch over the Virgin Mary as long as she lived.        Except for those who had gone to Britain, practically every known member of the Blue Tunic Army gave his life defending Christians, fighting the anti-Christ in the land of Palestine. But it was in Britain, in the area of Glastonbury, that Mary made her home.  A house was built for her, and there by the Spring of Jacob, Mary was to spend the remainder of her years - and settled around her were some of the members of the Blue Tunic Army.        We have learned more about these Blue Tunic soldiers.  We discover that this guerilla army fought valiantly to defend the towns of Britain against the invasions of Rome, as they came again, in about A.D. 42, in sorties against the land of Britain and against the abbeys and structures of Christendom.  These invading barbarians, at that time, didn't realize that Britain was Christian.  And this of course was long before Saint Augustine came up from Rome, as he did, half a millennium later, and was amazed to find that the British were Christians and were followers of Christ, even though they had no contact with his church in Rome.        The Blue Tunic warriors were at the front, and they fought valiantly to defend the towns of Britain against the Roman invasion.        What little we know about the Blue Tunic Army has been gleaned from ancient traditions and writings which tell us they served and protected Joseph and the leaders of the Essenes, as long as they lived.  We understand also that the high priests of Israel and the Essene company openly became Christian.  When Mark formed his church in Alexandria, Egypt, the Essenes brought all of the Scrolls which they had copies of to him.  That is why 163 scrolls made up the area of Scripture in the days of Mark, and ten of them were spurious, but 153 of them were inspired.  Now you have only 66 books in your Bible, due to Catholicism and the Council of Nicaea, and two of them are spurious. The Song of Solomon and the Book of Esther are totally spurious, and the name of God isn't in them even once.  One is licentious and stands for mongrelization, and the other for the revenge and the blood bath of Jewry.        The Essene company melted into the Christian church, but they maintained their status and for many years maintained their secrets.  Some of the secrets were carried to Rome.  When they were persecuted in Rome, Christians would secretly come together with the sign of the fish, and they would hold up their crossed fingers, as a Sign of the crossed emblem that had once been on the vestments of the army of Barabbas.  It became a custom everywhere, for Christians when meeting, to make the sign of a cross by crossing their fingers.We do not know about the death of Barabbas, but it is recorded that he was in Britain, and that he was among the company that fought to defend Britain against the invasions of Rome.  We however know this, that in that day a guerilla army was formed.  Christ did not encourage the army, but the army, with enthusiasm and zeal, was there to defend Christ. It was there, and defended Lazarus, when the Jews plotted how they might put him to death again.  Think of a people, so vicious, so evil, that they would want to put to death a resurrected man.  And so it was that the army of Christ, the Blue Tunic Army, was without question a tremendous pattern of protection to Christians, even though it eventually was exterminated by the sheer weight of the numbers of organized Jewry, and their power.        We remember that Blue Tunic Army and look to a resurrection of it in the days ahead.  We look forward to the day when Christians shall rise up.  For God says, "I shall sound My voice before My army, and a great and mighty army shall rise up, and the children of anti-Christ shall be driven back."   The powers of darkness shall be destroyed and the forces of Asia, and Africa under the world communistic conspiracy, organized by Zionism and Jewry and spread today by the Jews in America, will be defeated and destroyed.  We want you to know that this is a true fact.  And as people are beginning to become aware of this mystery, they will lift their heads and look to God from whence cometh their strength.  "The armies of God, the great fleets of the Most High, will soon be among us.  Of this you can be sure.  And in such a day we shall see Michael the great archangel, and we shall see again the great hosts of the Most High, as they join with us in the battle.While we battle in the earth against the hosts of darkness, so also will the King of kings and Lord of lords, as Messiah, come, and the crown will be given to HIM.  This time it will not be, “I must take the chalice,” for He has already fulfilled that part of our destiny.  He drained the chalice to the last drop.  And at that time, He said, "Even though it were possible that this cup pass from Me, still, not the will of flesh, but the will of Spirit is that which must be done,"  So He assumed your transgressions and set you free with the power of His resurrection.  He will return again in the near future, to take the throne, and we shall then join with Him in administration, world without end.  And we shall sit and rule with Him in the earth forever and forever, according to the pattern of the Scriptures.So as we think of these mysteries and situations, we recognize that we are in the end of the age.  I think the events of this week clearly demonstrate that we are in the end of the age.  The power of darkness and the voodooism and the witch-doctorism and the control of organized Jewry over the Negro population, as they move them in the Red revolution, have been a part of our history for the last few years.  From Watts  to Chicago to Detroit to Newark to Boston, to all these cities, have come fires and wars and riots and trouble, while these Negroes act as though they were having the finest time of their lives, stealing the goods and setting fire to the places.  And of all the inept, irresponsible, degenerate Society!  They even set fire to their own houses.  They set fire to their own stores and everything else, and they dance around and act like they are full of glee until it is all over.  Then they sit down and want you to rebuild everything for them, because they are burnt out and they have no place to go.        As we see these things, we can feel sure that we are in the latter days, and certainly we are in perilous times.  When in a great nation of God's kingdom we can have these savages act like this, then we have shirked our responsibility.  The kingdom of the Most High belongs to the children of the kingdom who are the majority, and their representatives should be controlling this nation by all soundness and all patterns of intelligence.  People have been thinking too much about their own gain, or their own security, or their own homes.  Now the hour has come when we must stand for Christ and His kingdom and for the deliverance of this great nation under God.  And when it comes, we will be fighting for the kingdom of God, and mayhap also a Blue Tunic Army will rise again.