Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pull Away Brethren, Pull Away By: Robert E. Miles

There is an old military adage which was put into a song some years ago. It was entitled "Take the High Ground and Hold It." It is more than just a song. It is good advice. It is about time that we started to follow that advice. There is a flood of sewerage seeping over America. It is far beyond the point where we can plug the leaks. It has so contaminated the establishments, the institutions, and the basic buildings of this society that normal cleansing processes will not suffice. It is time for our People, who are of True Israel, to pull away. Yes, Brethren, pull away and get thee and thy People up onto the high ground. It is past time for the saving of those who will not listen. It is past time for the saving of souls which have been sold to the anti-Christs. It is time to gather only our own. It is time to pull away, Brethren, pull away.How to pull away is the next point. Do we simply do this by attending weekly meetings of our little groups? Can we endure and survive by simply shaking our heads, reading more of our own literature about our foes, and then go on about our lives in the midst of the sewerage? If we do, can we expect our children and ourselves to remain uncontaminated? How utopian, if we do. How can we pull away? What do we mean by pulling away? After all, we each have to make a living; and the society in which we dwell, the Federal power in whose shadows we live—these are forces beyond our control. We can do it. We can do it once we start to practice what we preach. We preach that we are a nation within a nation. We are a nation without geographical definitions. We are a nation without definitive political lines. We preach that we are a Racial Religion whose God is not the god of other Races. Only a White God could have made us, if we believe that we were made in His Image. We are apart from the others whose faces are white also; for to those others, Race has no importance. To those others who look like us but choose not to be of us. Race is neither useful nor material to their existence. Thus, when we speak of pulling away, it must be from all others for whom our White God is a myth, and our Racial Awareness is an embarassment, if not an anathema. These are not of us even if they look like us.Economic independende is needed. Social independence is needed. Gain these two and political independence will follow. Gain economic independence and watch more of our People understand who they really are. Watch more of them who know who they are gain the courage to become one of us. Gain economic freedom from the sewerage and watch the numbers grow. Social freedom requires economic freedom. We have neither. We are not a people who are tied economically to each other. We are lost in the maze of economic fields in which the master sewerage peddlers dominate all. We have minimal social freedom, for we do not associate with just our own. We associate with Whites who look like us but for whose benefit we mute our beliefs and avoid touchy subjects. This weakens our own beliefs and makes our own resolves unstable. We socialize with the strangers who look like us because we need their economic ties. Yet we deny this even to ourselves. If we once were to gain economic freedom, we might still have such contacts and probably would. Yet, the social ties would be increasingly with only our own. We would be polite and hospitable and courteous to the rest of the world; yet they would not be the source and the strength of our social activities. They would be simply the ones with whom we had economic dealings. They would be customers and not masters. They would be the travelers encountered at the marketplaces in which we exchanged goods and even, to varying degrees, our services. Once we begin to build economic trades and skills that would produce an ability to be free of crippling reliance upon the ones who glory in the sewerage, we begin to climb up onto higher ground—higher ground which will be free of contamination of the sewerage.Each individual can be self-sufficient. Each of us has a skill. Each of us has a hobby. Each can do something better than another. If each little group started to poll members and list skills, equipment, and facilities, one would be amazed to find that there are a tribal bank of abilities and materials that form the first step toward economic freedom. As long as we must be fearful of losing our jobs, losing our customers, losing our pensions, we are not free. We are chained to the very society which has abandoned our God. We have, in essence, voluntarily chained ourselves to the materialist masters who are determined to destroy our spiritual lives. Yet, if we are free physically and economically, we strengthen the spiritual freedom beyond belief. Under the present situation, we work for money. We get the money and spend it with strangers, only occasionally with our own People. The purpose of work is to gain a better way of living. Money is merely the interposed medium by which we gain one product or several for our own labors. If we start to exchange our own labors and skills with each other and spend what money we earn only to gain the items which we cannot obtain within our own tribe, clan, or group, we gain a major mile toward economic freedom. If we paint each other's houses instead of hiring strangers, we save money. If we exchange work techniques with each other, we save money. If one is a good mason, he performs the masonry work for one who is a good butcher. The good butcher repays the mason with services in his own trade. The group can extend this so that the trade of one performed for another is passed along. If the mason needs not the butchering work but instead the auto repaired, the auto mechanic in the group, may receive value earned from the butcher by way of the mason. This is what is called the practice of INTERCHANGING. It is a simple and legal means of helping each other. It is simply a tribe coming to life and acting like a tribe. All that nations once were, were tribes come together. Well, in disassembling the ties holding us to this strange nation of sewerage, one unties as one ties: rebuild the tribal ways within the nation of strangers, not by confrontation which has failed completely, not, by armed force which we are not able to sustain and have no chance of winning, but by pulling apart from the economic sources that bind us to this nation, yet living in its midst and enduring in its sight until God Himself brings the day of Ragnarok into being.Think on this. Expand on it in your own discussions. How can you trade services, goods, and materials amongst yourselves? How can you expand your own living power without aiding or increasing the power of the foes around you? How can you avoid use of monies, of cash, and of savings by using what you have available amongst your own groups? Look at the Gypsy Nation, who term themselves the Rom. Look at how they have managed to retain their freedom and their language and their ways. A nation without geographical confines, the Rom have lived for over one thousand four hundred years since leaving India. They developed skills and trades that they passed along to their children. They kept their religion despite all other forces brought to bear upon them. They kept their own moral code. They kept their language. They passed through nations but never let any one nation enter into them. They adapted outward compromises in order to trade, to deal, and even to steal from the nations around them. They endured. They lived. The history of the world has to make the judgment that they won. They did not succumb to others. They remained apart.We have no other choice. America has become a land of strangers to us. Sex, dope, corruption, violence, hatreds, lies, and the worship of strange gods have been accepted by the bulk of Americans. It has been gold which bought that acceptance. It has been the diluting effect of social compromises. For us, there is no other way. We cannot convert the rest. They have made their own conversion to the strange ways. These ways are not for us. We must build our nation within the nation. If our faith and our culture is to survive the flood of Asiatic sewerage, we must become free of the contamination. Economic fears must be faced and, once recognized, overcome. We can do this by each group starting its own local form of INTERCHANGE. Then, as each group finds its own way of building the system, each other group can begin to INTERCHANGE beyond the individual group with the next nearest group. These become islands in the economic sea. These become isles of freedom. These will build the social freedom which is necessary if our children are to see an actual, a practical, and a material value to our way of thought and belief. It is very simple. It is very basic. It is practicing what our forefathers once did. It is putting our beliefs and preaching into practice. It builds the ability to believe without fear of economic reprisals. It builds a better way of living. It takes each of us out of the moneylenders' economic system. It frees us of part of the chains. It is no idle exhortation, Brother and Sister. Pull away, Brethren, pull away.

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