Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Demons of Destruction By Brother Ryan

Our country, our society and the world as a whole is on the Path of Doom. But why? Our race is socially and sexually mating and mixing more and more every generation that passes. Our government has become more and more corrupt with each passing election cycle. Our court system has become more loaded with cases and the judicial system more and more unjust. The economy is getting worse every month. Unemployment percentages aren’t going down and the number of those under-employed individuals who have jobs that pay inadequate wages is rising. The cost of groceries, utilities and the various taxes a citizen has to pay steadily rise. But why is our country in such shambles? We blame the unseen forces behind closed doors that conspire for a One World Internationalist “New World Order”.  We blame the international cartel of bankers and cabal of Jewish banking families.  We blame the super rich White race traitors within the banking industry as well. The race traitors and traitors to the Republic and its Constitution certainly are to blame for their treason and selfish greed and lack of concern for their Folk. We also must lay the blame for the social and political suicide of our country and its founding White Race at the feet of the average, everyday, White America. The national, or collective sins of our fellow White Americans and their lack of sense of social responsibility and Patriotic Duty has ensured we have the corrupt government and sick society we had in the past and have currently. Our sins being the general turning away from morality and natural laws of social order. Christianity, true Biblically based Christianity, teaches these Holy Laws of Morality and Nature. America used to call itself a White, in Race, and Christian, in Spirit, country. It became a “multi-racial” country when it entertained the spurious 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; an illegally rammed through “amendment” that magically made negroes “equal citizens” to White Americans. America stopped calling itself a “Christian nation” when it started calling itself a “Judeo-christian” country and a “multicultural” one; or should I say the “social engineers” started calling it. The community leaders being the preachers, politicians and media personalities.The everyday “John & Jane Doe” White American citizen has a large part in the guilt as well. They have allowed themselves to be sheep. These “Sheeple” have been way too interested in their own comfort to be concerned with the world outside their front doors. To them America extends to the edge of their front yards. But what about those Americans that have tried their best to be well informed and have been involved patriots trying to do their best to do their Patriotic Duty?  When it comes down to it their simply individual humans. No matter how dedicated a Nationalist Christian activist and Patriot are they still have everyday lives. They have bills to pay, children to raise, spouses to please. They have cars to keep running, grass to be cut, house repairs to make and neighbors to help.  They have medical problems, everyday life stress and money worries. They also have something else they must deal with, something much more frustrating than a lawn mower that won’t start. Something more oppressive than a speeding ticket and a corrupt local traffic court. Something more sinister than International intrigue, even more conspiratorial than a Jewish master plan.That something that not only torments the personal lives of individual White Christian Patriots but even impedes their activism; it is the destruction certain individuals bring into their lives. It’s not the Zoggomite  government employees that harass them or the Canaanite non-whites that live around them nor is it the anti-nationalist Lefties that I speak of here. It is much more personal. We all have our “demons” in life we have to overcome, those sins that we struggle with. We all have those “demons” of bad memories of horrific childhood experiences and we all have those “devils” of bad choices we’ve made in our personal lives in the past. We all have our own personal “crosses to bear” of struggle and sacrifice as well. Yet there is an oh so very real Demonic influence that always seems to constantly try to enter our lives. It intrudes in the form of individual people. Now there are some Christians that don’t believe in a literal Devil. They, according to their theological belief and teaching on the subject, contend there is no actual existing entity who has the name Lucifer or Beelzebub. Instead they teach that the “Dark Lord” is simply a general manifestation of the evil that men and women commit. I do not believe nor teach such a doctrine. I see in the Holy Scriptures a clear reference to a very real and literal being, which is called, in the Hebrew language for adversary, “Satan”. Unless one has personally experienced such supernatural happenings such as demonic activity, I can understand their doubt. Yet the Bible is very clear there is a Devil and many devils who serve under him. Satan is a fallen angel and thus an evil angelic being.  This means he is a spirit or energy form, yet with a personality. His fellow fallen, cursed, angels are what the Scriptures refer to as “evil spirits”.  The Book of Revelation tells us Lucifer took a “third part” of the angelic host with him when he was cast out of heaven. He is also called a “dragon” in Revelation.Like a skeptic who has never witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object (“U.F.O.”) cruising across the sky and therefore doubts the existence of non man-made “flying saucers” the person who has never seen supernatural activity of the evil kind cannot be blamed for not believing in demons. Yet if they believe in the Bible it would seem they would believe such verses as the ones that clearly describe Christ casting evil beings out of humans. Another word for “spirit” is mentality. Was it “mentalities” or “mind sets” that Jesus cast out of the insane man and put into a herd of pigs? Was it demons that talked to Jesus out of a possessed man’s mouth or was that just the man character acting? Come now, let us reason together. Demonic entities do exist, and they, devils, do possess humans.How does demon possession take place? Simple actually. If one is not sealed by the Holy Spirit of God they are an “empty house” to be occupied at anytime. Now, this is not to say Holy Spirit filled Christians can’t have devils get “on” them or oppress them because they most certainly can and do. No one is immune to demonic attack. Devils attack in a variety of ways. The New Testament confirms even sickness and certain physical maladies such as deafness can be caused by devil possession. For sometimes, when Jesus healed he cast out a demon to effect the healing. Devils manifest themselves in many ways. Manifest simply means to be made known. We all have heard of poltergeists which aredemons that move objects around and make strange or familiar sounds and noises. We all have also heard of haunted houses in which scientists have recorded activity that has no present scientific explanation. I personally have experienced demonic activity and only a retard is going to doubt in evil spirit existence after experiencing it. Trust me ladies and gents, devils are very real. But if you don’t want to trust me or others who have no reason to lie, and our stories that is okay. If one reads and understands the Bible verses concerning Lucifer and Satan differently than I do and don’t believe they refer to a literal being that is no skin off my White butt. For the main manifestation of the Devil and his satanic soldiers, the numerous under-devils is the MENTALITY of evil humans. In the Anointed Standard Translation of the New Testament {a copy of which I highly recommend every Christian purchase and use –} the word that is translated “spirit” in most other New Testaments is translated “mentality”. Even when referring to the Holy “Spirit” the A.S.T. uses the word “Mentality”. Actually “Separating Mentality”, for the term “holy” literally means “separate, being apart”. To have the Holy Spirit of God is, in fact, to have a separating mindset way of thinking or mentality. Yet are we to say there is no actual being we call “God”? “God is a Spirit” according to John 4. Yet He is so much more than just a mentality. There are Holy Angels and they too are referred to as “mentalities”, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true, individual beings. Spirit beings that is. “Spirit” also called “mentality” can also mean “attitude”. One’s mentality or attitude, or “spirit” is what makes them up as a person. This is why Christ said “as a man thinks in his heart so is he” and also why he said “out of the mouth the abundance of the heart speaks”. Your grey matter inside your skull, your physical brain is not your “mind”. The mind is something much more mysterious. It can be termed a person’s “spirit”, wrongly termed “soul”.We ALL are servants of a god. Whether one is religious or believes in gods or not. You either serve Yahweh God the God of the Bible or you serve Satan the false god. You have NO CHOICE not to serve; you will serve one of the two.  All false gods are simply Satan the Devil by another name. How you live your life is your worship. Singing, praying or rituals are only part of worship of any god. Lifestyle is the main way one worships and serves their god. When a Christian lives as close to Christ in faith and in obedience to Biblical Law as they know how, they are worshipping God. This causes a filling of the Holy Spirit-Mentality within that persons MIND. This brings about good spiritual activity within their mind and life. It also stirs up the hatred and anger of evil spiritual activity in their life. Hey, there’s a Spiritual War going on after all, and we ALL are involved.A Sinner who lives to serve either pagan gods or lives for their own pleasure worships Satan. It doesn’t matter if one is an agnostic, atheist or cosmothiest. Whether one believes in a “spirit world” or not, they are serving a spirit being, one of the two. There is the worst kind of Sinner, the HYPOCRITE. “Hypocrite” is the Greek term for actor, like ancient Greek amphitheater and stage actors that acted in plays. Most people when they hear the term “hypocrite” they think only of the self-righteous, outwardly religious types. There are many forms of hypocrisy and many degrees within that. The KEY to identifying a hypocrite is confirming if they KNOW that they are putting up a front, “acting”. The way to positively pin a person with the title of hypocrite is to ascertain if they are trying to hide certain bad or sinful behaviors. We aren’t talking privacy here; it’s about one trying to conceal behavior or actions in their life that they know that those they are trying to impress would disapprove of and they know are wrong. A hypocrite is a Devil Worshipper.  Christ told the hypocrites of His time that they were of their “father the Devil”. Most Dual-Seedline doctrine believing Identity Christians, of which I am one, believe that scripture verse is only referring to the Edomite-Idumean “Jews” who were descended from Cain’s bloodline. Yet, there were true White raced Israelites that were religious leaders of the day; not all the religious ruling body (the Sanhedrin) was seated by non-white, non Israelites. There were pure White Israelites that sat on the Sanhedrin as well. Therefore, it doesn’t matter one’s race, or if one is not a Jew but is pure White genetically, if they are a hypocrite their spiritual father is Satan, not Yahweh.Now all this talk about devil possession is leading me up to the point of this article. Along with other demonic activity, I have witnessed devil possession and I, as most people alive, have witnessed hypocrisy. No I have NOT seen someone’s head turn around 360 degrees like in the movie The Exorcist so don’t write me and ask. It has been my experience that those possessed of a devil or devils, evil spirits, are mostly, hypocrites. Some religious hypocrites ACT religious and talk about “Jeeeeessssuss”.  Others who are not religious or even religiously minded put on an act like they are “good” people.  I, in my most recent past, have had to deal with a type of hypocrite I have not had to deal with on a personal level before. That time period in my life led me to learn of other individuals who were the exact type hypocrite, as the one I was dealing with, though in varying degrees. Quite a learning experience for me. I never stop seeking to learn, especially when it comes to Christianity, Biblical and spiritual matters, but this experience was a hell of one. I am still recuperating from the aftermath. Hypocrites are liars, no college degree necessary to figure that one out. Yet the lies and the acting some people are capable of never ceases to amaze me! It is one thing to be a hypocrite who is not one of a religious nature; it is entirely a different thing to be a hypocrite who uses God, or rather their pretended worship of Him, to cover their evil! Blasphemy is a very grievous sin. There are different types of blasphemy and there are different ways to commit that particular sin. One does not have to use their mouth or say things to blaspheme. Blasphemy, as far as the Bible is concerned, can be an act and doesn’t have to be a spoken word. There is only one sin even God won’t forgive and it has to do with blasphemy. Blasphemy is the willful disregard for the holy either by speaking against it or doing something against it. The religious hypocrite is the worst type of blasphemer. I personally hate that type individual more than any other wicked person.One who talks all about God. One who cites the Holy Bible and quotes Scripture. The one, who prays with you, attends Christian worship with you or Bible Study with you and yet is full of guile. Guile is a word that means deceit, deception, lies and MANIPULATION. Sure we all are made sick by wealthy t.v. preachers with their smooth talk and fancy stage shows who only care about wearing nice suits and fancy houses.  A perfect example of a religious hypocrite can be found in the book of Psalms.  In the King James Version it would be Psalms 55, in the Septuagint it would be Chapter 54.  White Trash are capable of religious hypocrisy that use guile to manipulate innocent people to serve their pathetic druggie lifestyles or psychopathic egos. These people are “demons” unto themselves. They tear through peoples lives like tornados. The destruction they leave in their path is worse than a forest fire. They destroy, burn and torment peoples’ lives worse than the U.S. Army General, and asshole, William T. Sherman’s “scorched earth policy” did through Atlanta, Georgia.  For the most part, Patriots and patriotic Activists are good hearted and well-meaning people. They are socially aware and care about people. Those that know me, know I am not a “people person” per say, but they will tell you I care about others and am concerned about the happiness and well being of people. I don’t want a hundred children running around in my back yard, I’d probably go insane, but I am willing to die for their future. All true Christians have a genuine love for their “neighbor”. This love leaves us vulnerable to sorry White skinned sacks of crap who seek to use and abuse us. The Bible clearly tells us we would be “offended”, but it also promises there will be Holy Vengeance on those offenders by our Living God. The Identity Christian movement is no different than the rest of the world, we have our “wolves in sheep’s clothing” that come in among us spouting all the right terminology, quoting Bible and APPEARING, at first, to be Christian and concerned for their Race and country. Yet, how, pray tell, can a scum that abuses prescription drugs, manufactures methamphetamines or puts a needle in their arm a Christian? How can it be a drug addict can be concerned for their People or country? How can a druggie, who uses other people to keep up their drug habits and to mooch off be patriots? How is robbing people’s homes and stealing from elderly who are suffering from cancer or some other disease securing the existence of the White Race? Stealing to feed a drug habit and to pay for pleasure. How is manipulating and playing with people to feed a sick ego securing a future for American White children? Yet these are flesh and blood demons, who worship Satan by their lifestyles. They put up appearances as being Christian Identity White Nationalists yet who serve not Christ nor their Folk, but only themselves! Are these blasphemers and Race Traitors devil possessed? Of course they are. But a spirit, an evil one or the Holy Spirit will only enter a person depending on the life they lead. Christianity is about serving others, especially other Christians. Nationalism is also about sacrifice and serving people, your Race. Patriotism is about serving your country and protecting its founding traditions and ideals. All three of these things may require your literal death. All three of them, at the very least, require a “living death” wherein you sacrifice, suffer and serve, not self, but others, the Cause and God. Christ said no great love does a person have than to lay their life down for them. The laying down of one’s life may not be a physical death to protect another from violence but a death-to-self so that another might be helped. If it had not been for the help and death-to-self self-sacrifice by a few close Christian Identity Brothers I would have been in much worse shape in my recent personal past. Those Brothers and Sisters looked out for me, did for me and sacrificed much for me. That’s what TRUE Christians do; they truly love their Brethren and help them in times of need. They don’t use and abuse them. I too have always sought to serve my God, Race and country, sometimes I’ve had to really sacrifice, but to me it was and is worth it!! This Cause of Truth and Freedom is not about anyone of us individually.Into our personal lives there come the Devils that come to distract and derail us.  The ladies of our Christian Movement have had to deal with Demons and the Inccubuses, the male-lover devils in the human forms of boyfriends and abusive husbands. Into us mens’ lives come the Succubuses, the she-devils. These vampires suck our blood, our life, out of us and drain us of time, energy, money, resources and even spirit. This blood-letting makes us weak mentally, and thus spiritually. It can leave us financially broke and emotionally broken. They destroy lives and even property like the U.S. and England’s merciless and murderous bombing raids of the non-military target, civilian city of Dresden, Germany during the Great Fratricidal War of the 1940’s.No more should we allow drug addicts, the criminally minded or the mentally unstable into our Identity Movement. Screen those who insist on coming into your life. Don’t just check them for electronic eavesdropping devices, check them spiritually. The New Testament says to “try the spirits, to see whether they be of God”.  That is to say “test their mentality”!! Just because they got “White Power” tattooed on them or they can quote Identity sermons from Wesley Swift or they know what “88” means doesn’t mean they belong with us! Become a Demon Hunter, learn how to spot such devils. These demons don’t have to be working for Z.O.G. to cause the White Christian Movement trouble.  All they have to do is be a pathetic piece of s*#@ and destroy YOU personally within your personal life. Christ turned to his disciple Peter one time and warned him that the Devil desired to “sift” him. Sift him like mom sifted flour. Sift him to knock Peter out of the early Christian movement. Just don’t ever think you can’t be sifted because that’s when a demonic sifter will come for you. Even if you pass the test, the trial still won’t be pleasant. Watch for the Demons of Destruction!

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