Wednesday, September 25, 2013

America Battles the Dragon By: Wesley Swift

As we turn to this subject of 'America Battles the Dragon', it is one of  the oldest  subjects on the face of the earth, in fact it is in symbolism  and allegory. None the less it is part of the Mystery of the Kingdom of  Heaven, and it is given to you to know the Mysteries of this Kingdom of  Heaven...'Unto THEM it is not given.'  The oldest and most Ancient symbols of the Dynasties of earth has been  the Dragon and the Serpent. Strange as it may seem these have been earth  Dynasties way back down through the generations of thousands and thousands of years. What they symbolize and what they mean in the part they are to play of the emblems and symbols used in identifying the forces arrayed  against you require...UNDERSTANDING of the Great Mysteries of God's Word as  well as the identification of who the children of the Dragon are and what  'Serpent Seed' really is, and why that symbolism is used, for it is symbol  going back into Ancient times. We have a dozen historical incidents each  one a seeming duplication of one which preceded it. We have the stories of Ancient times, and those who have studied Ancient philosophies and history  of man are aware that one of the great 'Cadman' or between The Dragon and  Adam. This is a historic struggle, and the next great battle you find in  history is the battle between the Dragon and Hermes, who was none other  than Enoch. The next great battle was between Moses and the Serpent, and  then the same struggle comes as Daniel conquers the Dragon. After that  comes the story of St. George and the Dragon, and eventually you come to the scene in which The Christ granted that you are to perceive as pictured  a Great Nation with outstretched wings of an Eagle battling the Dragon. As this ultimate struggle comes you see wrapped in each of these individual  battles a whole era of a people always battling the same Dragon. The symbolism of this Dragon is thus very important for you to understand. Going back into the background of this concept of a Dragon it must be  remembered that the symbol of the Serpent was originally...a symbol of  Wisdom...a repeat of Divine Wisdom, but not necessarily as the Wisdom of One Eternal God Himself, altho the Ancients considered the symbol of the Serpent as a symbol of Wisdom. But this symbol did not necessarily mean that all was good, for it could also contain error as well. The story of  both good and evil is given to us by Moses in his story of the seduction of Eve by this 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'. You will remember that this knowledge of good and evil came from the Serpent. But this was  not a snake, the 'Serpent' was merely the SYMBOL of this Wisdom which the snake or Lucifer carried. Thus this Wisdom contained a pattern of both  truth and error, and was recorded as the 'knowledge of good and evil'. But this type of Wisdom had already brought catastrophe and wiped out civilizations which had gone before, and now with the coming of Adam and Eve  this type of Wisdom symbolized by 'the serpent' would attempt to destroy  your race in the very hour of conception.  There is a great area of mystery and symbolism in the first Book of the  Bible. Thus the Book of Genesis contains many great truths and mysteries although they are hidden from many. Why was it written that way? Because it was not written for the general knowledge of the World (Order) but for the  children of the Kingdom. It was written to be interpreted by the Prophets, and the sons of the Prophets, by the Schools of the Levi and then later by The Christ who in His ministry fulfilled not only His Messiahship but the Revelation of God to your race. By this spirit He gave to you, then you would be led into the knowledge of all Truth, and it would unveil all wisdom and mystery unto you. Then in that greatest of all Mystery Books in  your Scripture...the Book of Revelation, this Book contains more symbolism, historic and Ancient than any symbolism we have within the Scripture which  relates to Christianity.             Thus it is that we find that there was not enough checking of old types of symbols. But when Christ gave a pattern of Divine history to John in the Book of Revelation, he gave John symbols which were as old..which related to the things which involved Ancient nations and people as old as history  itself and it reached back into the centuries, into the millenniums that  proceeded your race or your nation upon the face of the earth. However  there was that insight of inspiration and Wisdom with which John wrote the Book of Revelation, which showed that it came from HE WHO KNEW ALL THINGS AND POSSESSED ALL KNOWLEDGE.    Now; the relationship you and I have in our approach to the symbols of  wisdom, these symbols by which God has sought to hide..sometimes to keep  from the opposition in His own Word, we do not have the approach to these symbols that some (perhaps the Disciples had) but we realize that it takes a  knowledge of Divine Law to even begin to understand the power and the patterns of symbolism which are a work of Prophecy. These were given to the  prophets and they put them down as they were given. Literally they are the  wisdom given to the Patriarchs in the days of Abraham, to Enoch, and to Job these two Masters of knowledge who walked with God, and who built the Pyramid, to those who set up the 'Do‑Rings' to measure the procession of the Equinoxes and the movements of the sun, the moon and the stars as they measured in the relationship of prophecy as to what God intended to do.  The voice of prophecy has never departed in any period of time from the  people of the kingdom except during the worst  hours of their lives as these periods of their bringing down by the pagan powers, but even in these  instances God kept alive a prophet in Israel, this He did with such as Isaiah, Ezekiel and others right up through the minor prophets, up to the hour when The Christ came as not only Prophet, but Priest and King, came to assume the Messiahship of His Kingdom. In such a period He fulfilled the Spiritual obligations wherein God had put His own race into earth to  fulfill His own purpose and plan and He came to identity with this race. Thus it is again, in giving a ministry..the to what The Christ spoke..was given almost entirely in parable and in allegory for it related to things HE intended to do but reserved for His people to understand, and He had no intention of explaining to those who did not like  HIM. Jesus never went out of His way to explain anything to the Jews who  were opposed to HIM. He recognized them as the children of evil who had no capacity to understand Him. Our great problem today is to explain to our people the difference between the people of God's Israel and the Jews because many are confused  thinking they are the same. Not having the background as to what transpired through out the generations, and years as to the recognition of these people that The Christ so well identified..people still confuse by lumping all people together, thinking they are all the same. They do not realize their relationship to this Book which belong only to your Race, and the  understanding of this Book you will not find outside of your Race. The content of this Bible is for your possession..its content is for no other people on the face of the earth, only white Christian people, and where ever you find Christianity you find the concept of this Book. Where you do  not find Christianity they would not recognize the Book.  If I was to hand you a Talmud today you would not recognize the story as  coming from the Old Testament. If I was to hand you a modern English translation of the Talmud as it relates to the Old Testament you would not recognize the story but would wonder just how many there were of men named  Moses, for they have about 11 named Moses' in their book, as they constantly reincarnate Moses whose name they have assumed for their own impersonations through the years. And the things Moses said relating to the last  five or six thousand years of history they now claim, thus you would have a hard time understanding just what this Talmud does contain.  Don't let anyone tell you that the Jews gave you anything in this Bible.  All they gave you is what they took from you, then cut it up a little bit,  and sought to destroy what you had. They certainly effected your Book and they destroyed what they themselves possessed. They are the Children of  Darkness and they operate out of this Darkness. The Christ recognized this and He introduced to them certain things which they had no capacity to understand. Then by their lack of perception He said they identified themselves as the children of the evil one, children of their father..Children of the Viper, and the Serpent. Asking them who warned them to flee from the 'wrath which was to come'. John the Baptist would also mark and identify  them.             The fact remains that your approach to the Bible comes by interpretation  from the God who gave it, out of the pattern of His vision, out of the purpose of His creation. It could only be understood by those of the Household  of the Kingdom of that purpose.  You therefore do not have the approach to this Book that the Pagans have  although they may talk about similar historic events. It wouldn't make any difference which religion you would examine today, throughout the earth,  whether in Buddhism or Hinduism or whether you were to go into the off‑shoots of some of these negative religions of the Serpent, and old Babylonism, and Talmud religions..everywhere you go throughout the world you would  discover similar traditions, similar stories which relate to you. The similarity does not show that all of them are basically true, it only shows a common knowledge of certain events which effected your race, and certain  events which relate to your history. You will discover when discussing  these stories in Buddhism or Hinduism that they put themselves on the reverse side, and they make what you call be good, and what you  think of as good to be evil. They reverse the picture but also prove so carefully that they do not like where they are. Probably in the last 75 years the claim to the most incarnate evil which the world has ever known as far as tabulating all religious though into one volume comes from the mystery writings of Madam Blavotsky. She is one of the extreme correlaters of secret doctrine, and of mystery, and this woman herself was Demonical  inspired and without doubt an Incarnate form of evil. She is perceived to be the continuation of the Incarnation of Isis they call the Mother of all  Living. But this is the Satanic line, the same as Lilith the Serpent Woman  marked by the symbol of Leeks and the cluster of Grapes in their religion  and marked by it through out the world.  The Tibetans as well as the people of India who gave unto her a position the Tibetan household of a High India a High Priestess of Interpretation of Prophecy who rules over the people of Tibet as  well and over the people of China, and has the power even to speak in opposition to the Deli Lama who is supposed to be Incarnate Deity. Thus it is that this woman correlates the masses of their theology, and in so doing  seeks to put you in a poor light because they accept both her identification and philosophy. We might say that today there are many schools of  philosophy who have built their concepts of what they believe upon what the  enemy has twisted for their own comprehension.  We tell you today that among the great schools of Wisdom and Truth in  the world that the Pagans bear testimony to what we have discussed tonight although they have reversed it and attributed it to their demons which they  worship as their gods, while they list you who worship the true God as one  who worships a demon. Thus you are faced with the fact that you are alone, that as a Christian Nation, a Christian Society, that you are opposed by  every other scheme of religion on the face of the earth today. When even  there appeared a Prophet among your people, and they appeared thru out the  ages..wherever the white man went, wherever the Aryans traveled there appeared prophets in their midst..  God always raised up such..but always the  enemy sought to reverse, and switch what they wrote. That is the reason why  there is universality in the truth which emerges from your race, as well as  this error wherever they seek to plant it.   Thus it is whether you come across something written in the days of  Enoch or by Seth or any of the descendants of Adam, you will discover that  the same thing was written by the Manu of India, or by the Aryans as they  moved down through the mountains of Kurstan and worked their way to the  plains of Egypt and back all of these you will discover a similarity..every where white men wrote. If you were to trace the Aryan records  or the Zoroaster background you would discover that originally the teachings of Zoroaster were not like those later which were perverted and twisted, and given a false slant. This was done again to take him over, to  change and to distort things which he was aware of, but which he did not  give authorship to. He never declared himself the author of things which  later men said that he taught, nor was there any Deification ever accepted  or extended by him.    Someone said:..what has this to do with the pattern? Just are  to recognize that you are a part of a struggle which did not exist just  over a period of a few years, a few hundred years, or even a few thousand  years. You are the materialization of that struggle in a period of time which has been going on throughout the ages and the centuries.   As we were discussing just a few hours ago with Mr. Comparet..the  Princeton University started out in its study of Ancient Civilization to  correlate the knowledge that men had as it pertained to civilizations, their dynasties and time, and of course they were trying to follow a  certain theological concept which runs tangent to truth. And they were  trying to fit all history, of times and societies, and concepts into four  thousand years before the Christ, and some 1953 years since then and set  the whole things up to make all history to compact itself into that period of time. Therefore the dynasty which preceded the Akkad dynasty which go  before and lay the background for the Cainanites and the Sargon lines back  into Ancient Assyria, and Ancient Egypt, and then they dropped down into the line from Terah, and they said:..we have found amazingly that we have  259 thousand years of history in which we have knowledge of kings and  people. Now that goes back beyond their theology marking and they did  not  want that..for after all they only had 4004 B.C., to work with if they  would stay within the patterns of Orthodoxy.                So they started to contract their figures down, deleting this and deleting that, throwing out this king and that king, saying this king and that  king must have been the same, so get rid of him. But when they finished  they still had 39,000 years too many. They had 14,000 years of direct  Egyptian history and almost the same number for the administration of the Dragon in Ancient China. Then they said:..there is no doubt that much of this is spurious, but there was one thing they did not know what to do  with...these people had recorded the eclipses of the sun, the progression  of the equinoxes, the things which had transpired in the sky, and had tied  them into births and deaths and reign of kings, dynasties, and some  symbols.    Now; the strange thing is that they had this all listed in a later  period of time as some zealous king who had to much wine, in order that he might have gone back into a later period of time, but it would have been an  mathematical impossibility for him to have copied the eclipses which they  found themselves stumped to explain because they came out of statistics  which Sidereal calculators have checked back in time and found to be true,  that they came out of knowledge and events which tie in with the statements  of these old records, giving you 39,000 years of background of these people  you know as some of the most evil forces in the earth, and their Demonism  is well marked by Ancient Dynasties and the kings who ruled over them.  Their concepts, their thoughts are the same today as these evil forces who  come against you.  You then discover that out of the remnants of destruction, catastrophe and chaos civilizations are listed as rising and falling upon the remnants  of the continents, land rising and falling, a chaos of cycle that you have had through several layers of civilizations, which have come and gone. In the Islands of the Sea, in the things of the past, as in the Maya, the  Aztec in South America, in the Andes Mountains you see some of the things  of a great, altho now gone, civilization. But beneath the sands you find  the records of a civilization which reached into the antiquity of a people.  You now say:..just where and when did these concepts and images come  from? You will find that their University is not evidence that you are right and they are wrong. It is what was before the catastrophe down  through the years that they had aligned themselves with in their following  error.  Two of these symbols then used by the Mystery Schools who based their  concept on the knowledge of Lucifer or what we refer to as Satan or the  Devil..all of them used the Dragon or the Serpent.  Strange as it may seem  if we were to turn to many of these Mystery Schools some which effected  some things in Masonry, and even to a degree the Ancient Mystery of the ROSE CROSS, and even entered into other schools of theology, effecting the Protestant church as well as the Catholic church..helping to cover up a lot of theology as would find that they are the same forces which in your time are trying to penetrate your Seminaries and training schools and  twist your religion into an impure pattern, because they do not want the  truth to emerge out of your society, we tell you that this is the same  enemy all down through the ages.  I was interested the other day when pursuing a line of thought that took  me back into the writings of Madam Blavatsky and some of the others, some of other patterns of this sort of thing and as she was going down through  some of these various lines of people she said:..of course you realize that Lucifer, the bright and morning star was not Satan, he was not the devil,  because the Dragon and the Devil are not the same. Lucifer was brilliant  and the Dragon was brilliant but they are not to be connected with Satan  and the Devil.       Now; I am going to show you something for Madam Blavatsky lied or Jesus Christ lied to you see how they twist this around. I am going to  take you into the Book of Revelation and the 12th Chapter., and it says  here:...'That great Dragon that was cast out of the heavens, that old  serpent called the Devil and Satan'.  There are no if's or and's that  Lucifer the Serpent and the Dragon and the Devil are one and the same.  There is no doubt that Jesus was unveiling symbolism to John out of the Ancient Mystery doubt at all..'Unto you was given to know the  mystery of the Kingdom of heaven..unto them it was not given'.  If you want evidence which proceeded...that Light came out of truth and proceeded apostasy..that Lucifer tried to capture Light and Truth..everywhere you see that Lucifer tried to capture the symbol of LIGHT, the symbol of FIRE and ILLUMINATION as his. Thus it was that in all of his religions he perverted them around that backdrop. Always he tried to take on a  Divine pattern and put up seven steps of light, seven plains of fire as belonging to him. But it did not belong to him, for it belonged to the  Eternal God who in the beginning of time has set up the pattern of the administering work of spirituality, with the cycle of 7 for spiritual illumination..7 lights..the 7 plains of spirit..the 7 creating patterns of the  Spirit of God. That is when John was given the concept of the church, the  spiritual center of the kingdom, and he beheld the Candle Stick with its  seven flames of fire. This is did not belong to Hinduism  or Buddhism...they had only taken it out of the Dragons attempt to take  over this Throne of the MOST HIGH GOD. So they tell you that your God is  selfish and did not want the Dragon to have the throne. Well, it is very  obvious that since t this was God then He could stop him, and He was not  about to let the Dragon take over the throne.  Whether they like it or not they serve another throne, another God, and  the Devil who they worship as god is already cast out of the heavens.  Of course they don't like you, and they do not like America which is today one  of the most blessed places on the face of the earth, among the nations of  God's Kingdom.   Now; someone always says:..Oh, you must not say that for you will hurt  someone's feelings who have this philosophy or that, but truth is truth, and if it hurts your feelings, if you are following a point of error, then  it is time you found the truth and put the error aside, because we want  truth..only the truth since this will set you free. Another thing that will  set you free is to realize that ignorance never helps you..only truth will set you free.                There are many things in error that men ascribe to, there are many things that they suppose are true..which are not necessarily so. In fact my  friends the symbol of the worship of the Dragon is one of the oldest symbols which relates to the pagan identification of Lucifer. One thing that I discovered when looking into the background of the Dragon was that in the  Ancient past when this Lucifer, this morning star worship came into being  as he set up his throne here in earth..two living Dragons stood guard on  either side of him. On either side of him was 33 steps, and I discovered in  the Ancient writings of Seth, and in the panorama of the writings of Enoch  that in the fore cycle of revolution against God..that the throne of God in  the Spirit had 33 steps on either side upon which stood the Serephims and Cherubs who served before him, thus Lucifer wanted to copy the MOST HIGH so  he set up a throne..called it a Dragon throne, and it had Dragons on either  side and 33 steps upon either side with living dragons on each side.                Now; you say:..but I don't think there were any living Dragons. But I  think there were, they may have been called by another name..that lived  over from another cycle because you know that in the Ancient Mayan civilization that Questzal Coatal was called the Feathered Dragon, or the feathered Serpent who was worshiped there. We have a record that there were apparently such serpents that lived because in the days of Enoch who was a  Priest King of the MOST HIGH moved among the Magi Shepherd Kings of your  own race..and you will discover that during the period of Enoch..when Enoch and Job, those Master Builders, went down into Egypt to build that measuring staff which you and I call the Pyramid WHICH WAS AN ALTAR AND MEASURE  OF WORSHIP, that at that time the dark Temples of Ancient Egypt were ruled over by Set..Satan Worship..but Set and Satan were the same. Then along  comes someone and says that Set and Satan were great patterns of Wisdom...  but they were evil, those temples were ruled over by an Ancient group of  Kites. Just like these Jews who run the pawn shops in your society, they  were Luciferians and they rule over those Temples in the days of Hermes.  They had the people fooled, for somewhere out of the depth, or out of sunken continents they had managed to preserve one of these Ancient Dragons, and they stuck him in a cave in Egypt. then they would bring him out for  all Egypt to worship. But Hermes who was Enoch, and who understood Divine Wisdom and who built that great monument to Truth..they said that your race ..white men were building the Pyramid and setting up their symbols of the  worship of the True God. And those of Ancient Egypt wrote about this in the  'Book of the Dead'..they said that this was the Life and Resurrection..the  Ka or the spirit of Ra, the spirit of Light and Illumination.    Now; they did not like you God..they did not like Enoch so they turned  loose this silly old Dragon on him. As they brought out the Dragon before him they said that this Hermes who had a staff..that on this staff was the  symbol of completion..which was the cup..and the two wings of an Eagle, and  wound around it..head below were two serpents..the tails in the talons of  the Eagle, this was the symbol of the Supremacy of the Kingdom of  Eagle Kingdom..over the serpent..since the Eagle is the Eternal enemy of  the Serpent..the snake. Today this has become a symbol of the medical association..only they do  not have the head downward sometimes where they belong. The reason why they  adopted that even tho they do not like to talk about it is because Hermes  was a Master of the secrets of LIGHT which God had given him, just as He  had spoken to Job, and to Moses as He gave him the law upon Mount Sinai. As  a Master of Wisdom which God had given him..thus Enoch was a Master of this  knowledge for the people of his race..and was translated because he walked  with God, even into the Crystal Palace, and was given so much energy of power and Truth that death could not destroy his physical body..he was so  charged with spirit. When the end of his ministry came it says that:..'He  was not because God took him'.  There would be no greater achievement than to attain something like be so filled with the knowledge of God that the energy of spirit  was so strong, that when you came to the end of your time then God would  just take you since you could not be destroyed. That my friends is one condition that will someday descend upon your society, when none of you will  be destroyed, when the whole race will put on immortality. That no amount of the forces of righteousness in their consummation of evil will be able to  destroy.    Now we note this, that the record we find in the writings of the  Ancients was that Enoch..with his staff..destroyed the dragon, which was a  Temple Dragon of the god Set. And once rolled over he was no longer the  Dragon of Egypt with any power. You may have found that on the pathway to the temple of On..this Temple of On was a symbol of Divine weights and measures..and on this pathway they set certain things in the tile. In Egypt they set before the Temples certain signs of different religions. The Temple between the paws of the  Sphinx had a sign and it was set to the north, and they placed the sign of  the Eagle over the Dragon because of during that period of time. Then at  the Temple of On they put the Temple of On over the sign of the Dragon because they said at that time that the Temple of On had conquered the Dragon  and so they put the Temple of On higher than the Dragon sign in the Temple  square in that city. This is recorded in the second book of 'The Dead' at  about the 54th., page. Thus Enoch or Hermes was the Dragon Killer. And by  his knowledge of spiritual law, he not only killed the Dragon, but he was supposed to possess Immortality. Thus being Immortal nothing could kill  him. And this Dragon was supposed to possess Immortality but it did not  take Hermes long to find something that would kill him. It is said that he  gave unto him a potion and he died...well, we find that he gave him cyanide  and the Dragon died, so this was no task at all, but Hermes was pictured as  The Dragon Killer..because he put down the symbol of Lucifer's power.  You say why was this sign put 'in the north'..because Dragonis of the  heavens is in the North, and this was the thing that Enoch and Job and  their company were in opposition to. Therefore there in Egypt they put  Hermes above the Dragon symbol in the title, and the British Museum has a  picture of this very thing and you can see that it was set in tile. Hermes holds in one hand the Book of Light which is Green..the color of chlorophyll which is the light that comes from LIGHT. In the other hand he holds  the Staff..the symbol of the Eagle with the serpent tails in the talons  hanging down and one foot is raised upon the Dragon and thus Hermes (Enoch)  is portrayed as the Dragon Killer. Thus it was..true faith conquered over  error, and defeated the enemy. When they tried to pull out a monster to scare Hermes with...the knowledge of the elements of the earth was greater  in the hands of your earth, and they knew that this was no god, and it  would not be a hard job to do away with him.  Historically you will discover that the worship of the Serpent and the  Dragon was extensive in the early days throughout all of Asia, and practically every Island of the Sea as well. In fact the word Cain means serpent  and it also means god. In Sumaria and in other Islands of the sea, and in  South America down among the Inca the word was CAIN and this word meant  serpent or god. They thus worshiped the serpent...or the serpent god.   Remember that Lucifer seduced Eve and the Child that was born was called  Cain...because he was the Serpents son, and they knew him as the Serpents son. When he was driven out of the habitation of the white race because he  was unacceptable before the MOST HIGH after he slew Able he went out and  founded the land of the Cainanites..and these were serpent children as  Christ identified as Vipers and Serpents. They were also thus identified by  Moses in his day.  There are thus a lot of strange things which accompany a phenomena, because these Dragons and Serpents are not something new. They then come into  play in the days when Moses was leading the Children of Israel, and they had contested against the Pharaoh, and this Pharaoh is the one who 'Knew  not Joseph' in those hours when the children of Israel went out of the Land of Egypt. But there were 'Speckled birds' as they were called among the  Israelites as they left Egypt, these people were those who could not be  assimilated into their society. They had the same look on their faces as  this 'trouble' which came into America, and you can recognize it after a  while and know what it looks like. Don't let them scare you off by calling it Anti‑Semitism or something else, this is just an identification of the Dragon Children..they can't take the Dragon look off of their faces. But  the fact is that in the time of Moses, they were marked by something strange...this poison..of the serpent..was these people murmuring against Moses, they were murmuring against God, against the Laws of Truth. In the words  that are in the old text..we are told that the Israelites were bitten by serpents..the word is Serab. Strange as it may seem..around the throne of  THE MOST HIGH were Angelic beings called Seraphims and these are described  in Scripture as flames of fire. These Serab were a different being, the  Seraphims could live among the flames of fire, could even live in the  burning sun and they could pass through flames. The ancient word in the Aramaic and similarly used among other tongues and people were to be found  the word Seraphims and Serabs. Thus the Seraphims that rebelled against God with Lucifer were called Serabs. There is no difference in your Bible because there was not to much difference in the words in the Aramaic and the  English.  Thus there were the Divine Ministers..the Seraphims who were the Divine Ministers of flames of fire, but the evil forces were called Serabs and in  the old language the word Salamander is also the dwellers of the flames. When you talk about Salamanders you think of a little nuisance that dwells  in the forest, and the reason why they are called Salamander is because that little lizard can survive a fire, not because he can dwell in the  flames..he just digs down where it is damp and then comes out later. But  the word Salamander comes from this idea of the surviving through the flame..and is an old Aramaic word.  The fact remains that the Seraphims were ministering spirits, or flames  of fire, and some did not keep their first estate although they retained  the Mystery of the Mastery of flame..thus embodied they look like men and  act like men but they are the children of their father, and when disembodied they were ministering Elementals..and you may find the word Salamander related to them but we would call them demons in our religion.  Oh! you say, I do not accept such a thing. Well you just as well wake up  then for there are a lot of things going on in the world that you do not  know about, if you don't accept those things. For over and over in the Ancient things they have these symbols of Elementals who are evil and some are visible. The Hindus serving the Parthes or..Salamanders, they can walk  through the flames and they are not burned, you can examine the sole's of their feet after they walk through the flames and they are not burned. They worship the Dragon and the Serpent and they carry the emblem of the Serpent  upon them as they walk thru it. This is not something new, I haven't just  dreamed this, for you can go into the Old Testament, and as the LORD gave the Law to Moses he said do not let your children 'Pass through the fire',  In this service to the Serabs..or these flames of fire. In otherwords there is a power which would be used in immunization by evil Elementals which bids them worship the flame god Lucifer as a substitute for LIGHT, TRUTH, AND KNOWLEDGE OF YAHWEH. Just as there are Serabs or  Seraphims of evil there are also Seraphims..Angles of God or Administering spirits which control a different kind of fire, than that which is falsely  used by the pagans and their claims. Thus it was often said that the Dragon  spits fire, because it was said that the spirit of the Salamanders entered  into the dragons and flames issued from their mouths. Whether this actually  occurred I do not know, but I notice the flame walkers, and this passing  through fire, and not being burned. All this happens also in your time, as they pass thru fire and are not being burned because of Satanic power, and  the worship of a flame Devil god.    Now; the facet remains that when the children of Israel murmured against God, against Moses because of the mixed multitude with them had given them  a false concept, sowing discord among them, and the result was that they  were stricken as unto death. The symbol of that word again was  meant that they were fallen Angels who had not kept their first estate, so whether called snakes, or evil demons they were Serabs..this much we know.  Then afterwards Moses was instructed by the MOST HIGH to lift up the symbol  of the Serpent upon the staff. The Golden Serpent on a staff was then lifted up as a Symbol of what had inflicted them, and brought them catastrophe.  As they beheld this symbol the Children of Israel became aware that it was  Snake Infection that they had received and immediately those that perceived this were healed..everyone of this deadly disease. Showing them that immediately as their criticism, their attack against God, their attack against Moses, had brought upon them disease and death. And disease and  death was a phenomena of the materialization from the ERROR which had transpired, and it says that immediately they were healed. However in the days  of Hezekiah a lot of people were beginning again to worship the Serpent, and they again brought out that brass serpent on a pole, for they had kept  it. and Hezekiah said:...that thing of brass is no was only the  symbol of what had caused them their trouble in the days when Moses was  told to raise it for them so that they might understand, and cast aside the  curse. Thus you see there is something such as thinking wrong, and how it  will effect your body, and destroy you just like a snake bite. This is just a part of the Mystery which transpired in the days when the Children of  Israel were in the wilderness.            Now; in the Cabala before the Jews twisted it all up, and reincarnated  their Moses's through the generations, they said that Moses was a Serpent  Killer, and stepped upon the Snake. This was a treading upon the old tradition given by Adam so that the seed of Adam would bruise the  Serpents head. The Dragon which is the Incarnation of all Satanic power, and all Satanic forces in the earth was thus always revealed. What Moses did then was to combat these invisible forces, some of them probably very  visible as speckled birds within their midst. The Children of Israel responded and that symbolism was hid in that Ancient way.  You will note another period when there was another period attached to this symbolism even though your race is not given credit for it. But it was in the days of Daniel when he had been raised up but he spoke in the days of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazer, when Darius took over and old Babylon was broken down and the Mede and Persian Empire was set up, and you will  remember that the same pagan Priests sneaked back in to rule over the religion of the Empire. You say:...what was this religion? It was probably a development of all pagan evil which Satan could gather from the corners of  the earth.  This mystery evil was elevated to a high degree in that day, and it was in this period when Darius who was also a Persian (Aryan) but he fell for  this same Hokus Pokus and he said to Daniel:..You are a wise man, recognizing that there was no man wiser than Daniel and that he served the Eternal  YAHWEH (God)..then he said to Daniel:..Why don't you also serve Baal? What  is the matter with Baal, don't you know that he is also a great god? What  is the matter with you, don't you know that there are many gods? But Daniel said:..Baal is no god, he is just made of Plaster of Paris and he is no  god. Darius said:..but he must be a god for he eats the food I put out for him each night. The Priests have told me that he is a great god, and I know  that he eats the food that I put out each night. Daniel said:..that is quite an idea..if he eats the food then you can let those Priests of Baal  slay me. But if he does not eat the food then lets slay the Priests of  Baal. I think that was a good idea. The Priests of Baal went for the idea  and the told the King to have his cook make up all of the finest dishes that they knew how and bring on the best wine. And they would lock up the temple and the King would put his seal on the lock. Thus in that hour..all  these evil Kites who were deceiving the people with all their pagan religions, and occult practices tried first a simple fraud..this was an idol  set up in the midst of the Temple. Though they had a corner on this affair. The King had the food prepared and the wine was brought and then Daniel  went into the Temple and sprinkled some ashes all around on the floor, and  then the King and Daniel shut the door and sealed it.  The next morning the King called Daniel and said:..lets go down to the Temple and see if Baal ate any of the food. They entered the Temple and all  the food was gone, all the dishes were clean..all the food had been eaten, and the King said ..see, I told you so. But Daniel was looking at the floor and he said:..Baal sure had a lot of funny sized shoes, little feet, big  feet, larger feet, tracks were all over the place. Daniel said:..if Baal came down to eat this then these are his footprints. All over the Temple  were footprints of the Priests of Baal, their wives, their children, they  were all over the place where Daniel had sprinkled the ashes. So they followed the tracks and found that there was a trap door in the idol and this led out to the houses of the Baal Priests. So Darius realized that this was  no god, and even these Priests that they met in a physical world had to contend with physical reality..they were feasting on the generosity of  Darius the King.  The King was now ready to destroy the idol and also the Priests, but  they wait just a moment, maybe this idol is no god, but what  about the Dragon that we have? He is a god and we will prove it. Daniel said:..'Bring him forth'. And they brought out a Dragon..he was like a monster Petradactyle of Ancient days, and he was very much alive..and they he eats food right in front of he is a god. I suppose  they could have brought out any type of big animal and said he is a god  because he eats food. Therefore proving he was not a god rested on someone  else. So Daniel the Prophet of LIGHT said:..well, if he is immortal then he is a god, but is he Immortal? If he is a god then he can eat anything for nothing will hurt him. And the Priests said:..oh, yes he is a god and he  can eat anything, nothing can hurt him. So Daniel said:..O.K. lets try it.  Daniel then prepared a little pitch, a little unslaked lime, and put  pieces of fat in what that means? He mixed up carbide. A little fat a little pitch around it to hold it together. The Dragon gobbled it down, the flame sizzled and the Dragon exploded with a bang! And DANIEL WAS A  DRAGON KILLER! Darius then seeing the value of this situation cut the heads  off of these Kike Priests.  We think that was a good idea, I wish we could scatter a few ashes  around Washington D.C. and track where they go to when they are through for the day. If we were to do this it might embarrass the President and a few others. For you would find Dragon tracks all over trying to effect your  nation, trying to upset your faith.    Now:..let me show you that this actually occurred. It is also symbolic of the fact that every Pagan Philosophy and every Pagan Idolatry symbolized by these patterns was opposed by Daniel who was referred to as a Wise Man and there were few who were wiser than Daniel.   Now; jump ahead through the centuries and you will note the opposition to  Jesus and you will note the opposition of Christ to the Jews was one of the  things that they perceived, and created by their opposition to Him. In fact they called The Christ..Nachash...or the Serpent. Whereas Jesus said that  they were the children of the Serpent. And if they were fighting the Serpent then Israel could be most happy for the serpent was fighting the  serpent. Then Jesus Moses lifted up that Serpent in the Wilderness so shall the Son of Man be lifted up. The Serpent is the symbol of  falseness, and Redemption is the symbol of restoration from the falseness of error. He rectified this Error for His children, and rescued them from  the Kingdom of Darkness and also remitted their transgression. But the Jews  in opposition to this tried to repute a wrong motive to this because He broke the power of their Satanic Kingdom..and the symbolism of this they  would not understand. The Mystery of this and of HIS intent carries on  down. You remember that one of the so called legends, in fact it is more than  a legend because it has a historical background, was this story of St. George and the Dragon. You have heard how this Knight went out to destroy a terrible Dragon? But this story just shows you the identity of the Dragon and the Dragon children once again. 'There came one day a messenger to the English Court of this Christian King, and said:..I am from an Ancient  Kingdom of Aryans in the Mountains of Turkestan, and we worship Jesus the  Christ who is being insulted by the hoards of the Dragon who are very  powerful. We appeal unto you for assistance, and they turned to the Knights  and George said he would take this mission. He left England, journeyed through France and gathered Knights as he went, gathered them from Germany  and history tells us that he went through 'The Iron Door'. This means that  he went down to Romania gathering Knights as he went and crossed that passage on the Danube, and went up into the Mountains of Turkestan, or we say the Carpathian Mountains. As George approached these Mountain villages he saw the hoards of these Asiatics with their banners  and with them strangely enough was this Great Dragon which breathed fire, which was the symbols which they were carrying with them. The symbol of the Dragon had moved clear across the Steppes to attack a Christian Community.  They turned as George and his Knights fought their way into the city.  Those Aryans from an Ancient past had sent their message to the west, hoping a great army would be dispatched and that power would come to their  assistance and here they came..George and his Knights and they said:... we have come to DESTROY THE DRAGON. He then went to the hills in prayer and we are told that he received a message telling him to look to the hills for a secret power to fight the fiery Dragon with fire. As George went up the  hill he noticed seeping out of the rock a thick black goo‑like liquid which  was oil. Then George and his Knights dig a great trench and they made a dam  around the gates of the city and they brought this oil down the trench and  filled a great reservoir with oil. George then is the secret by which we will defeat the Dragon. The people said:..but what can this liquid  do against the enemy?  When the howling hoards carrying the symbol of Satan..Lucifer had  gathered to attack the city which they had traveled 1500 to 1600 miles to  destroy just because it was a Christian City, these warriors then screaming and chanting the battle cry of Satan..brought their Dragons up the hill toward this Mountain City, and the people of this Christian city then opened  the gates of that Dam and that oil ran down around those howling troops of  the Dragon. And then they threw a match in it and the flame went down from  the Sword of St. George and killed the Dragon. Thus you have the Legend of  St. George and the Dragon.  Some people still imagine that he was killing a real Dragon, but there  were none of them left by this time, but he had just as effectively fought that Dragon which had come once again as always out of Asia, out of pagan religion. The story was sung then throughout all of Christendom how St. George received his Sainthood, because with very smart and intelligent wisdom he defeated the Dragon, he knew what to do in an emergency and knew  what to do to defend that Ancient City.               And now we come to our time in history and again the symbol of the  Dragon crops up as a message to you. Jesus, as he talks to John, made this statement to him:...'Therefore the Dragon is none other than Lucifer or  Satan or the Devil. All the power of this Serpent or the Dragon are one and  the same'. He said:..I know all about this, that the Dragon called the  Serpent and the Dragon has deceived the whole is translated as  World...but should be the whole world order. Note the difference in this as Jesus speaks:..when He speaks of you..'My children are not of this world  (order).' He speaks of this spirit in you which is in HIM as being of the  Holy Father, Holy Creative Spirit, and HE said:..'I pray not for the world (order), but I pray for those tho (Father‑Spirit) hath given me, they are  thine, thine they were, and mine they are. I do not pray for you to take  them out of the, I pray don't take them out of the world (order)  keep them in it. I have come to take the world (order) over, not to let it  go. I am not going to let the world (order) remain in the hands of the Dragon forever, I have come to fight the Dragon. They are not of this world  order even as I am not. No man can pluck them out of my hand, and certainly  no man can pluck them out of the hand of the Spirit,' and the Jews perceived this. And Jesus said He would keep everyone but the Son of Perdition who is Judas Iscariot. So that prophecy would be fulfilled.    Now; the Jews knew that HE knew who they were and they took up stones to  kill Him. Note the story found in the Book of John in the 17th Chapter., in  this called the prayer of He talks of you the Children of God in  earth. And Jesus had informed John the Baptist who these Jews were, though  the Spirit..that they had deceived the whole world order, all the civilizations and races after his rebellion and he came into earth. He had set up  his Dragon Kingdom and set up the false religions and Voodooism worshiped the  Serpent. The Islands of the sea worshiped the Serpent. In South and Central  America they worshiped the Serpent..all Asia worshiped the Dragon and  Serpent. South of the Equator they worshiped the Serpent, and all North of  the Equator they used the symbol of the Dragon. Thus there were those two  symbols...from the north to the south of this great Satanic power.  In this same pattern then HE said to John..this same thing and John then  revealed it. He said that there had been war in Heaven, that Michael and  his Angels had fought with Lucifer and his Angels. You go into any of the Ancient Schools of thought and they will tell you that...Lucifer, the wise one, and his Angels fought against the true God of Israel...YAHWEH. Then the Children of the Dragon will try to tell you that, yes, Lucifer fought  against YAHWEH, but he belongs to us. All occult religions will tell you  that.  But if you want the truth all you have to do is turn over here to the  Book of John, and remember that John is the man God told these things to.  And he said how do you tell this Anti‑Christ? How do you know the Devil when you see one? is how you know. The Devil takes all the  things of God and denies that The Christ is who is was and what he possesses. Therefore the Anti‑Christ both denies the creative spirit and the incarnation of it into the man Christ Jesus. Therefore the Devil denies The  Christ. Anti‑Christ denies Christ, and the Dragon denies Christ. So John  knew what we was writing as he wrote in I & II John and he told how to  identify the Anti‑Christ or the Devil who seeks to take away God's identity  and tries to transplant the issue.  Someone then says:..but how do you know that John was right? Well, lets  see then. If the Serpent had the wisdom and the knowledge, and this was the  truth. Then tonight it would be on top of the world and you would be on the  bottom. It would have all the creative secrets, all the knowledge, all the culture, all the achievements, all the signs, all the liberty. NO..they  have superstition, paganism, nothing...the LIGHT and TRUTH comes out of you  because you worship the ONE True God. Therefore you will not this when it  comes to Salvation, and Strength, then it is from the Kingdom of our God  and the power of His Christ.   Now; what happens:...the Dragon goes to make war and he goes against the  WOMAN who brought forth the MAN CHILD. As the Dragon fights the Woman then  she is given something in God's purpose that He intended to give, something  which is a menace as a Dragon Killer. This is the two Wings of a Great  Eagle. She is to go to a Nation with the Outstretched Wings of an Eagle... out of the Kingdom of God. Thus this new world order comes from the Woman who brought forth the Man Child...NOVUS ORDO SECULORUM...against the old  order of the Dragon.  What then is this but this America, the great strength of Western civilization given to the Woman (Israel) to fight the Dragon. The opposition of this Dragon comes from where the Dragon always came from and that  is out of Asia and the sides of the north. Whenever the Dragon comes there  is also the Serpent..and earlier it had reached the people of the sea, and  down among the dark people of Africa who are known for their religion of  Voodoo or the superstitions of that line. Because whenever the Dragon fights the Serpent appears.  Therefore when the Dragon saw the Woman who brought forth the Man Child  then he sought to persecute the WOMAN. But given to the Woman was the two Wings of this great Eagle, and then the Dragon cast out of his mouth... a flood to try to swallow up the seed of the Woman. So the Dragon has always had the Serpent in his fights, there is a union of these two evil signs against the Kingdom.  Just as Enoch the Master of Spiritual Law held in his hand the staff with the Eagles Wings and the Cup, and within its Talons was the twisted Serpents. Remember that the most deadly enemy of the Serpent is the EAGLE.  The Eagle never backs away from the Serpent, it will wait its chance and  grab it with its Talons, carry the Serpent high in the air and then drop it  upon the ROCKS. Then it will come down and take the dead Serpent and feed  its young. Always the Eagle is pictured as a Snake Killer. No wonder that God calls you the EAGLE PEOPLE, for He said:...'I bore you on Eagles Wings'. He said:..'Ye shall mount up with Wings like the Eagle'..always the symbol is of an Eagle People, an Eagle Kingdom, and Victory. America is  thus legally an Eagle Nation.   The strange thing is that George Washington knew this, Benjamin Franklin  knew this. You say..but how did they know this? Well, they had belonged to certain schools that taught them the Mystery of the Symbol of the Eagle, and they knew that the Eagle was the enemy of the Serpent. Thus they chose the Eagle to head this new order...Novus Ordo Seculorum...they chose it to be the Capstone of a Kingdom, symbolized by a Pyramid which your race had established as a mark and a symbol...and they knew that the Capstone of a  Pyramid was the ALL SEEING EYE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD.        

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