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Southern Race Traitors: The forgotten scourge on the Cause

"The former enemies of North and South are united again in common defense of their Aryan birthright"-D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation

This article is in no means a Anti-Southern piece. (contrary to the knee-jerk reaction of many of my readers) It is however a rebuke against any and all within the "Southern Nationalist movement" whom of which put their regional origins before their Aryan kinsmen. The original Southern Nationalist Movement much like the Northwest migration movement was founded as a means for white men and women to create a white homeland for them and their posterity. With the influx of the "multicultists" worming their way into such circles the original intent of the movement is long gone. The mob rules and the majority (though some may in passing pay lip service to race) have embraced the multicult and its token nonwhites. Praising such Negroes as H.K. Edgerton while making claims that "they would rather their daughters marry a young colored boy than a white Yankee". A white Northerner who sympathizes or even volunteers their life to fight for the cause of the secession of the Southern states from the murderous Union will never be accepted. They will always be condemned,  spit on, and ostracized for being the "evil Yankee". Even if one from the North happened to have Confederate ancestors those within the current "Southern Struggle" will to put it bluntly piss all over the Northern brother's ancestor's graves and claim that the lineage of their Northern kinsman is a moot point "THEY'RE YANKEES NOW!" will be the usual synopsis of the "Southern Patriot". Most of the "leaders" of this current "movement" will not even touch on the subject of white migrants to Dixie. They leave that up to the general membership of such groups or circles to do the verbal flogging. It is with this in mind I the author of this article state the facts.  The current Southern Nationalist movement is nothing but a bunch of Cultural Marxist race traitors who are no better than any white race traitor from the Government sector all the way down to federal and local informants and snitches. If you cannot have love/compassion for your Israelite brethren regardless of their place of origin you have no right to EVER mention preserving your race, culture, or your heritage. You are no better than Uncle Sambo in the Black House. I hope I am wrong in writing this article. I HOPE I am wrong in accusing MY PEOPLE of this crap. Unfortunately I sincerely doubt I am. In closing I will present an article by Robert E. Miles entitled "In Which Nation Do You Hold Your Loyalty?"


Addressing this to the White Racialist Movement only, I pose the above question in all seriousness, "To which Nation do you really owe loyalty?" It is not an idle question. It strikes to the root of the reason for the White Right's many failures and few successes. The contradictions of the White Right lie in their own inability to address themselves to the question and to answer in honesty.What is your nation? What does the word nation itself mean? Is it a land mass which has either natural or man-made boundaries? Is it one specific part of a continent? Is it the earth and the waters and the air on which people dwell? Is it the material things one holds in his or her hands and claims to be the symbols of what the nation stands for? The basic search for the meaning of a word starts with the dictionary. Webster's New World Dictionary states: "from the Latin natio, to be born; (see the third meaning) a people or tribe." Again, same paragraph, "the nations, in the Bible, the non-jewish nations."A nation restricted to geographical boundaries may be a part of the total nation, or even encompass many nations, within itself. A nation of diverse peoples is really an amalgam of several nations. A nation that is purely homogeneous is a nation which is composed totally of the one people. Nations exist even where their many components are widespread geographically. Witness the British Isles of the Empire days. Surely Australians and New Zealanders, South Africans and Canadians felt as much a part of that nation as they do of their immediate and reduced components today. A nation has to be more than mere geography to be valid. It has to have meaning beyond that given to it by cartographers and politicians. It has to have a glue that keeps it together better than words imprinted upon treaties and documents made by mere man. It has to have a spirit, a will, and, a cohesiveness that only time alone forges. It must be something alive, something that moves, reproduces itself and perpetuates its being. It has to have awareness of a purpose, a sense of destiny and a tie to the past from whence it emerged. It is not land, for land is but its resting place. It is not water, for water is but its highways o'er which it has traveled and may again travel in days ahead. It is not air from which it draws breath, for the air has no nationality. The nation is one's people.The nation is one's Race. It is about time that White Rightists understand that their Race is their nation. Nothing else and nothing less. It is not a country that commands loyalty but a belief in a country's people and leadership. It is not a flag that lives on forever, but the deeds and the valor of the people who raised the flag. It is not a map which determines the nation. It is the hearts, the souls, and the will of a people that chart the course of events that form nations. Our Race is our nation. Our loyalty is to our Race and to our God and these above all else.I watch and wonder at the slop that I read in many of the White Right journals and writings. They plead with us to obey the laws and to honor the leaders, all in the name of patriotism. Yet, if traitors are in power, loyalty to such government is treason of the worst order possible. If strangers command your children to worship the Golden Calf, are you to instruct your children to obey these priests of Molech, Baal, and Mammon? If the flag represents a mongrelized land, then it ceases to be the flag which our forefathers raised o'er our heads. Can you do honour to that which debases you? Is that not the pat of the cur, the miserable hound who licks the boots of the one who just kicked him? Can you tell me that "Supporting Your Local Police" is a verity when these same police bring down their wooden clubs upon your heads when you stand up for the safety of your own children in the busing struggles? Can you really stand there and bleat about your loyalty to a government which has betrayed you consistently, steadily, and openly for these past forty-three or so years? How much of a masochist can you be to continue such courses? Love the whip and worship the whipper. Surely this is not what the nation is all about.Our Race is our Nation. I am a brother to every Englishman, Scot, or Irishman, Frenchman, Italian, German, Norwegian, Swede, Hungarian, Croat, Greek, Serb, Montenegrin, Czech, Pole, Dane, Spaniard, Canadian, New Zealander, Australian, and any other WHITE who exists. These are my compatriots. These are my fellow citizens. They are my nation, for it was of them that I was born. It is they to whom my ties are. Speak not to me for those to whom Race has no validity and no meaning. These are not Whites, these are Oreo cookies turned inside out. They wear our skins but are mongrels within. The Americans who bleat about being loyal and true-blue forever to a country which despises the White Race are not my fellow citizens. I owe them nothing but hatred and contempt. They have sold their God Who made them in His image in order to gain profit, pay-checks, and federal pensions. Our Nation has no geographical boundaries, for it was born to trek, to move, and to sweep across the world for thousands of years. Our Nation has no Jews in top positions, for these are the enemies of our God. Our Nation puts no blacks in its armed forces and leadership roles, for these are strangers within our midst; only our own stand guard. Our Nation does not teach the animalistic joys of the underpeoples but lifts up its children to aspire to the saints and the stars. Our Nation would not destroy the beliefs of its ancestors in order to accommodate the shibboleths of those who mock us.Our Nation is our Race, but only when the Race dominates completely. One Nation, One People, and One Leader. These were not idle words. These were the words from a past that stretches thousands of years before America was even born.A writer in the American Mercury posed the question about the Identity Churches as to whether or not they would claim conscientious objector status should the United States go to war to protect Israel. The United States of America's government is no more separable from the State of Israel than Pontiac Motors is from General Motors. Israel is a division of the United States whether one likes to call it that or not. It is a part of a reflection of the same cancer. It is a part and a reflection of the same government. It is their government, not ours. It is their people, not ours. It is their war, in answer, and not ours. Our war is for our Race. Nothing else. It is for the survival of the White Race and its perpetuation. The war between mongrels is their own affair. The most deadly and determined foe that our White Race has ever had exists in the twin sisters of Bolshevism and Jewry. The capitol of one may be Moscow, but one can see cherry blossoms on the trees in springtime at the capitol of the other.Russia is able to exist because it is the will of its rival Bolshevik that the world be cut and divided between the two of them; therefore, no other interferences will be tolerated. Neither will succeed but both try. Our Nation existed long before either. It had as its Leader, our White God. It had boundaries traced in the bloodlines of its people before the mongrel influences grew so strong. It is a Nation which demands loyalty of the mind and the spirit. It is a Nation that requires obedience to the old laws and the old truths, above any and all laws that mongrels and their artifices may ever impose. Your loyalty is to your Race first, last, and always. That is your Nation. There is no other.

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Confederate Partisan Rangers

Throughout the Civil War, there existed many bodies of irregular cavalrymen, who, by sudden dashes on the rear and flanks of the Union armies, or in a night attack on the Federal trains, kept the outposts and train guard continually on the alert. As much of the rationing of the Confederate armies was through captured stores, these irregular bands often brought substantial aid to their starving comrades in the shape of Federal provision wagons, captured intact.|        These independent partisan bands were far from being guerrillas, bushwhackers, or "jayhawkers," as were those of the type of Quantrill, who, during his brief career, left a trail of fire and blood through the disputed territory of Kansas and Missouri. The leaders of the best of these partisans were men whose personalities had much to do with their success, and as their fame increased with their annoying operations against the Union armies, the latter had strict orders to kill or capture them at any cost.        Three of these brilliant, fearless, and daring Southern raiders became especially noted and feared, and in the history of the Confederate irregular cavalry, the names of Turner Ashby, John H. Morgan, and John S. Mosby stand in a class by themselves. The first two were killed during the war, but Mosby, whose death or capture was probably more desired by the North than that of either of the others, survived every engagement, fighting stubbornly for the Confederacy, even after Lee had surrendered at Appomattox.        Ashby was a handsome man, a daring soldier, and a superb horseman. At the outbreak of the war, he received a commission as captain of a band of picked rangers, working in conjunction with the main operations of the Confederate armies, but unhampered by specific instructions from a superior. He was rapidly promoted. As colonel of a partisan band he was a continual menace to the Federal trains, and moved with such rapidity as oftentimes to create the impression that several bodies of mounted troops were in the field instead of but one. Failing upon an isolated column of army wagons at dawn, he would strike a Federal camp thirty miles away by twilight of the same day. His men were picked by their leader with great care, and although there is reason to believe that Southern writers surrounded these troopers with a halo of romance, there is no disputing that they were brave, daring, and self-sacrificing.        Ashby himself was looked upon by many officers and men in the Union armies as a purely mythical character. It was said that no such man existed, and that the feats accredited to Ashby's rangers were in reality the work of several separate forces. Much of the mystery surrounding this officer was due to his beautiful white horse, strong, swift, and a splendid jumper. He and his horse, standing alone on a hill or ridge, would draw the Union troops on. When the latter had reached a point where capture seemed assured, Ashby would slowly mount and canter leisurely out of sight. When his pursuers reached the spot where he had last been seen, Ashby and his white charger would again be observed on the crest of a still more distant hill.        Only once during his spectacular career in the Confederate army was Ashby outwitted and captured, but even then he made his escape before being taken a mile by his captors--a detachment of the First Michigan Cavalry.        The Confederate leader was surrounded before he was aware of the presence of the Union troops, and the latter were within fifty rods of him when he saw several of them pushing along a cross-road which afforded the only avenue of escape. Nevertheless, Ashby made a dash for freedom. Vaulting into the saddle, the daring rider raced to beat the foremost Union trooper to the open road. Sergeant Pierson, who was in command of the little body of flankers, rode the only horse which could equal the speed of Ashby's fleet charger, and he and the Southerner reached the road crossing together--Pierson far in advance of his comrades. As Pierson neared Ashby, the latter fired at him with his revolver, but the Union trooper did not attempt to return the fire and Ashby himself replaced his weapon in the holster.        As the two men, magnificently mounted, came together, Ashby drew a large knife and raised it to strike. Pierson was a bigger and stronger man than Ashby, and reaching over, he seized Ashby's wrist with one hand while with the other he grasped the partisan leader's long black beard. Then, throwing himself from his horse, Pierson dragged the Confederate officer to the ground, and held him until the remaining Union troopers reached the scene of the struggle and disarmed Ashby.        The white horse had instantly stopped when Ashby was pulled from his back, and the captive was allowed to ride him back to the Union lines, slightly in advance of his captors, Sergeant Pierson at his side. The detachment had gone but a short distance when the mysterious white horse wheeled suddenly to one side, bounded over the high plantation fence which lined the roadside, and dashed away across the fields. Before the Union troops could recover from their surprise, Ashby was again free, and it was not long before he was once more reported by the Federal scouts as standing on a distant hill, engaged in caressing his faithful horse.        Only a few weeks later, this famous horse, which had become so familiar to the Union troops, was shot and killed by a sharpshooter belonging to the Fifth Michigan, who was attempting to bring down Ashby. Not long after, while leading his men in a cavalry skirmish, at Harrisonburg, during "Stonewall" Jackson's famous Valley campaign, Ashby met his own death, on June 6, 1862. As he fell, his last words to his troopers were: "Charge men! For God's sake, charge!"        Next to the gallant Ashby there was no partisan leader whose death created a greater loss to the South than John Hunt Morgan. He was a slightly older man than Ashby and had seen service in the Mexican War. When the call to arms sounded, he was one of the first to organize a company of cavalry and pledge his support to the Southern cause. He was fearless and tireless, a hard rider, and a man of no mean ability as a tactician and strategist. Morgan's men were picked for their daring and their horsemanship, and until the day of his death, he was a thorn in the flesh of the Union commanders.        Starting before daybreak, Morgan and his troopers would rush along through the day, scarcely halting to rest their weary and jaded horses. When, worn to the very limit of endurance, the exhausted animals refused to go farther, the cavalrymen would quickly tear off saddle and bridle, and leaving the horse to live or die, would hurry along to the nearest farm or plantation and secure a fresh mount.        At night, far from their starting-point, the dust-covered troopers threw themselves, yelling and cheering, on the Union outposts, riding them down and creating consternation in the camp or bivouac. Then, with prisoners or perhaps captured wagon trains, the rangers rode, ghostlike, back through the night, while calls for reenforcements were being passed through the Federal lines. By dawn, Morgan and his weary horsemen would have safely regained their own lines, while oftentimes the Union troops were still waiting an attack at the spot where the unexpected night raid had been made. Morgan's famous raid through the State of Ohio exerted a moral and political influence which was felt throughout the entire North.        On their raids, Morgan's men were usually accompanied by an expert telegraph operator. They would charge an isolated telegraph office on the railroad communications of the Union army, and, capturing the operator, would place their own man at the telegraph key. In this way they gained much valuable and entirely authentic information, which, as soon as known, was rushed away to the headquarters of the army.        At other times, Morgan's operator would "cut in" on the Federal telegraph lines at some distant point, and seated on the ground by his instrument, would read the Union messages for many hours at a time. This service to the Confederate leaders was of inestimable value, and creating a feeling among the Union signal-men that even cipher messages were not entirely safe from Morgan's men.        As Morgan was promoted from grade to grade, and the size of his command increased accordingly, he became more and more of an annoyance and even a terror to the North. His troopers were no longer mere rangers, but developed into more or less trained cavalry. Yet even then, his command showed a partiality for sudden and highly successful attacks upon Union outposts and wagon trains. The death of Morgan occurred near Greeneville, Tennessee, on September 4, 1864, when, being surrounded, he was shot down in a dash for life.        Colonel John S. Mosby, with his raiding detachments of varying size, was probably the best known and the most anxiously sought by the Union forces of any of the partisan leaders. Mosby's absolute fearlessness, his ingenious methods of operating, as well as his innate love of danger and excitement, all combined to make his sudden descents upon the Federal lines of communication spectacular in the extreme.        His almost uniform success and the spirit of romance which surrounded his exploits, drew thousands of recruits to his leadership, and had he desired, he could have commanded a hundred men for every one who usually accompanied him on his forays. But he continued throughout the war using small detachments of from twenty to eighty men, and much of his success was probably due to this fact, which permitted sudden appearances and disappearances. From beginning to end of the war, Mosby's raiders were a constant menace to the Union troops, and the most constant vigilance was necessary to meet successfully his skillfully planned stratagems.        On March 8, 1863, Mosby performed one of the most daring and effective feats of his career. In this case, as well as in others, it was the supreme boldness of the act which alone made it possible. Even with their knowledge of Mosby's methods, the Union officers could hardly conceive of such an apparently rash and unheard-of exploit being successful.        With a small band of carefully picked men, Mosby rode safely through the Union picket-lines, where the sentries believed the party to be Federal scouts returning from a raid. Upon reaching the vicinity of Fairfax Court House, Mosby entered the house used as headquarters by General Edwin H. Stoughton, woke the general, and demanded his surrender. Believing that the town had surrendered, the Union leader made no resistance. Meanwhile, each trooper in Mosby's little command had quietly secured several prisoners. Stoughton was forced to mount a horse, and with their prisoners Mosby and his cavalcade galloped safely back to their lines.        It was with similar strokes, original in conception and daring in execution, that Mosby kept thousands of Federal cavalry and infantry away from much-needed service at the front. After he became well established as a partisan ranger, his men were never organized as a tactical fighting body, and never had, as with other troops, an established camp. Through his trusty lieutenants, the call would be sent out for a designated number of men "for Mosby." This was the most definite information as to their mission that these volunteers ever received. In fact, they always moved out with sealed orders, but at the appointed time and place the rangers would assemble without fail. That Mosby wanted them was sufficient.        Many of these men were members of regular cavalry regiments home on furlough, others were farmers who had been duly enlisted in the rangers, and were always subject to call, still others were troopers whose mounts were worn out, and whose principal object was to secure Northern horses. The Union cavalry always claimed that among Mosby's men were a number who performed acts for which they were given short shrift when caught. Of course, the nature of the service performed by these rangers was subversive of discipline, and it is quite possible that many deeds were committed which the leader himself had absolutely nothing to do with and would not have sanctioned. But this is true with all warfare.        Mosby's expeditions often led him far within the Union lines, and the command was often nearly surrounded. On such occasions Mosby would give the word and the detachment would suddenly disintegrate, each trooper making his way back to his own lines through forests and over mountains as best he could. Frequently his men were captured. But Mosby seemed to bear a charmed life, and in spite of rewards for his capture and all manner of plans to entrap him, he continued his operations as a valuable ally to the main Confederate army.        Of course much of his success was due to the fact that he was ever operating in a friendly country. He could always be assured of authentic information, and wherever he went was certain of food, fresh horses, and means of concealment.        In 1864, Mosby was shot during one of his forays, and was left, apparently dying, by the Union troops, who failed to recognize him, in the house where he had been surprised. Learning soon after that the wounded Confederate was the famous leader of Mosby's rangers, the troops hastily returned to capture him or secure his dead body. But in the meantime, Mosby's men had spirited him away, and within a short time he and his men were again raiding Federal trains and outposts.        Until the very end of the war he kept up his indefatigable border warfare, and it was not until after the surrender at Appomattox, that Mosby gathered his men about him for the last time, and telling them that the war was over, pronounced his command disbanded for all time.

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The Biblical Sabbath By: Dan Gayman

Our Creator established the biblical Sabbath on the seventh day of the first week of earth's history. The seven-day week is the most historic measure of time known to man. The origin of the seven-day week is the literal six days of creation (Genesis 1) plus the seventh day of rest, which concluded that first week. "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day .... And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made" (Genesis 1:31; 2:2).The English word week is directly linked to the Hebrew root word for seven. In Scripture, the wordweek, in measuring days or years, is seven. The week is clearly visible in the six, literal twenty-four hour days of work followed by the Sabbath in Genesis one. The week, consisting of seven days, is pronounced in Genesis 8:10 & 12 as Noah waited for the water to recede. Jacob fulfilled his week of seven years for Rachel (Genesis 29:18,27-28). The seven weeks that followed the offering of the wave sheaf at Passover totaled forty-nine days; the fiftieth day that followed was designated as Pentecost (Leviticus 23:15-16).The seventy weeks of Daniel 9 were the equivalent of four hundred and ninety years in the prophetic scheme of that vision. The words seven and week cannot be separated. The unbroken continuity of the week has endured all centuries and all known calendars. It remains unchanged from the dawn of creation. The seventh day of the week on the Gregorian calendar in use today remains unchanged from the Julian calendar, which was calculated by the Greek astronomer Sosigenes in 46 B.C.The Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, p. 740, reads as follows under Chronology: "It is to be noted that in the Christian period, the order of days in the week has never been interrupted. Thus when Gregory XIII reformed the calendar in 1582, Thursday, 4 October was followed by Friday, 15 October. So in England, in 1752, Wednesday, 2 September, was followed by Thursday, 14 September." Notice how ten days were dropped from the calendar. One day was the fourth, and the very next day was the fifteenth of October. The fourth was Thursday, followed by Friday. Recalibrating the calendar did absolutely nothing to change the biblical Sabbath of the seven days or the succession of the days of the week.When our Lord Jesus Christ observed the Sabbath under the Julian calendar, He celebrated Sabbath on the day we call Saturday. The Saturday (seventh day of the week) on our Gregorian calendar is the same day of the week as it was in the days of Jesus Christ. The biblical Sabbath cannot be divorced from the seventh day of the week. All historical research confirms that the seventh day on the Gregorian calendar is the same day marked on the Julian calendar of 45 B.C.Jehovah marked and blessed the seventh day of the week as the Sabbath. No other day of the week can be called the Sabbath. The Muslims celebrate Sabbath on Friday, the sixth day of the week; the Roman Catholics and affiliated Protestant Churches originating from that church observe Sunday, the first day of the week, as the Sabbath. The early Christians continued to observe Sabbath on the seventh day of the week following the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ. The Council of Laodicea in 363 A.D. forbade Christians to observe the biblical Sabbath under penalty of death. While the Roman Western and the Greek Eastern Church transferred from the seventh to the first day of the week (Sunday), the faithful in Jesus Christ continued to observe the biblical Sabbath in unbroken succession throughout the centuries. Scattered, autonomous flocks of faithful Christians continued to observe the biblical Sabbath.Many people believe that any day of the week suffices for the Sabbath, as long as you rest one day in every seven. This is not what God commands. Following the exodus from Egypt, the Israelites quickly learned that the manna (their angel-food cake) did not appear on the seventh day of the week, the Biblical Sabbath. About this, we read: "And it came to pass, that there went out some of the people on the seventh day for to gather, and they found none" (Exod. 16:27). In response to this disobedience, God said, "How long refuse ye to keep my commandments and my laws" (verse 28).That same eternal God who speaks an unchanging Word of truth from one generation to another (Mal. 3:6; Heb. 13:8, Psa. 33:11) continues to bid us to keep the Biblical Sabbath of the seventh day of the week. Let us be faithful in our calling to do so!

Idaho's Greatest Son-A Klansman! By: James Rea

The Ku Klux Klan has had in its ranks some of the finest patriots ever produced in America. The examples such as Gutzon Borglum should serve as evidence to disprove Jewish lies and distortions about this great organization and its members. Vitriolic hatred and smears put out by the Jewish-liberal press continually are attempts to destroy patriotism and nationalism.Recently the Jews attempted to destroy the memory of Gutzom Borglum creator of Mount Rushmore. This man is probably the greatest sculptor the world has ever known. Borglum was a member of the National Executive Board of the Klan's "Imperial Kloncilium." Borglum was deeply patriotic and was commissioned by many cities and states to enshrine national heroes and epochs either in bronze or stone.Nothing could subdue this man's patriotic fervor. He carved whole mountains to preserve for antiquity the greatness that was America. The peak of his career is Mount Rushmore, located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Here he carved in a mountainside gigantic facial portraits of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and his personal friend, Teddy Roosevelt. These great sculptured faces are 60 to 75 feet high. This man, a gift from God to this country, gave us stone memorials of our great heritage, which millions of years from now will stand as a permanent record of the great achievements of the noble Aryan Race, long after the Jewish lies printed on cheap paper are ground to dust!All of Borglum's works had a deep patriotic significance. Some of his contributions to our American heritage include:1) A number of life-size, bronze statues commemorating General Sheridan's famous ride from Winchester, Virginia, to rouse his men who had been routed at Cedar Creek, to inspire them to fight again. This famous statue is on display in Washington, D.C. and many other cities in America.2) Many original, colossal heads of Lincoln created by Borglum are displayed all over America done in bronze or stone. The most famous one is on display in Washington, D.C. It is chiselled out of a three-foot square of Greek Pantillo marble, almost perfectly white. William Allen White, the great Christian newspaperman praised this work as the "Most marvelous piece of sculpture ever done in America."3) In 1911 Borglum created Lincoln Sitting on a Park Bench, which is on display in Newark, New Jersey. For years this wonderful replica has been a favorite of children. Ross Allen, president of the Security Bank of New York exclaimed, "Only the heartbeat and breath of life is lacking in your Lincoln."4) Helen C. Plane, president of the Daughters of the Confederacy, contacted Borglum in 1915. She wanted him to do a head of Robert E. Lee on Stone Mountain, Georgia. Borglum was escorted to this unique place and there he met that grand old Klan family, the Venables. Sam Venable and Borglum struck an immediate friendship. Sam's passion was a memorial to the Confederacy. As he talked to Borglum, who was staring at the great mountain edifice, he began to relay the valor and courage of the men who fought for what they believed in. Borglum, in true artistic insight, became inspired with what later became The Memorial to the Confederacy. Borglum became closely acquainted with the whole Venable family—Mother Venable, sisters Leila and Elizabeth, their husbands and children. While he worked, Borglum stayed at their home, "Mount Rest."Borglum's plan for the memorial was a procession of Confederate soldiers both on foot and horseback, some with guns. Robert E. Lee, "Stonewall" Jackson, and Jefferson Davis were to be in the center. To one side were to be hosts of Confederate infantry. Borglum required the whole mountainside for what he envisioned. Venable donated the entire mountainside to the Daughters of the Confederacy, and the work was begun. Interruptions such as WWI, monetary shortages, etc. continually delayed this project. The memorial was eventually completed by Borglum's son.5) In 1925 preliminary plans for Rushmore were prepared by Borglum. Through bureaucracy red tape, the 1929 crash, and spanning three presidents, with fanatical dedication in 1933, he completed the now famous Mount Rushmore Memorial. In the words of a close friend and associate, Mr. Ralph Lum, "It would be impossible for me to express the gratitude to God for this memorial to the people who founded this Republic and gave a new freedom to the world.Borglum's own words are even more moving; he said, "If I can memorialize for the ages a tiny bit of America's greatness by carving four of her greatest leaders who contributed so much, then I will have contributed something of value to the affairs of men. Nothing but the hand of God could have stopped me from completing this work."At the Black Hills dedication dignitaries from all over the world came to share in the ceremonies with the great Klan patriot Gutzon Borglum and his creaton Mount Rushmore. Daniel Beard, the beloved National Boy Scout Commissioner, was represented by Borglum. With 2000 Boy Scouts in the throng he dedicated the grand monument to America's young people, telling them that every young man should want to add something worthwhile to our national life. After that, ex-President, Calvin Coolidge complimented Borglum as having been a real inspiration to these boys.The great Klansman Sculptor Gutzon Borglum and the others he worked with represent the real greatness of America. Jewish liars and communists try to destroy the contributions of such as Borglum, Venable, Mrs. Platte, Teddy Roosevelt, Sidney Lanier, Charles B. Aycock, Alexander Stephans, Wilbur and Orville Wright, John Greenway, Major Gordon (Pawnee Bill) Lillie, and others too numerous to mention, who were all associates of Gutzon Borglum. Only time, wind, and weather will eventually erode Rushmore; no Jewish conspiracy ever will.Helen Keller, when she met him exclaimed, "Meeting you—is like a visit from the Gods!—In your statue of Thomas Paine you are preaching anew the liberty that shall reshape civilization."The American Klansman Gutzon Borglum died March 6, 1941. His memorial in Forest Lawn reads:"His birthplace was Idaho. California first taught him art. France gave him fame. England welcomed him. America called him home. His genius for the exquisite and for the colossal gave permanance to figures of legend and history. Nations, cities, and universities paid him tribute. As a Patriot he stripped corruption bare. As a statesman he toiled for the rights of man. At last he carved a mountainside. He made those mountains chant:"REMEMBER! THESE GIANT SOULS SET AMERICA FREE; HOLD FAST YOUR SACRED HERITAGE, AMERICANS!! REMEMBER! REMEMBER!"What could be more moving? Our Aryan Nation will be like Borglum's Mount Rushmore. Our descendants will know us through his divinely inspired hands.LIVE ON, OH KLANSMAN! LIVE ON!

Pro-Jewish Reagan By: James Combs

Ronald Reagan has been a show business "darling" for many years and was at one time president of the communist front, Screen Actors' Guild. In the 50's when the late Myron Fagan and other patriotic Hollywood people were fighting communism and trying to run the reds out of Hollywood, later Reagan did an about face from his former left wing stance and suddenly became a "right wing spokesman". In one of his books the late Mr. Fagan claims that Reagan's job was to falsely announce to the American public that all the reds had been run out of Hollywood. This would help stop further Congressional Investigations of the reds in Hollywood. What happened in fact was the reds in Hollywood had gone underground. They were writing scripts for major studios and TV under assumed names and the Jewish owners of the studios and TV networks were buying them at the going rate. The reds had just been driven underground and were continuing their subversion under assumed names. When Fagan and others tried to expose this situation and drive the reds from the underground and finish them off for once and for all—Ronald Reagan as a "patriot" assured Congress and Patriotic Americans that the reds were no longer being employed or used by movies and TV. With the help of Reagan the reds were allowed to continue their subversion and gradually come back out into the open. Many of the reds "driven out" of Hollywood in the 50's are now top actors, playwrights and directors for movies and TV.Reagan talks "Conservative" and acts quite the opposite. He knows the American people are fed up with the ERA, pro-Abortion and anti-Americanism. He is a professional actor and knows just what to say to get support of the White majority.Ronald Reagan is a feature writer for the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile Jewish Press. And as we go to press we have received a clipping from the Jewish Sentinel (5-1-80) with the headline, "Reagan names 11 Jews among his list of 68 policy advisors." The article goes on to say, "... 11 known Jews known for THEIR SUPPORT FOR A SECURE ISRAELI. None of those named, according to observers here, are known to be inimical to U.S. support for Israeli and many are strongly pro-Israeli."The fact is, that White Christian voters have NO choice in this election. We have no choice between commie Carter, commie Anderson and Zionist Reagan. Reagan recently showed his colors when he came out for full scale immigration of Cubans into the U.S.(The readers of The CDL Report can vote their own conscience in the coming election. We're just presenting the facts. As for myself, I will vote for some minor party candidate to show my disgust with the three "official" candidates running. And don't tell me my vote will be wasted—voting for any of the three "official" candidates IS a wasted vote.)In a short while, Americans will again be making their way to voting booths to choose the President of the United States.Those Christian-Whites who are aware of the evil which grips their land know what to expect. The "establishment" or "system" will offer the voters only candidates who are under its control. This means, of course, that it does not matter in the slightest whether a so-called "democrat" or "republican" is elected as President. He will only act as a figure-head national leader for the public and as a complete puppet for his master.Three things can ALWAYS be counted upon from the sold-out man who becomes President. "His" administration will actively undertake: 1) to institute more socialism into America's economy; 2) to bring our country deeper into a one-world order; and 3) to racially integrate the U.S. to an even greater extent. Each flunky put in the White House strives to improve upon these now-advanced efforts.Another foregone, predictable result of the selection of any modern-day President is the flood of Jewish "advisors" and administrators who will surround him. These Jews—invariably "liberal" and radical—really run this direly-sick and dying nation. They are the agents of the almighty Jewish financial figures who fanatically aspire to rule the world.If a skeptic doubts these conclusions, then let him deny them with evidence! Is there an iota of proof that socialism, internationalism and race-mixing have not been devotedly followed by all Presidents since at least Franklin Roosevelt? Is it not peculiar that at least one of them failed to break the twisted pattern? Can a skeptic refute that these Presidents—"democrat" or "republican"—have had a disproportionate array of Jews around them and "their" administrations? And, evidence is abundant that Jewry has created and often openly led every movement to destroy nationalism and bring about world government!So, in November, 1980, the public will dutifully and blindly put yet another traitor to Christian-White interests into the Presidency.As this is written, it seems that the two most likely representatives of the major political parties will be Jimmy Carter for the "democrats" and Ronald Reagan for the "republicans." Now, only an utter dullard is unfamiliar with the economic and diplomatic disasters which have already occurred under Carter. Also, after the multiple number of colored he has been photographed kissing and putting into most-responsible government offices, only the same idiot is not aware of Carter's obsession with race-mixing. In short, his actions and beliefs are (or should be) well known. The man is a psychopathic personality who has shown he is quite dedicated to the ruination of his own race and nation.But, what about Reagan? How well known are his positions and actions? Very few Americans really know anything about the likely republican Presidential candidate.Ronald Reagan has worked for the Jews most of his life. His basic profession is acting, and his initial fame (and considerable wealth) were obtained in the movies. Jews have long owned the film industry and the people in it. If you do not at least pretend to worship them and their "liberal" philosophies, you do not work in the cinema or on the stage. Thus, it can safely be said that Mr. Reagan has long known and shown obedience to Jewry.When extreme social radicalism came to the surface two decades ago, the Jews developed "conservative" figures for Christian-Whites to lean upon. This gave our people the false security that their points of view and interests still had some representation. Christian-Whites were thus kept within the now farcical "democratic process." Had there not been at least a few (phony) "spokesman" for them on the scene, they might have lost hope with the "process." In bitterness and disillusionment, they might have risen up in rebellion. Therefore, con-men as Reagan, acting as Judas goats, were brought into action by Jewry to keep our kindred "in line."Apart from the "conservative" promises and empty words of Ronald Reagan, we have only his record as Governor of California (1967-1975) by which to judge the man. By looking at what he did and advocated as governor, we can get a very good idea of what he would do as President. Let us review that record.On the most important issue of all, racial integration, Reagan is 100 percent behind it. Though other matters—as economics—are vital, they take a rear-seat to the mixing of colored races with ours. Were our people thoroughly "integrated," there would not be any reversal of it; other Jewish programs-for-decay could be eventually overcome.When "our" government started forcing race-mixing upon us in the 1960's, Reagan repeatedly stated he—as an elected official—would use troops, if need be, to bring about "civil rights" for the colored (Sacramento Bee, October 21, 1965, as reported in Kent H. Steffgen's book, The Counterfeit Candidate, National Issues, 1976, Page iii and 43). As governor, he signed into law racial integration measures which were highly in the worst interests of Whites, as the (William) Bagley Bill which "... went beyond most other forced busing bills in the nation" (Steffgen, p. 42). Negroes and other colored, were placed into State government offices by Reagan, an innovative move for California. As Kent Steffen points out (p. 47), Governor Reagan signed legislation which established State control of private schools. This further handicapped Whites in trying to avoid having their children integrated. As Reagan also backed "open housing" (Steffgen, p. 1), most Whites could not residentially escape the colored either.Since "equality" has been brought to America by the manipulation of jewry, crime (among other things) has gotten almost out of control. To make it "open season" on Whites, "liberals" as Reagan have tried to take our guns from us, making us more helpless to resist tyranny. He passed Califronia's first gun control measure (Steffgen, p. 39).Steffgen, on the same page of his book, also disclosed that as Reagan left office crime had more than doubled in California (475,835 major crimes in 1966 and 714,688 by 1973). Colored committed the majority of these. Thanks to the "liberal" government of Reagan, the State's prison population declined during the first five years of office from 27,000 to 19,000. When he left office, it had risen back to 24,000 (Time, April 28, 1980, p. 24). So much for his heralded "anti-crime" stance!Earlier this year, Reagan and his wife, Nancy, felt compelled to profusely apologize after she inadvertently exclaimed how elated she was at seeing so many "beautiful White people" at a rally in Rosemont, Illinois. She may have sincerely meant what she said. The Reagans are undoubtedly like most sold-out politicians and are private racists. But, they are hypocrites in public life, selling out their own race for Jewish social-political aims and for their own selfish opportunistic gains.Mr. Steffgen revealed Reagan's position on other important issues. He opposed right-to-work legislation, wanted "detente" with the Reds, sought the closed union shop, insulted our English language heritage by supporting bi-lingualism in education, and was for the Equal Rights Amendment (pp. 43-47). He also "... signed the first sex education bill (in California) as soon as he entered office" (p. 44).Reagan nationalized ¼ of the total land area of California and plainly sought to undermine private property ownership (p. 1). With his aid, socialized medicine increased 100 percent in the State (pp. 1 and 41). He also legalized abortions, thereupon, rose from 518 in 1967 to more than 600,000 in the period 1968 to 1974. Of these 200,000 were financed by public funds (Time, April 28, 1980, p. 24)."Reagan became the biggest spender of any State governor in U.S. history. In eight years (of his terms), spending rose from $4.6 billion to $10.2 billion" (Steffgen, p. 52).Welfare costs, alone, skyrocketed. "... the total number of recipients on welfare in California nearly doubled (and cost tripled) during the Reagan years while the State's population growth rate decreased from 3 percent to 1 percent per year" (Memphis Commercial Appeal, March 24, 1980, p. 7)."Instead of cutting taxes (as promised), he solved the budget deficit with the largest tax increase in California's history; a $billion jolt". When he left office 8 years later, $21 billion had been added to the State's tax revenues. State income tax rose from a maximum 7 percent to 11 percent for individuals and from 5.5 percent to 9 percent for corporations. The State sales tax went from 4 percent to 6 percent. In 1971, Reagan signed a tax-withholding law into effect (after having sworn he would not). The annual budget grew from $240 million to $509 million in his 8 years! (Time, pp. 24-25).He did (as promised) rebate $5.7 billion of the fortune raised by taxes; but, he offset this by raising taxes for a total of $21.3 billion during his tenure (Memphis Commercial Appeal, p. 7). In short, while "giving" with the right hand, he was 4 times again "taking" with the left one! In the process, he soaked the middle-class, viciously so. Just what one would expect from a hard-core radical.You can say, as Kent Steffgen did, that Reagan "... gave California the largest dose of big government and suppression of the private sector in the State's history" (p. 29).As news reporter Michael Calabrese stated in the Commercial Appeal article ("Reagan Record Not So Right"): "He was neither half as bad as liberals fret, nor a quarter as good as conservatives believe" (p. 7).And, the Time article said of him: "... his conservative bark often carried (as governor) little bite when he tackled the practical problems of governing" (p. 24). Were he to become President, his present "patriotic" words would be replaced with "liberal"-leftist action!Jews (who at high level own Reagan) even make little-publicized and favorable comments about him. For instance, Shirley Wechsler of Los Angeles, national vice president of the revolutionary Americans for Democratic Action, said: "We got a better hearing from Reagan—and a better deal—than we get from Jerry Brown" (Time, p. 25). Brown is as Red as a politician can be and not be operating out of the Kremlin!Despite Reagan's demonstrated subversive record as governor—ignorant Whites will vote for him. He "... will use (them) to get elected, appoint liberals and Keynesians and radicals throughout his administration, and carry the nation deeper into the total, state, all in the name of conservatism" (Steffgen, p. 76). He will say anything to con gullible Whites, but his actions will be something else. Patriots are fooling themselves if they feel his being President would bring in at least some conservatism.So, there you have it. Another "fine" choice for President! Actually, Carter and Reagan are even more alike. It is really two phony "democrats" ostensibly vying with one another. "My views haven't changed an awful lot since I was a Democrat" (Reagan on Meet the Press, NBC, January 15, 1967). But, were they both "republicans," it would not make a bit of difference. Jewry would possess their very souls all the same. And, we Christian-Whites would continue to see our race and nation decline!

Theocracy By: Richard Kelly Hoskins

Definition of Theocracy

Theocracy—a state ruled by God.Noah Webster's 1st Edition, 1828 defines theocracy in the following manner:"THEOCRACY: Government of a state by the immediate direction of God; or state thus governed. Of this species the Israelites furnish an illustrious example. The theocracy lasted until the time of Saul."The Oxford American Dictionary, 1980 defines theocracy:"THEOCRACY: 1. A form of government by God or a god directly, or through a priestly order. 2. A state having this form of government."

All States Are Theocracies

All rulers claim that they follow the dictates of a power or an intelligence greater than their own, and, that they and the state are merely agents of this greater power. If this defines a god—even communist states bow to the all powerful intellectual god of Marxism/Leninism.

Three Western Theocracies

Traditionally, Western governments have claimed that their power to rule is granted by the Christian God. This power—this will of God—is transmitted to those being ruled in three distinctly different manners by three distinctly different groups—each claiming this right from God. These are:1. Theocracy by priests2. Theocracy by the individual3. Theocracy by the state.

1. Theocracy by Priests

The little known independent episcopal[1] Hindu priesthood of India is the most powerful example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy.The Roman Catholic Church in the West is the best known example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy.The next best-known example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy is the Anglican Church of England, an offshoot of the Catholic Church.Priest and state combine in an episcopacy that rules from the top down, selecting its own relatively ideologically sound replacements. Like the others, Anglican priests may be individually poor, but the wealth of the Anglican Church makes it a major factor in international trade and finance.There is a tacit understanding between the three major groups.[2] (The best-known example of American Christianity is the Judeo-Christianity of the televangelists. It is a missionary outreach of another and as such has no real power except from its propaganda.)

2. Theocracy by the Individual

The Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe for a millenium and a half it was corrupt and tyrannical. Certain Roman Catholic priests started a reform movement called the "Reformation." The leaders of the Reformation placed their new movement under the protection of local rulers who were looking for an excuse not to forward their tax and tithe collections to Rome.Unlike the Roman Catholic Church where only priests were allowed to read Holy Scripture, the Reformation encouraged all to study God's WORD, claiming the priesthood of the individual: "Jesus Christ ... hath made us kings and priests." Rev 1:5-6. These new priests read secrets long concealed and one of the first things they learned was the following:"And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, say ... There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, ... they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; ... Her priests have violated my law, ... they have put no difference between the holy and the profane, neither have they showed difference between the unclean and the clean ... and I am profaned among them. Her princes ... are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain." Ezek. 22:23-27.This scripture was first used against the priests of the Catholic Church, and next against the kings employed by them. But, as knowledge of the Scriptures spread it was taken to mean a close watch should be kept on ANY professional priesthood and ANY state that attempted to subvert God's WORD—Protestant or Catholic.The former catholic Priests who were the leaders of the Reformation merely attempted to reform the Catholic Church—to reform the existing organized religion. Growing knowledge of the Scriptures drastically expanded this vision as the people learned the requirements of the WORD and cast about for a way to put God's Commands into action. Banding together, they went far beyond what the reformers intended.

The Revolution

The Reformation turned into a revolution as the realization dawned that each Christian had been appointed king and priest and was responsible individually to God. These new-found priests determined to do all that Scripture required. They took and divided the land that had been taken from the people by both the Church and the kings.[3] They banned taxes since taxes were forbidden[4] and they quickly disobeyed kings who disobeyed God's Commands,[5] and when the kings failed to punish transgressors of the Law—the people did it themselves[6] in order to avoid God's punishment that falls on all who fail to obey the Law.[7]

Reaction of Establishment Kings & Priests

The Kings of northern Europe, wishing to keep for themselves the lands and taxing powers they held from the Catholic Church, had an economic incentive to support the original Reformation. When the people went beyond and began seizing the lands claimed by them and dividing them and refusing to pay taxes—the kings became the enemies of the people.[8] To regain these lands and rents these Protestant kings turned on their former Protestant subjects and slaught-ered them by the tens of thousands to prevent their setting up a theocracy of the people. The revolution died in a river of blood. Except for a flicker that has continued to this day—the flame of the Reformation died.[9] The Catholic Church looked on. As soon as it had beaten back the Turk invasion of Austria, it called for a fresh crusade to reclaim its lost lands and revenues now in the hands of Protestant kings. Its Catholic kings obediently marched against the northern Protestant Kings launching the Thirty Years War that left parts if Germany with only 10% of its former population. Millions had died.

3. Theocracy by the State

Both Protestant and Catholic kings learned a great lesson from the Reformation. The first lesson was: "keep religion on a tight leash." This means both the presbytery Protestant revolutionaries trying to create God's theocracy here on earth, and the Catholic Church trying to regain its lands and taxes. Both were a danger. The Protestant revolutionaries had taken the kings' land and taxes—and the Catholic Church had caused a war between the Catholic and Protestant kings that almost killed every second person in Europe, making it almost worthless for business.[10]With this threat hanging over the heads of both Protestant and Catholic kings, the kings developed a simple method to control religion and use it to bless their own operation. They turned organized religion into a state religion—a state theocracy. The Lutheran religion became a state religion in north Europe, and the Catholic religion and its off-shoots became a state religion in south Europe and elsewhere.The local king simply appointed the head of the local religion. Those appointed were politically reliable. The result was that the state supported the church and the church supported the state. In this manner this state theocracy blessed everything the state did and the state gave religion economic advantages such as tax exemption. The state theocracy was set up to bless that which God cursed—and it did. State theocracies quickly multiplied.The King of England, holding his realm en fief from the Pope, announced that from now on he, not the Pope, was God's chosen representative on earth and from then on he(she) was going to appoint the leaders of his own personal Anglican Church and he did. His appiontees were very loyal.The kings and governments of the German and Scandinavian states appointed leaders of their own Lutheran Churches. They, too, were very loyal to the one who appointed them.In spite of vehement denials from the vatican, the kings of Catholic nations, with few exceptions, managed to have veto privilege in the selection of Catholic bishops appointed to head their own national Catholic Churches. These bishops were expected to side with the king against the Vatican itself, and they usually did.As a consequence of this loss of political power to its hired kings, the Vatican's main effort has been "mission work" with its Jesuit schools manufacturing "fanatics" who quickly become the usual nominal Catholics upon graduation. The visible effort has been "show-business" and the promotion of "Dharma" necessary for the furtherance of its vast business operations.

Judeo-Christian Religion

The Jews have occupied a special protected place in the West. In addition to being the international trader transporting goods from East to West, they were also required to do those things that Western Christians could not do—such as lending money at usury and collecting taxes.As strangers, they were friendless in Christian lands and became servants of the Catholic Church which numbered them and farmed them out to its hired kings. Constantly abused and railed at, the Jews were always carefully protected from real harm—they were too valuable.The Crusades and the Reformation, times of death and destruction arising from religious differences, caused a reaction against the Jews that nearly caused them to be expelled from the West. In the years following, they were largely left out of governing and religious councils of the West. This was serious, because international traders must have agreements with both kings and priests for their personal safety and the safety of their goods. This was especially true in America, since the people were religious and the WORD that they followed caused Christian America to continuously verge on the outright rejection of both the international trader and his trade. The Jew could never be sure if or when he and his goods would be banned entirely.[11]

A New Religion

The solution decided upon was simple. It was to insert "Dharma" into existing evangelical Christianity without changing anything else.[12] Dharma neutralizes all religions—including Christianity. Almost overnight Christianity was made harmless to the alien and his trade. TV's Dharmatized Christianity appeared in the households of almost every American family. Overnight it became America's religion. Billy Graham was chosen "pope" of evangelical Protestant Christianity and he made regular visits to the White House to bless all that was going on.

Today's State

The government of every modern-day Saxon state is hand picked by the ITC media. The media managers select candidates and publicize them, and ignore all others. People vote for candidates they know. The only ones they know are the ones the media tells them about. These ITC selected political agents then take office to protect the cartel and its agents from irate citizens.All people follow their gods. The Saxons' God is the WORD. The WORD excludes strangers and their goods. The ITC media owners replaced watchmen of the WORD with their own hand selected televangelists. To keep their jobs, the televangelists act as a state religion and bless that which God curses. The loyalty of the rest of organized religion is assured by 501(c)3 tax exemptions granted by ITC office holders (kings) put in office by the media owners.

The Logical Sequence

Once one has accepted the fact that the media owners are the ones who actually hand pick both government and god for the Christian West, the next question arises—WHO owns the media that has done these things?We were told that Robert Maxwell was the most powerful man in Europe, the owner of newspaper, radio and TV chains. What was not told us was the fact that he did not own these companies, he was only managing them. The media also reported the allegation, that he was also skimming from the companies he managed and as a result was found floating in the Atlantic. When this happened, the banks descended on his estate to claim what was theirs. Thus, Robert Maxwell's untimely death revealed that the banks were the real owners of his media empire.Next question—who owns the banks? The media tells us that "it is the people who are the bank stockholders." However, we remember that in 1973 when a number of Swiss banks went into default it was revealed that they were owned by the Vatican. That could not be, because usury is forbidden to Christians! The Catholic Church has written volumes against usury.[13] Yet, there it was. Since then there have been other Catholic Church bank defaults—big, expensive ones—banks that no one knew were owned by the Catholic Church. How many other banks owned by the Catholic Church have NOT defaulted? Perhaps ninety-nine percent haven't.The newspapers reported that the Queen of Britain was caught in the closings of a major US midwest bank and more recently in the default of Baring Bank. This is more than a "human interest" story. The Queen of Britain is not only a Queen, she is head of the Anglican Church and God's representative on earth. Thus, the Anglican Church is also up to its ears in usury.[14]How many other major factors are in the usury business? We know that usury banking originated in India. We know that many offshore banks in the Caribbean are staffed by Indians and that they are now showing up in force in financial institutions all over Wall Street. Why are they there? To keep tab on their banking interests? It might be safe to surmise that in addition to the Catholic Church and Anglican Church, the Brahman priesthood in India continues to occupy a substantial place in usury banking.We are told that the Jews are the usurers—the Rothschilds and all the rest. I'm not convinced that the Jews are any more than "the ones who manage for others." We are regaled with stories of multi-billionare Jews who made their start a few decades ago, penniless, and by the dent of hard work, saving their pennies, etc., have become billionaires. This is supposed to explain how they accumulated their great wealth. This is the story handed out about Rupert Murdoch, the current media mogul of Australia and the United States. Why is he different from Robert Maxwell? Which is easier—to save your pennies and become a billionaire—or to be given a few billion to manage?Let's look at another case—Henry Ford. He wasn't a Jew—he was a Catholic. He was presented to the world as an Anti-Semitic right-winger, a car manufacturer who suddenly became enormously successful and made billions. This right wing anti-semite left his money to a left-wing pro-semite communist-leaning trust—the "Ford Fund For The Republic." Do you beliecve that a smart fellow like Henry Ford would do something stupid like that with his own money? Somebody else's money perhaps—but his own? Could Ford have been a right wing conservative all his life and then leave his considerable wealth in trust for left-wing causes? It would be more believable if Henry Ford was, like Robert Maxwell, a "money manager" who had no say over how the money he managed was to be used after his death. This begs another question—if Henry Ford was a money manager—a money manager for whom?


There are things that we do know. We know that Christians are leaving organized religion in droves. They sense a wolf in sheep's clothing. Logic reveals that both our government and our religion have been created for us by the media. Maxwell's untimely death revealed to us that these same media are owned by the banks. Catholic and Protestant bank failures have shown us that organized religion is up to its ears in bank ownership and the practice of "usury." The Scriptures teach us that usury is grouped along with murder.[15] This means that these people are capable of anything—ANYTHING! The Anglican Protestants saw nothing wrong with British death camps in South Africa nor the slaughter of congregations meeting in fields and woods of Scotland. The Catholic Church saw nothing wrong in the 1641 slaughter of almost half the non-Catholic population of Northern Ireland. All together these things explain what the prophets knew from the beginning:"We wrestle not against flesh and blood—but against principalities[16]—against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world[17]—against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6:12[18]These same Scriptures confirm who started the "round robin" in the beginning and who keeps turning it today. It is called "Babylon." The Scriptures say that Babylon is run by the merchants of the international trade cartel for their insatiable love of money.[19] The Scriptures say this about them: "A merchant shall hardly keep himself from doing wrong." Ecclesiasticus 26:29. The Scriptures also tell us the end of the story: "Babylon ... the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Rev 18:2-3; "The kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning." Rev 18:9; "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandize anymore." Rev 18:11; "Alas, that great city wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness." Rev 18:19; "Babylon ... for thy merchants were the great men of the earth." Rev 18:21,23.

A Christmas Story

Yes, Virginia—there is a theocracy. Today it is the false theocracy of the priest and state—creations of the merchants' trade cartel. Tomorrow, things will be different, the theocracy will be the theocracy of God the WORD.

The Christian Knight: A short guide for the Christian Knight in the modern age By: Blue Tunic Ministry of Christ

The Christian Knight

A brief guide to the Christian Knight in the modern age

Author's Note:
This tract may and is encouraged to be freely distributed to all true Christian Patriots of the cause of Christendom.

The Knight

The term "Knight" as described in this article can be defined by the following; "A Christian male whom by fraternal ritual or by personal prayer between himself and his creator hath made an oath to live his life in that of Christian Chivalry and Service to his God and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ"

With this it is the Author's intention to provide such person a short treatise or guide in order to aid him in his path he has chosen for himself. 

"Let Me Say That The Cross Is An Inspiration, A Sign Of The Christian Religion, A Symbol Of Faith, Hope And Love. We Do Not Burn But Light The Cross To Signify That Christ Is The Light Of The World And That His Light Destroys Darkness. Fire Purifies Gold, Silver and Precious Stones. It Destroys Wood, Stubble And Hay ..., So By The Cross We Mean To Burn Our Virtues From Within. In The Fiery Cross We Glory, 'Neath It's Sacred Glow My Oath Was Made. It Shall Ever Live In Song And Story, I Swear Its Light Shall Never Fade. God Give Us Men, Tall Sun Crowned Men Who Will Not Flinch At Dukty And Will Not Lie .... God Give Us Men. Amen."


The Christian religion is one of humility.  One must completely humble themselves to the Holy Ghost. Christ states in Matthew that the greatest commandment is "To love the Lord Your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind. " Second to ths is loving your neighbor as yourself.  Upon these two principles is the foundation of all Law and the path of Christ.  

The knight has taken upon himself the life of service to His God, his Israelite Kinsmen, and his Kingdom. With this he attains a fanatical outlook upon these principles. This truth is to be acknowledged but never used to instill a superiority complex. One should look upon his fellow Israelites with complete compassion and humility. For the Knight musnt think too highly of himself (Romans 12:3) he must understand that his path he has taken upon himself is just but one function in the body of Christ. 

The Glory of The Knight

The Glory of the Knight is to serve. He does not seek acknowledgement nor recognition to his service. More often times than not one would need to conceal his service as much as humanly possible. 
He understands the unique duty he has been called for. He will stop and nothing to protect and defend the weak, the innocent,  the children, and the Church.

*The Church is not a reference to a building.  Rather, the spiritual "Church" Christ has established. 

The Knight,  The Fanatic

For one to truly be a Knight he must be Fanatical in his beliefs.  The terms fanatic and fanaticism have been demonized in our present society. A fanatic is simply one whom is so strong in his belief that he will stop at nothing to defend his beliefs. There are all sorts of fanatics. It can usually be found in the government sector by the lying thieving,  murderous regimes we live under. The type of fanaticism that must be possessed by the Knight is one that is described in the scriptures.  He must be a man who would die rather than submit to the Satanic forces of this world. 

His heart and soul must burn with the righteous rage of Phineas when he sees the atrocities committed against his people.  
He must hate those with an unyielding hatred which blaspheme and hate his God and those who equally yoke themselves with the same.
For further information read Numbers 25, I&II Samuel, Judges, and the entire Gospels.

"Only the fool ignores the Phineas Priest of God!"