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Theocracy By: Richard Kelly Hoskins

Definition of Theocracy

Theocracy—a state ruled by God.Noah Webster's 1st Edition, 1828 defines theocracy in the following manner:"THEOCRACY: Government of a state by the immediate direction of God; or state thus governed. Of this species the Israelites furnish an illustrious example. The theocracy lasted until the time of Saul."The Oxford American Dictionary, 1980 defines theocracy:"THEOCRACY: 1. A form of government by God or a god directly, or through a priestly order. 2. A state having this form of government."

All States Are Theocracies

All rulers claim that they follow the dictates of a power or an intelligence greater than their own, and, that they and the state are merely agents of this greater power. If this defines a god—even communist states bow to the all powerful intellectual god of Marxism/Leninism.

Three Western Theocracies

Traditionally, Western governments have claimed that their power to rule is granted by the Christian God. This power—this will of God—is transmitted to those being ruled in three distinctly different manners by three distinctly different groups—each claiming this right from God. These are:1. Theocracy by priests2. Theocracy by the individual3. Theocracy by the state.

1. Theocracy by Priests

The little known independent episcopal[1] Hindu priesthood of India is the most powerful example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy.The Roman Catholic Church in the West is the best known example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy.The next best-known example of a self-perpetuating priestly theocracy is the Anglican Church of England, an offshoot of the Catholic Church.Priest and state combine in an episcopacy that rules from the top down, selecting its own relatively ideologically sound replacements. Like the others, Anglican priests may be individually poor, but the wealth of the Anglican Church makes it a major factor in international trade and finance.There is a tacit understanding between the three major groups.[2] (The best-known example of American Christianity is the Judeo-Christianity of the televangelists. It is a missionary outreach of another and as such has no real power except from its propaganda.)

2. Theocracy by the Individual

The Roman Catholic Church ruled Europe for a millenium and a half it was corrupt and tyrannical. Certain Roman Catholic priests started a reform movement called the "Reformation." The leaders of the Reformation placed their new movement under the protection of local rulers who were looking for an excuse not to forward their tax and tithe collections to Rome.Unlike the Roman Catholic Church where only priests were allowed to read Holy Scripture, the Reformation encouraged all to study God's WORD, claiming the priesthood of the individual: "Jesus Christ ... hath made us kings and priests." Rev 1:5-6. These new priests read secrets long concealed and one of the first things they learned was the following:"And the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, say ... There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, ... they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; ... Her priests have violated my law, ... they have put no difference between the holy and the profane, neither have they showed difference between the unclean and the clean ... and I am profaned among them. Her princes ... are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain." Ezek. 22:23-27.This scripture was first used against the priests of the Catholic Church, and next against the kings employed by them. But, as knowledge of the Scriptures spread it was taken to mean a close watch should be kept on ANY professional priesthood and ANY state that attempted to subvert God's WORD—Protestant or Catholic.The former catholic Priests who were the leaders of the Reformation merely attempted to reform the Catholic Church—to reform the existing organized religion. Growing knowledge of the Scriptures drastically expanded this vision as the people learned the requirements of the WORD and cast about for a way to put God's Commands into action. Banding together, they went far beyond what the reformers intended.

The Revolution

The Reformation turned into a revolution as the realization dawned that each Christian had been appointed king and priest and was responsible individually to God. These new-found priests determined to do all that Scripture required. They took and divided the land that had been taken from the people by both the Church and the kings.[3] They banned taxes since taxes were forbidden[4] and they quickly disobeyed kings who disobeyed God's Commands,[5] and when the kings failed to punish transgressors of the Law—the people did it themselves[6] in order to avoid God's punishment that falls on all who fail to obey the Law.[7]

Reaction of Establishment Kings & Priests

The Kings of northern Europe, wishing to keep for themselves the lands and taxing powers they held from the Catholic Church, had an economic incentive to support the original Reformation. When the people went beyond and began seizing the lands claimed by them and dividing them and refusing to pay taxes—the kings became the enemies of the people.[8] To regain these lands and rents these Protestant kings turned on their former Protestant subjects and slaught-ered them by the tens of thousands to prevent their setting up a theocracy of the people. The revolution died in a river of blood. Except for a flicker that has continued to this day—the flame of the Reformation died.[9] The Catholic Church looked on. As soon as it had beaten back the Turk invasion of Austria, it called for a fresh crusade to reclaim its lost lands and revenues now in the hands of Protestant kings. Its Catholic kings obediently marched against the northern Protestant Kings launching the Thirty Years War that left parts if Germany with only 10% of its former population. Millions had died.

3. Theocracy by the State

Both Protestant and Catholic kings learned a great lesson from the Reformation. The first lesson was: "keep religion on a tight leash." This means both the presbytery Protestant revolutionaries trying to create God's theocracy here on earth, and the Catholic Church trying to regain its lands and taxes. Both were a danger. The Protestant revolutionaries had taken the kings' land and taxes—and the Catholic Church had caused a war between the Catholic and Protestant kings that almost killed every second person in Europe, making it almost worthless for business.[10]With this threat hanging over the heads of both Protestant and Catholic kings, the kings developed a simple method to control religion and use it to bless their own operation. They turned organized religion into a state religion—a state theocracy. The Lutheran religion became a state religion in north Europe, and the Catholic religion and its off-shoots became a state religion in south Europe and elsewhere.The local king simply appointed the head of the local religion. Those appointed were politically reliable. The result was that the state supported the church and the church supported the state. In this manner this state theocracy blessed everything the state did and the state gave religion economic advantages such as tax exemption. The state theocracy was set up to bless that which God cursed—and it did. State theocracies quickly multiplied.The King of England, holding his realm en fief from the Pope, announced that from now on he, not the Pope, was God's chosen representative on earth and from then on he(she) was going to appoint the leaders of his own personal Anglican Church and he did. His appiontees were very loyal.The kings and governments of the German and Scandinavian states appointed leaders of their own Lutheran Churches. They, too, were very loyal to the one who appointed them.In spite of vehement denials from the vatican, the kings of Catholic nations, with few exceptions, managed to have veto privilege in the selection of Catholic bishops appointed to head their own national Catholic Churches. These bishops were expected to side with the king against the Vatican itself, and they usually did.As a consequence of this loss of political power to its hired kings, the Vatican's main effort has been "mission work" with its Jesuit schools manufacturing "fanatics" who quickly become the usual nominal Catholics upon graduation. The visible effort has been "show-business" and the promotion of "Dharma" necessary for the furtherance of its vast business operations.

Judeo-Christian Religion

The Jews have occupied a special protected place in the West. In addition to being the international trader transporting goods from East to West, they were also required to do those things that Western Christians could not do—such as lending money at usury and collecting taxes.As strangers, they were friendless in Christian lands and became servants of the Catholic Church which numbered them and farmed them out to its hired kings. Constantly abused and railed at, the Jews were always carefully protected from real harm—they were too valuable.The Crusades and the Reformation, times of death and destruction arising from religious differences, caused a reaction against the Jews that nearly caused them to be expelled from the West. In the years following, they were largely left out of governing and religious councils of the West. This was serious, because international traders must have agreements with both kings and priests for their personal safety and the safety of their goods. This was especially true in America, since the people were religious and the WORD that they followed caused Christian America to continuously verge on the outright rejection of both the international trader and his trade. The Jew could never be sure if or when he and his goods would be banned entirely.[11]

A New Religion

The solution decided upon was simple. It was to insert "Dharma" into existing evangelical Christianity without changing anything else.[12] Dharma neutralizes all religions—including Christianity. Almost overnight Christianity was made harmless to the alien and his trade. TV's Dharmatized Christianity appeared in the households of almost every American family. Overnight it became America's religion. Billy Graham was chosen "pope" of evangelical Protestant Christianity and he made regular visits to the White House to bless all that was going on.

Today's State

The government of every modern-day Saxon state is hand picked by the ITC media. The media managers select candidates and publicize them, and ignore all others. People vote for candidates they know. The only ones they know are the ones the media tells them about. These ITC selected political agents then take office to protect the cartel and its agents from irate citizens.All people follow their gods. The Saxons' God is the WORD. The WORD excludes strangers and their goods. The ITC media owners replaced watchmen of the WORD with their own hand selected televangelists. To keep their jobs, the televangelists act as a state religion and bless that which God curses. The loyalty of the rest of organized religion is assured by 501(c)3 tax exemptions granted by ITC office holders (kings) put in office by the media owners.

The Logical Sequence

Once one has accepted the fact that the media owners are the ones who actually hand pick both government and god for the Christian West, the next question arises—WHO owns the media that has done these things?We were told that Robert Maxwell was the most powerful man in Europe, the owner of newspaper, radio and TV chains. What was not told us was the fact that he did not own these companies, he was only managing them. The media also reported the allegation, that he was also skimming from the companies he managed and as a result was found floating in the Atlantic. When this happened, the banks descended on his estate to claim what was theirs. Thus, Robert Maxwell's untimely death revealed that the banks were the real owners of his media empire.Next question—who owns the banks? The media tells us that "it is the people who are the bank stockholders." However, we remember that in 1973 when a number of Swiss banks went into default it was revealed that they were owned by the Vatican. That could not be, because usury is forbidden to Christians! The Catholic Church has written volumes against usury.[13] Yet, there it was. Since then there have been other Catholic Church bank defaults—big, expensive ones—banks that no one knew were owned by the Catholic Church. How many other banks owned by the Catholic Church have NOT defaulted? Perhaps ninety-nine percent haven't.The newspapers reported that the Queen of Britain was caught in the closings of a major US midwest bank and more recently in the default of Baring Bank. This is more than a "human interest" story. The Queen of Britain is not only a Queen, she is head of the Anglican Church and God's representative on earth. Thus, the Anglican Church is also up to its ears in usury.[14]How many other major factors are in the usury business? We know that usury banking originated in India. We know that many offshore banks in the Caribbean are staffed by Indians and that they are now showing up in force in financial institutions all over Wall Street. Why are they there? To keep tab on their banking interests? It might be safe to surmise that in addition to the Catholic Church and Anglican Church, the Brahman priesthood in India continues to occupy a substantial place in usury banking.We are told that the Jews are the usurers—the Rothschilds and all the rest. I'm not convinced that the Jews are any more than "the ones who manage for others." We are regaled with stories of multi-billionare Jews who made their start a few decades ago, penniless, and by the dent of hard work, saving their pennies, etc., have become billionaires. This is supposed to explain how they accumulated their great wealth. This is the story handed out about Rupert Murdoch, the current media mogul of Australia and the United States. Why is he different from Robert Maxwell? Which is easier—to save your pennies and become a billionaire—or to be given a few billion to manage?Let's look at another case—Henry Ford. He wasn't a Jew—he was a Catholic. He was presented to the world as an Anti-Semitic right-winger, a car manufacturer who suddenly became enormously successful and made billions. This right wing anti-semite left his money to a left-wing pro-semite communist-leaning trust—the "Ford Fund For The Republic." Do you beliecve that a smart fellow like Henry Ford would do something stupid like that with his own money? Somebody else's money perhaps—but his own? Could Ford have been a right wing conservative all his life and then leave his considerable wealth in trust for left-wing causes? It would be more believable if Henry Ford was, like Robert Maxwell, a "money manager" who had no say over how the money he managed was to be used after his death. This begs another question—if Henry Ford was a money manager—a money manager for whom?


There are things that we do know. We know that Christians are leaving organized religion in droves. They sense a wolf in sheep's clothing. Logic reveals that both our government and our religion have been created for us by the media. Maxwell's untimely death revealed to us that these same media are owned by the banks. Catholic and Protestant bank failures have shown us that organized religion is up to its ears in bank ownership and the practice of "usury." The Scriptures teach us that usury is grouped along with murder.[15] This means that these people are capable of anything—ANYTHING! The Anglican Protestants saw nothing wrong with British death camps in South Africa nor the slaughter of congregations meeting in fields and woods of Scotland. The Catholic Church saw nothing wrong in the 1641 slaughter of almost half the non-Catholic population of Northern Ireland. All together these things explain what the prophets knew from the beginning:"We wrestle not against flesh and blood—but against principalities[16]—against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world[17]—against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6:12[18]These same Scriptures confirm who started the "round robin" in the beginning and who keeps turning it today. It is called "Babylon." The Scriptures say that Babylon is run by the merchants of the international trade cartel for their insatiable love of money.[19] The Scriptures say this about them: "A merchant shall hardly keep himself from doing wrong." Ecclesiasticus 26:29. The Scriptures also tell us the end of the story: "Babylon ... the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Rev 18:2-3; "The kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning." Rev 18:9; "And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandize anymore." Rev 18:11; "Alas, that great city wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness." Rev 18:19; "Babylon ... for thy merchants were the great men of the earth." Rev 18:21,23.

A Christmas Story

Yes, Virginia—there is a theocracy. Today it is the false theocracy of the priest and state—creations of the merchants' trade cartel. Tomorrow, things will be different, the theocracy will be the theocracy of God the WORD.

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