Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pro-Jewish Reagan By: James Combs

Ronald Reagan has been a show business "darling" for many years and was at one time president of the communist front, Screen Actors' Guild. In the 50's when the late Myron Fagan and other patriotic Hollywood people were fighting communism and trying to run the reds out of Hollywood, later Reagan did an about face from his former left wing stance and suddenly became a "right wing spokesman". In one of his books the late Mr. Fagan claims that Reagan's job was to falsely announce to the American public that all the reds had been run out of Hollywood. This would help stop further Congressional Investigations of the reds in Hollywood. What happened in fact was the reds in Hollywood had gone underground. They were writing scripts for major studios and TV under assumed names and the Jewish owners of the studios and TV networks were buying them at the going rate. The reds had just been driven underground and were continuing their subversion under assumed names. When Fagan and others tried to expose this situation and drive the reds from the underground and finish them off for once and for all—Ronald Reagan as a "patriot" assured Congress and Patriotic Americans that the reds were no longer being employed or used by movies and TV. With the help of Reagan the reds were allowed to continue their subversion and gradually come back out into the open. Many of the reds "driven out" of Hollywood in the 50's are now top actors, playwrights and directors for movies and TV.Reagan talks "Conservative" and acts quite the opposite. He knows the American people are fed up with the ERA, pro-Abortion and anti-Americanism. He is a professional actor and knows just what to say to get support of the White majority.Ronald Reagan is a feature writer for the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile Jewish Press. And as we go to press we have received a clipping from the Jewish Sentinel (5-1-80) with the headline, "Reagan names 11 Jews among his list of 68 policy advisors." The article goes on to say, "... 11 known Jews known for THEIR SUPPORT FOR A SECURE ISRAELI. None of those named, according to observers here, are known to be inimical to U.S. support for Israeli and many are strongly pro-Israeli."The fact is, that White Christian voters have NO choice in this election. We have no choice between commie Carter, commie Anderson and Zionist Reagan. Reagan recently showed his colors when he came out for full scale immigration of Cubans into the U.S.(The readers of The CDL Report can vote their own conscience in the coming election. We're just presenting the facts. As for myself, I will vote for some minor party candidate to show my disgust with the three "official" candidates running. And don't tell me my vote will be wasted—voting for any of the three "official" candidates IS a wasted vote.)In a short while, Americans will again be making their way to voting booths to choose the President of the United States.Those Christian-Whites who are aware of the evil which grips their land know what to expect. The "establishment" or "system" will offer the voters only candidates who are under its control. This means, of course, that it does not matter in the slightest whether a so-called "democrat" or "republican" is elected as President. He will only act as a figure-head national leader for the public and as a complete puppet for his master.Three things can ALWAYS be counted upon from the sold-out man who becomes President. "His" administration will actively undertake: 1) to institute more socialism into America's economy; 2) to bring our country deeper into a one-world order; and 3) to racially integrate the U.S. to an even greater extent. Each flunky put in the White House strives to improve upon these now-advanced efforts.Another foregone, predictable result of the selection of any modern-day President is the flood of Jewish "advisors" and administrators who will surround him. These Jews—invariably "liberal" and radical—really run this direly-sick and dying nation. They are the agents of the almighty Jewish financial figures who fanatically aspire to rule the world.If a skeptic doubts these conclusions, then let him deny them with evidence! Is there an iota of proof that socialism, internationalism and race-mixing have not been devotedly followed by all Presidents since at least Franklin Roosevelt? Is it not peculiar that at least one of them failed to break the twisted pattern? Can a skeptic refute that these Presidents—"democrat" or "republican"—have had a disproportionate array of Jews around them and "their" administrations? And, evidence is abundant that Jewry has created and often openly led every movement to destroy nationalism and bring about world government!So, in November, 1980, the public will dutifully and blindly put yet another traitor to Christian-White interests into the Presidency.As this is written, it seems that the two most likely representatives of the major political parties will be Jimmy Carter for the "democrats" and Ronald Reagan for the "republicans." Now, only an utter dullard is unfamiliar with the economic and diplomatic disasters which have already occurred under Carter. Also, after the multiple number of colored he has been photographed kissing and putting into most-responsible government offices, only the same idiot is not aware of Carter's obsession with race-mixing. In short, his actions and beliefs are (or should be) well known. The man is a psychopathic personality who has shown he is quite dedicated to the ruination of his own race and nation.But, what about Reagan? How well known are his positions and actions? Very few Americans really know anything about the likely republican Presidential candidate.Ronald Reagan has worked for the Jews most of his life. His basic profession is acting, and his initial fame (and considerable wealth) were obtained in the movies. Jews have long owned the film industry and the people in it. If you do not at least pretend to worship them and their "liberal" philosophies, you do not work in the cinema or on the stage. Thus, it can safely be said that Mr. Reagan has long known and shown obedience to Jewry.When extreme social radicalism came to the surface two decades ago, the Jews developed "conservative" figures for Christian-Whites to lean upon. This gave our people the false security that their points of view and interests still had some representation. Christian-Whites were thus kept within the now farcical "democratic process." Had there not been at least a few (phony) "spokesman" for them on the scene, they might have lost hope with the "process." In bitterness and disillusionment, they might have risen up in rebellion. Therefore, con-men as Reagan, acting as Judas goats, were brought into action by Jewry to keep our kindred "in line."Apart from the "conservative" promises and empty words of Ronald Reagan, we have only his record as Governor of California (1967-1975) by which to judge the man. By looking at what he did and advocated as governor, we can get a very good idea of what he would do as President. Let us review that record.On the most important issue of all, racial integration, Reagan is 100 percent behind it. Though other matters—as economics—are vital, they take a rear-seat to the mixing of colored races with ours. Were our people thoroughly "integrated," there would not be any reversal of it; other Jewish programs-for-decay could be eventually overcome.When "our" government started forcing race-mixing upon us in the 1960's, Reagan repeatedly stated he—as an elected official—would use troops, if need be, to bring about "civil rights" for the colored (Sacramento Bee, October 21, 1965, as reported in Kent H. Steffgen's book, The Counterfeit Candidate, National Issues, 1976, Page iii and 43). As governor, he signed into law racial integration measures which were highly in the worst interests of Whites, as the (William) Bagley Bill which "... went beyond most other forced busing bills in the nation" (Steffgen, p. 42). Negroes and other colored, were placed into State government offices by Reagan, an innovative move for California. As Kent Steffen points out (p. 47), Governor Reagan signed legislation which established State control of private schools. This further handicapped Whites in trying to avoid having their children integrated. As Reagan also backed "open housing" (Steffgen, p. 1), most Whites could not residentially escape the colored either.Since "equality" has been brought to America by the manipulation of jewry, crime (among other things) has gotten almost out of control. To make it "open season" on Whites, "liberals" as Reagan have tried to take our guns from us, making us more helpless to resist tyranny. He passed Califronia's first gun control measure (Steffgen, p. 39).Steffgen, on the same page of his book, also disclosed that as Reagan left office crime had more than doubled in California (475,835 major crimes in 1966 and 714,688 by 1973). Colored committed the majority of these. Thanks to the "liberal" government of Reagan, the State's prison population declined during the first five years of office from 27,000 to 19,000. When he left office, it had risen back to 24,000 (Time, April 28, 1980, p. 24). So much for his heralded "anti-crime" stance!Earlier this year, Reagan and his wife, Nancy, felt compelled to profusely apologize after she inadvertently exclaimed how elated she was at seeing so many "beautiful White people" at a rally in Rosemont, Illinois. She may have sincerely meant what she said. The Reagans are undoubtedly like most sold-out politicians and are private racists. But, they are hypocrites in public life, selling out their own race for Jewish social-political aims and for their own selfish opportunistic gains.Mr. Steffgen revealed Reagan's position on other important issues. He opposed right-to-work legislation, wanted "detente" with the Reds, sought the closed union shop, insulted our English language heritage by supporting bi-lingualism in education, and was for the Equal Rights Amendment (pp. 43-47). He also "... signed the first sex education bill (in California) as soon as he entered office" (p. 44).Reagan nationalized ¼ of the total land area of California and plainly sought to undermine private property ownership (p. 1). With his aid, socialized medicine increased 100 percent in the State (pp. 1 and 41). He also legalized abortions, thereupon, rose from 518 in 1967 to more than 600,000 in the period 1968 to 1974. Of these 200,000 were financed by public funds (Time, April 28, 1980, p. 24)."Reagan became the biggest spender of any State governor in U.S. history. In eight years (of his terms), spending rose from $4.6 billion to $10.2 billion" (Steffgen, p. 52).Welfare costs, alone, skyrocketed. "... the total number of recipients on welfare in California nearly doubled (and cost tripled) during the Reagan years while the State's population growth rate decreased from 3 percent to 1 percent per year" (Memphis Commercial Appeal, March 24, 1980, p. 7)."Instead of cutting taxes (as promised), he solved the budget deficit with the largest tax increase in California's history; a $billion jolt". When he left office 8 years later, $21 billion had been added to the State's tax revenues. State income tax rose from a maximum 7 percent to 11 percent for individuals and from 5.5 percent to 9 percent for corporations. The State sales tax went from 4 percent to 6 percent. In 1971, Reagan signed a tax-withholding law into effect (after having sworn he would not). The annual budget grew from $240 million to $509 million in his 8 years! (Time, pp. 24-25).He did (as promised) rebate $5.7 billion of the fortune raised by taxes; but, he offset this by raising taxes for a total of $21.3 billion during his tenure (Memphis Commercial Appeal, p. 7). In short, while "giving" with the right hand, he was 4 times again "taking" with the left one! In the process, he soaked the middle-class, viciously so. Just what one would expect from a hard-core radical.You can say, as Kent Steffgen did, that Reagan "... gave California the largest dose of big government and suppression of the private sector in the State's history" (p. 29).As news reporter Michael Calabrese stated in the Commercial Appeal article ("Reagan Record Not So Right"): "He was neither half as bad as liberals fret, nor a quarter as good as conservatives believe" (p. 7).And, the Time article said of him: "... his conservative bark often carried (as governor) little bite when he tackled the practical problems of governing" (p. 24). Were he to become President, his present "patriotic" words would be replaced with "liberal"-leftist action!Jews (who at high level own Reagan) even make little-publicized and favorable comments about him. For instance, Shirley Wechsler of Los Angeles, national vice president of the revolutionary Americans for Democratic Action, said: "We got a better hearing from Reagan—and a better deal—than we get from Jerry Brown" (Time, p. 25). Brown is as Red as a politician can be and not be operating out of the Kremlin!Despite Reagan's demonstrated subversive record as governor—ignorant Whites will vote for him. He "... will use (them) to get elected, appoint liberals and Keynesians and radicals throughout his administration, and carry the nation deeper into the total, state, all in the name of conservatism" (Steffgen, p. 76). He will say anything to con gullible Whites, but his actions will be something else. Patriots are fooling themselves if they feel his being President would bring in at least some conservatism.So, there you have it. Another "fine" choice for President! Actually, Carter and Reagan are even more alike. It is really two phony "democrats" ostensibly vying with one another. "My views haven't changed an awful lot since I was a Democrat" (Reagan on Meet the Press, NBC, January 15, 1967). But, were they both "republicans," it would not make a bit of difference. Jewry would possess their very souls all the same. And, we Christian-Whites would continue to see our race and nation decline!

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