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The Christian Knight: A short guide for the Christian Knight in the modern age By: Blue Tunic Ministry of Christ

The Christian Knight

A brief guide to the Christian Knight in the modern age

Author's Note:
This tract may and is encouraged to be freely distributed to all true Christian Patriots of the cause of Christendom.

The Knight

The term "Knight" as described in this article can be defined by the following; "A Christian male whom by fraternal ritual or by personal prayer between himself and his creator hath made an oath to live his life in that of Christian Chivalry and Service to his God and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ"

With this it is the Author's intention to provide such person a short treatise or guide in order to aid him in his path he has chosen for himself. 

"Let Me Say That The Cross Is An Inspiration, A Sign Of The Christian Religion, A Symbol Of Faith, Hope And Love. We Do Not Burn But Light The Cross To Signify That Christ Is The Light Of The World And That His Light Destroys Darkness. Fire Purifies Gold, Silver and Precious Stones. It Destroys Wood, Stubble And Hay ..., So By The Cross We Mean To Burn Our Virtues From Within. In The Fiery Cross We Glory, 'Neath It's Sacred Glow My Oath Was Made. It Shall Ever Live In Song And Story, I Swear Its Light Shall Never Fade. God Give Us Men, Tall Sun Crowned Men Who Will Not Flinch At Dukty And Will Not Lie .... God Give Us Men. Amen."


The Christian religion is one of humility.  One must completely humble themselves to the Holy Ghost. Christ states in Matthew that the greatest commandment is "To love the Lord Your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and all of your mind. " Second to ths is loving your neighbor as yourself.  Upon these two principles is the foundation of all Law and the path of Christ.  

The knight has taken upon himself the life of service to His God, his Israelite Kinsmen, and his Kingdom. With this he attains a fanatical outlook upon these principles. This truth is to be acknowledged but never used to instill a superiority complex. One should look upon his fellow Israelites with complete compassion and humility. For the Knight musnt think too highly of himself (Romans 12:3) he must understand that his path he has taken upon himself is just but one function in the body of Christ. 

The Glory of The Knight

The Glory of the Knight is to serve. He does not seek acknowledgement nor recognition to his service. More often times than not one would need to conceal his service as much as humanly possible. 
He understands the unique duty he has been called for. He will stop and nothing to protect and defend the weak, the innocent,  the children, and the Church.

*The Church is not a reference to a building.  Rather, the spiritual "Church" Christ has established. 

The Knight,  The Fanatic

For one to truly be a Knight he must be Fanatical in his beliefs.  The terms fanatic and fanaticism have been demonized in our present society. A fanatic is simply one whom is so strong in his belief that he will stop at nothing to defend his beliefs. There are all sorts of fanatics. It can usually be found in the government sector by the lying thieving,  murderous regimes we live under. The type of fanaticism that must be possessed by the Knight is one that is described in the scriptures.  He must be a man who would die rather than submit to the Satanic forces of this world. 

His heart and soul must burn with the righteous rage of Phineas when he sees the atrocities committed against his people.  
He must hate those with an unyielding hatred which blaspheme and hate his God and those who equally yoke themselves with the same.
For further information read Numbers 25, I&II Samuel, Judges, and the entire Gospels.

"Only the fool ignores the Phineas Priest of God!"

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